20 questions to ask yourself before you relocate for a job in PA

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    Relocating to a new state for a job opportunity is always exciting! It brings new opportunities for personal and professional growth that we all wish for. But before you actually decide to move, you should consider some things first. There are specific questions you should ask yourself before you relocate for a job in PA. This is something we at Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia will help you with in this article. 

    The most basic and important questions to ask yourself before you relocate for a job in PA

    There are certain things you must learn first before you commit to moving. By knowing the answers to these questions, you can plan your move, your budget, and many other things. Let’s take a look at these questions. 

    What is the cost of living in the area?

    Before you contact long distance movers Pennsylvania offers, the first question to ask yourself before relocating for a job in PA is what is the cost of living index of the state? It is considered to be slightly below the national average. However, cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh tend to have higher ones. Conversely, rural areas and smaller towns are usually cheaper options. The same goes for housing costs and rental prices. Depending on where you plan to relocate, explore the cost of living and renting and plan your budget accordingly.

    Ask yourself before you relocate for a job in PA if you will be able to afford the lifestyle in your new town

    What is the job market like?

    This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself before you relocate to PA. The job market there is diverse and offers a variety of opportunities in different industries. The state’s economy is driven by sectors such as healthcare, education, finance, and manufacturing. Some of the largest employers in the state are in the healthcare industry. For example, UPMC, a healthcare provider, has over 80,000 employees. 

    What is the cost of housing?

    According to data from Zillow, the median home value in PA is around $180,000 as of January 2023. The median rent price for a two-bedroom apartment is around $1,300. That’s just the average, of course. For example, Chester County is the most expensive county in the state. The average home value there is around $400,000. If you are interested in moving there, first secure a home you can afford and then hire the most reliable movers in Chester County PA you can find. 

    How is the public transportation system?

    The public transportation system in the state of PA is considered to be well-developed. Some rural areas are not as well connected as others, but generally, it’s very reliable. For example, in Philadelphia, the public transportation system is operated by SEPTA. It offers a comprehensive network of buses, light rail, and inclines that serve the city and the surrounding areas. If you ask your local movers in Greater Philadelphia area, they will all vouch for its reliability!

    Philadelphia rail
    Most big cities in PA have a great public transportation system

    What is the crime rate?

    If a place is safe or not is one of the first questions people ask themselves before they relocate for a job in PA. The crime rate varies from region to region, as with any state. If you are looking for the safest place in Pennsylvania, Delaware County is your best choice. It is home to 5 out of 100 safest places in the entire state. Those places are:

    • Marple Township
    • Aston Township
    • Newtown Township
    • Upper Providence Township
    • Haverford Township

    The movers in Delaware County PA are also considered to be among the most reliable ones in the state, so you will be making a smart choice by moving with them. 

    What is the climate like?

    The climate in Pennsylvania can vary depending on the region. Generally, it has four distinct seasons. Summers are typically warm to hot, with occasional bouts of high humidity. Winters can be cold, with occasional snowfall. The state also experiences moderate to heavy precipitation throughout the year, with the heaviest occurring during the summer months. Additionally, it is also prone to severe thunderstorms and occasional tornadoes.  By knowing the climate of your area, you will know what to expect and what types of clothes to bring or buy. 

    How accessible is healthcare?

    Ask yourself before you relocate for a job in PA how available healthcare is to you. It is a crucial factor for many people. The major cities have a high concentration of healthcare providers, both public and private. As far as rural areas are concerned, access to healthcare may be more limited, however. Be sure to explore your options before moving, just to be on the safe side.

    How is the availability of grocery stores?

    Even in the most remote parts of the state, you will have no problems finding adequate grocery stores. There are plenty of them, as well as many local markets that sell fresh and organic produce. Wherever you move, buying food and other basic things will not be an issue.

    Bronze statue in Philadelphia
    Culture and history are something the state of Pennsylvania is known for throughout the US

    Questions to ask yourself before you relocate for a job in PA as a parent

    If you are moving with your family, you should get to know the things about your new area that will affect your kids. These are the most important things you should learn before moving. 

    How is the quality of schools in the area?

    If you plan on moving with your kids, you should ask yourself what is the quality of schools before you relocate to PA. Montgomery County is known for having a high-performing school district. It has a 90% graduation rate, which is above the national average. If this is an important factor for you, then explore the schools in your new area prior to the move. Once you are all set, get in touch with the best movers Montgomery County PA has to offer to start your relocation on a high note.

    Students welcoming a new friend whose parent relocated for a job in PA
    Ask yourself before you relocate for a job in PA what is the level of education there if you have kids!

    What is the availability of childcare?

