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    When planning and preparing for relocation it is very important to get informed as much as you can. If you are looking to move to nice suburbs, and already searching for movers in Greater Philadelphia area, Lansdale is a place for you. Even though the moving process can be hard and stressful, moving to this sweet borough will be totally worth it. Still not convinced? Well then, read on to find out why moving to Lansdale is a good idea. 

    Moving to Lansdale is a good idea for a more peaceful lifestyle

    Landsdale is ranked as the number 6 suburb to live in Montgomery county. With that in mind, it is obvious that here the ones that are searching for a peaceful lifestyle will flourish. The place offers a perfect combination of having everything you need with a small-town experience.

    A dog in the middle of sunbathed street between two rows of houses.
    Suburbs is an excellent place to live for people looking for a more peaceful lifestyle.

    More factors contribute to this section such as:

    • Affordability. It is much cheaper renting a place or owning a house in the smaller places like Lansdale
    • Nature and community. Moving to Lansdale is a good idea if you are an outdoorsy type and a fan of a close-knit community.
    • Cleaner air and less pollution. Due to being smaller than a city, the air quality is better in Lansdale than in any greater city.

    All of these factors and many more together are making Lansdale a great place to live. So, if you are already considering it, make sure you find reliable moving companies Lansdale PA in time.

    Lansdale’s cultural content and nature

    For people who like for their hometown to have a vintage vibe around it, moving to Lansdale is a good idea. The borough’s historical society bought the old railroad back in 2016 and plans to completely restore and preserve its historical value. Lansdale also has several events organized throughout the year, so there are social gatherings in abundance. Some of those are:

    • First Fridays: The event is held from early May through December’s First Fridays. It is an event that has a different theme each week, bands, food, and family-friendly entertainment.
    • International Spring Festival: Every year in April, the local High School hosts the Lansdale International Spring Festival. It is the largest diversity event in the state, and it exists for the last 25+ years to present international food, music, and entertainment.
    • Founders Day: One of the town’s biggest annual happenings occurs in August and offers something to everyone’s taste. From the farmer’s market and Festival of the Arts to vintage car parades and fireworks, the community really comes alive at this event.
    • Lansdale Bike Night: The AMA ranked Lansdale Bike Night as one of the largest one-night bike events in the country. Bikers from several states travel to Lansdale to take part in a motorcycle show, musical entertainment, and meet new people.

    If these events don’t prove to you why moving to Lansdale is a good idea, we don’t know what will. There are plenty of professional moving companies in Montgomery County PA that can help you with your relocation. With them at your side, the whole process is going to be much easier.

    Moving to Lansdale is a good idea if you are planning on raising a family

    For all the reasons mentioned above and many more, moving to Lansdale is a good idea for people planning families. Lansdale has very good educational facilities, both in the public and private sectors. The public school system in Lansdale ranks high up in many lists. If you are rethinking enrolling your child in a public school, Lansdale is a place to move to.

    A family in white shirts and jeans teaching a little girl to drive a bike in the street.
    Raising your family is a good reason why moving to Lansdale is a good idea.

    North Penn Senior High School organizes one of the place’s biggest annual events. This is the largest diversity event in the country, very popular among its residents. We know planning a move, especially for a whole family is extremely stressful. However, Lansdale may be your new hometown that will make it all worth it. If you are moving with a family, you will for sure have a lot of belongings. Therefore look for moving storage containers PA in time to ensure you will have enough place to relocate everything at once.


    As previously mentioned, the borough of Lansdale hosts one of the most diverse events in the country – the Lansdale International Spring Festival. Lansdale is proud of its diverse culture. The borough is an open-hearted community that will welcome anyone with arms wide open.

    Hundreds of people on a field laughing and throwing colorful toys in the air.
    Lansdale has a very rich diverse culture that nurtures very proudly.

    The event has a 25-year long tradition and it keeps going strong. You will find the most diverse choices of music, food, and activities here. The Lansdale International Spring Festival is especially fun for kids, as it has the most fun activities for them. Therefore, this again proves that moving to Lansdale is a good idea for families with kids.

    Moving to Lansdale is a good idea because of a good commute

    Living in a small place is fun and all, but what about when you want a little more urban activity? Worry not, Philadelphia is only an hour away with everything you can think of. Lansdale has excellent connections to Philadelphia’s downtown area, so it’s easily accessible.

    This is great for anyone looking for a high-profile job in the city and who also likes to lead a peaceful lifestyle. Therefore, if you fit the description, moving to Lansdale is a good idea for you.

    Conclusion – why is moving to Lansdale a good idea

    Finally, when considering moving to a new location, it all comes down to personal preferences. Especially if you are thinking of moving to a place that has a different pace and lifestyle than the one you currently live in. Lansdale is a great place to live in, but if actually moving to Lansdale is a good idea for you would be only up to you and your personal preferences. If you are considering it, make sure you do your research properly, and find out about Lansdale as much as you can. Also, consider visiting a few times before deciding to relocate. By taking the proper steps, you will know if Lansdale is a place for you.

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