When do you not need storage anymore?

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    Are you using a storage unit? Do you find it convenient to drop the items you do not need into your unit and call it day? You are not alone in doing so – thousands of people across the nations are currently using short-term or long-term storage units. However, the question is not if storage units are useful – because they are. The question you will want to answer is when do you not need storage anymore. At what point are you storing your items for future use, and when are you simply hoarding them? Don’t worry – your Philadelphia movers are here to answer this question for you. In this article, we take a look at the different uses of a storage unit, and when you can say goodbye to it.

    What can you use your storage unit for?

    Storage units are very versatile – in many regards. First, there are different sizes that you can get. From the units that are only a couple of square feet big, to those that can fit a five-bedroom home inside them, there is a huge diversity that you can choose from. There are also units with many “special features.” For example, you will want to store items that are sensitive to changes in their environment in climate-controlled units. Also, there are units with some extra security, as well as the regular units. There are those that you can visit at each hour of the day, and those that you can manage only at certain times.

    a woman asking herself "when do you not need storage anymore?'
    Plan your storage carefully.

    But most of all, there is a huge diversity in the way you will want to use a storage unit. For example, you might be remodeling or renovating your home. Instead of letting your things get messy, or damaging them along the way, you might want to rent a unit and keep them safe and sound inside. You might realize it’s time to downsize, and you will get a unit where you will want to keep the things for some time. You might feel like it is not safe to keep some valuable item in your home, and so you find a secure storage facility for it.

    Or, something we see quite often, you might be moving, and you want your items safe during the process. Sometimes, even your movers East Norriton Pa will have storage units of their own. This way, they will keep your items safe overnight if they are transporting them across the country, during a multiple-day moving experience. As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

    When do you not need storage anymore, well, if you store clutter

    One of the most common things people choose to use their storage for is clutter. We do not even realize just how much clutter items we have until we are tripping over the items. However, what a lot of people do is just pack it up and boxes, call storage services, and forget their items inside. This is not the best solution – it’s more akin to sticking a bandaid over a wound. You will still be paying for your storage unit month in and month out, without getting the best value from it.

    The main reason for this is that we, as humans, just do not like to say goodbye to things. Throwing away stuff is difficult because we never know when (or better – if) we will need them again. However, getting rid of clutter is a much better decision to make. By doing so, you will have a clean home which you can organize much easier. However, to clean out the clutter, you will need to be ruthless.

    Be ruthless with your clothes.

    The answer to when do you not need storage anymore is thus – when you are storing clutter. Just go through your unit and think back to the last time you used an item. If it was six months ago, then you do not need it again. If it took you six months to use it, the better, much cheaper call will be to buy a replacement for it when you have the need for it. This includes items like:

    • Magazines, newspaper, and books you might not be rereading soon;
    • Bills, statements, or receipts that you will not need to return, or that you can also get in the digital form;
    • Empty boxes of any items you might have been saving;
    • Old makeup, medicine, jewelry, etc.

    Other things to wonder when considering storing your items

    There are many other things that you can consider when deciding whether or not to store your items. Usually, you are storing your items because you will not use them in a while. Therefore, your best bet would be to give them to someone who will. There is a lot of good that can come from this decision. First, you will help your community. If you have moved recently, this can speed up your integration into it. Getting rid of your items can also help boost your relocation budget if you are planning a move.

    Piles of money.
    Deciding not to use storage units can help boost your budget.

    If your budget is of concern, then host a garage or a yard sale. When moving, a huge chunk of the budget goes on transporting your items. But you will pay less if you have fewer items. What’s more, selling the items gives you a bit more funds than you can splurge on the move. However, you should time your garage sale well. The moving process requires a lot of time – so you might not have the best chance immediately before the moving date. If you are selling just to earn the money and not moving, that’s okay – but still, think carefully about how to have a garage sale successfully.

    Otherwise, you can talk to your friends or Goodwills in your area. They will probably love to take some things off your hands. Make sure you talk to Goodwill first before making a donation to organize it well. Now you know when do you not need storage anymore.

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