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    Summer is over and now it is time to get rid of all the seasonal items. You will most likely store most of it but the main question is – where? And we are not talking only about clothing, shoes, and hats. As you know, there are many random and miscellaneous summer items you must take care of as well. And you won’t be needing most of it for a whole year. Therefore, let us help you store your items after summer is over and ensure they wait for the next season in the same shape you left them. Let’s go.

    Create a plan to store your items after summer is over

    The first step on this journey is to inspect all your seasonal items and sort them into categories. Of course, you won’t be pairing clothing with cosmetics or shoes with sunglasses. There must be an order to your packing and a detailed labeling system so you can find your items at any time. So, gather your seasonal items and inspect the whole batch. Divide them into categories, clean them, and prepare them for packing and storing. Of course, this all depends on where you want to store your items and what kind of containers you’ll be using for them. But we will come to that part later. For now, gather all your stuff and decide on the storage space you want to use. Remember, they will be sitting there for a whole year.

    thinking man
    Think about the space you have and decide where to store all your seasonal items.

    You can keep everything inside your home

    You can store your items after summer is over inside your home. Yes, this widely depends on how big your home is and whether you live in an apartment or in a big house. So, let us provide a few options for storing inside your home. Check out the following:

    • Attic
    • Basement
    • Garage
    • One of the rooms

    Now, people usually store everything inside their garage if it is big enough. Simply because the basement is used for laundry and other stuff that sits there for years. The same goes for the attic. Hence, a garage is the only viable option if you want your items to stay in a good condition. You are opening and using your garage regularly and there is always a fresh breeze coming in. It prevents the creation of mold and the whole place is moisture-free. As for one of the rooms inside your home, if you have a spare room, you can always place your items in a few cardboard boxes and place them below the bed or on the top of the wardrobe. You can put everything inside a wardrobe as well or stack them nicely on top of each other in a corner and cover them with a sheet.

    Renting a storage unit is always an option

    Ok, another solution and a way to store your items after summer is over, is to rent one of the storage units Pottstown PA. Not only that you will have enough space to store your summer items, but all seasonal items you possess as well. Along with all furniture and random household items, you do not have space for. So, check with your local moving company or with a storage unit provider and figure out the options you have.

    Storage unit is the place where you can store your items after summer is over
    The storage facility is the ultimate solution. Check your options online.

    All we can say about storage is that this option is highly accessible and affordable to all customers. You can rent an indoor or outdoor unit with a 24/7 guard on-site and a surveillance system. Or any combination of it. They come in many sizes as well and you won’t have to think about the safety of your items ever. Also, you must check the portable options as well. Nowadays people use moving storage containers to relocate their homes, or to have them in their front yard while renovating and such. As we already said, options are vast, so be sure to check them out and find the most suitable solution for you.

    Store your items after summer is over but declutter and downsize first

    Before you store your items, make sure you declutter and downsize a bit. There are surely some outworn, broken, or unused items you should replace or simply get rid of. And while you are at it, you should spare an hour or two and declutter your home as well. Or should we say, spare a weekend and engage the whole family and do a spring cleaning. Hence, visit all areas of your home and sort through your stuff and make piles of items that should go out.

    Then, figure out if you can donate, recycle, throw away, or sell online. And pay attention to flammable objects such as cans under pressure, chemicals, construction materials, etc. You should dispose of hazardous materials in a proper way and if you do not know how to do it, schedule a pickup from the nearest recycling center and they will handle it. Declutter your home and have more space after you store away all your items.

    Pack for storing

    No matter if you are using a storage unit or you have found a storage solution inside your home, you must pack accordingly. Your items should be nicely tucked in to survive the environmental influence and stay intact for a year. Maybe you’ll open some of it in late spring but again, a year is a long period. Therefore, a few cardboard boxes, labels, packing tape, and a bit of cushion is necessary. And if you have a bigger batch, you are moving, or you need to transport everything to a storage unit, check out packing services Pottstown PA. Maybe your movers can help to pack everything safely and transport it at the same time. All in all, just make sure your items are nicely packed in labeled boxes and sealed with packing tape.

    labeled cardboard box
    Use proper packing supplies for storing. Label each box adequately.

    In case you are moving

    We already mentioned how moving companies Philadelphia can offer great help in case you are moving or transporting items. If this is the current situation with you, you should consider it for sure. Just ensure you search for them online and inspect them in detail before hiring them. Check if they have permits and if they possess all the equipment for the job. Also, read a few moving reviews and feedbacks to be sure they treat their customers right. Once you find a match, give them a call and make a deal.

    Now you know all that is necessary to store your items after summer is over. Figure out if you want to do it inside your home or you want to use one of the solutions we offered. Either way, you must spare a few hours, focus a bit, and be patient. Good luck and have fun while doing it.


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