Why you should never store anything too valuable in a unit

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    Renting a storage unit, while a great way to get some things out of the way, always comes with some risks. That’s why certain items aren’t recommended to be stored and some are even prohibited in storage units. So, if you’re renting storage from your Philadelphia movers, there are some things you should keep in mind. When it comes to the things that you aren’t recommended to put in storage, there’s quite a list. Some of the things that aren’t desirable in a storage unit are your valuable, expensive items. Why? Well, there are a few different reasons and we’re here to talk about them. We’ll tell you why you should never store anything too valuable in a unit and even help you choose a unit that is the safest choice. So, if you want to learn about storing your items, keep reading.

    Why should you never store anything too valuable in a unit?

    Beware of the risk of theft

    Because you’re storing your prized possessions outside of your home, you can’t really be 100% sure that they’re safe. Of course, you want all your things to remain in place and intact when you put them in storage. That’s why you’re getting a reliable, safe storage unit with a good security system.

    CCTV cameras.
    Sometimes not even CCTV cameras are enough of a protection for your things, so it’s best to avoid keeping valuables out of your home.

    However, when it comes to your expensive belongings, it might be best to avoid the risk of theft. Namely, you never know when the security system could fail you. And the last thing you want is for something that’s very valuable to be stolen. Well, this is a risk you have to keep in mind and a reason why we suggest never storing anything too valuable in a unit.

    Your valuables won’t be easily accessible

    One of the reasons why you shouldn’t put valuables in a storage unit is that they won’t be easily accessible. Unless you’re getting portable storage units, you’ll have to take a trip to the storage facility every time you need one of your items. Not only will it take more time to get to the things that you need, but you won’t be able to keep a close eye on your valuables. You never know what could be happening in the storage unit until you go see for yourself. So, if you put valuables in storage, you probably won’t really have peace of mind.

    What if there’s a flood?

    Something you can’t control is the weather conditions. Although there’s the option of getting a climate-controlled storage unit, you can never be completely sure that there won’t be any unexpected weather conditions that can harm your valuables. For example, the risk of a flood is something to think about. For that reason, it’s good to keep things off the ground in the storage unit, but when it comes to things that are very expensive, maybe you should reconsider storing them at all. So, the only way to avoid damages to your things is to never store anything too valuable in a unit.

    A silver pendant with a green gemstone.
    Some of the valuables you shouldn’t put in storage are your family heirlooms and jewelry.

    The valuables you shouldn’t store in a unit

    • Artwork: valuable art pieces need to be stored at just the right temperature to avoid them getting damaged. They can be damaged by humidity or by extreme temperatures. Also, these pieces are susceptible to theft, which is exactly why you should never store anything too valuable in a unit.
    • Antique furniture: If exposed to extreme cold or hot temperatures, wooden furniture can shrink or expand, crack or fall apart. So, be mindful of that before storing antiques.
    • Family heirlooms: Your family heirlooms are things with sentimental value and as such they shouldn’t be stored in a unit. Other than the sentimental value, some of those items (jewelry, for example) are also pretty expensive. Well, the jewelry can corrode over time, while the family photos can turn yellow. So, it’s best to keep a close eye on them.
    • Electronics: Just like your family jewelry, the metal inside your gadgets can corrode over time. So, keeping electronics in on-site storage for a long time isn’t the best idea. If you want to keep an old camera, for example, find a place for it in your home.
    • Leather: Your leather jacket is an investment that you shouldn’t let go to waste. The same goes for leather furniture and anything similar. Because leather can get ruined by extreme temperatures, you want to avoid keeping it in storage.
    • Vinyl records: Your vinyl collection probably holds a pretty special place in your heart, so don’t put it in storage. Vinyl is very sensitive to temperatures and can get ruined if not stored in the right conditions.

    How to find a safe storage unit for your belongings

    Although you should never put anything too valuable in a storage unit, there are plenty of other things you could store. In case you want to rent residential storage for some of your things, you should know how to pick the right one. So, here are some tips that will help you rent the storage unit that will keep your things safe.

    Archive boxes in storage.
    If there are not-so-valuable things you’d like to store in a unit, you should find the best storage possible unit.

    Read customer testimonials. This will show you different people’s experiences with the storage rental company and give you an idea of what you can expect when renting a storage unit from said company. If the customers aren’t satisfied, then the company isn’t a desirable one. Inspect the storage unit before renting it. Make sure there’s no mold in the storage unit, check the humidity level, and make certain there’s no sign of pests of rodents.

    Check the security level in the storage facility. You want to be certain there’s a good security system in place that includes CCTV cameras and potentially even guards. After all, the protection of your items is the most important. It’s best to go for a climate-controlled storage unit. This will serve as one extra thing that keeps your things safe from damages. You should also keep in mind that certain things have to be in storage that’s climate-controlled. Though you should never store anything too valuable in a unit, you should keep the things you are storing as protected as possible.

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