    If you are moving with your kids, childcare is imperative, especially if you will be away from home most of the day for work! Luckily, there is no shortage of childcare facilities and providers in this state. This, of course, varies from region to region, but you should have no problems finding a daycare center or a babysitter you can trust.

    Will I have good libraries at my disposal?

    Pennsylvania is the home to some of the largest libraries in the state. There are also many other smaller ones up and down the state, and they play a vital role in their communities. The biggest ones there are:

    • The Free Library of Philadelphia
    • Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
    • Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum
    • Allentown Public Library 
    • Erie County Public Library

    If you have plenty of books you wish to bring with you, we recommend that you use our practical moving storage containers

    Will I have enough recreational activities?

    Pennsylvania offers many great recreational activities of all types, for people of all ages. You can enjoy state parks and forests which offer hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, boating, skiing, and many other opportunities. It is also rich with historical sites and cultural attractions like the Liberty Bell, the Independence Hall in Philadelphia, and so on. You can find many museums, art galleries, bars, a diverse food scene, and many other things people enjoy.

    People in the park who relocated for a job in PA
    Recreational activities in Pennsylvania are to be found almost everywhere!

    What is the availability of cultural events and attractions?

    Pennsylvania has many festivals and events throughout the year, celebrating everything from food, arts, and music to history, heritage, and more. Some of the most popular attractions are the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, the Academy of Music, the Carnegie Museum of Art, and more. These are just a few places that offer great exhibits and concerts. Make sure to explore what your particular area of Pennsylvania offers once you relocate. 

    Other important questions you should ask yourself before the relocation based on your lifestyle

    Not everyone wants the same thing out of a city or place. Many of us lead different lifestyles and therefore search for different things that will make us feel happy and fulfilled somewhere. Don’t neglect this aspect, as you don’t want to find yourself being unhappy or bored in your new home! 

    What is the availability of shopping centers?

    There are numerous shopping malls as well as smaller shops scattered throughout the state of PA. The biggest shopping malls are the King of Prussia Mall, South Hills Village, The Mall at Robinson, Monroeville Mall, and the Galleria at Erie. If you prefer buying vintage clothes and products, you will find those shops in each city and area. Pennsylvania is a great state to start your own retail business or relocate your existing one. If that’s what you are planning, our commercial movers Pottstown PA has or those in charge of handling other cities that we serve will gladly assist you. 

    What is the availability of restaurants?

    People have different wants and requirements for their new area or city. If you are one of those people who would ask yourself whether your new area has quality restaurants, make sure to explore your options. There are plenty of online resources that will help you with this, like Yelp or TripAdvisor

    What is the nightlife like?

    Some people really need active nightlife to feel happy in their city. As a general rule of thumb, the places where you will find most nightclubs and entertainment are bigger cities. If that’s what you are looking for, it’s best to move to a town like Pittsburgh or Philadelphia. Bigger cities in Pennsylvania offer some places to visit, including great bars, pubs, and clubs you will definitely enjoy.  Other smaller towns also have great bars and clubs, but if diversity is what you are after, the bigger, the better. 

    How is the availability of religious institutions?

    Pennsylvania has a rich history of religious diversity and tolerance, and many of the state’s religious institutions have been around for decades, if not centuries. In urban areas, it is relatively easy to find a religious institution of any denomination. However, in rural areas, availability may be more limited. If this is what you would ask yourself before you relocate for a job in PA, first explore where you can find a religious institution in line with your beliefs. 

    Are there gyms and fitness centers?

    Wherever you decide to relocate for a job in PA you will find adequate fitness centers and gyms. All cities, big and small, will have at least a few. In rural areas, they may be a little harder to find, but they are definitely there. There are also many outdoor fitness spots where you can practice calisthenics or go for a run.

    If you wanted to ask yourself before you relocate for a job in PA whether there are sufficient gyms in the area, may the person from the photo exercising on a treadmill prove that there are.
    You’ll have no problems finding a gym anywhere in PA after you relocate there for a job

    What is the availability of parks and green spaces?

    The state of Pennsylvania has many great parks, green spaces, and other beautiful outdoor options. One of the best examples is Pottstown. It is known for its proximity to many recreational areas, such as French Creek State Park, Schuylkill River Trail, and Valley Forge National Park. The last one offers great opportunities for hiking, fishing, boating, and other outdoor activities. If this is important to you, contact the best residential movers Pottstown PA has to offer and start packing! 

    What are the community centers like?

    Is having community centers and resources nearby important to you? If so, then this is definitely a question to ask yourself before you relocate for a job in PA. Not all parts of the state are equally covered with community centers, but there are plenty of them regardless. One of the best examples is West Chester. It has some of the best community centers in the state, like the West Chester Senior Center, West Chester Area YMCA, Brandywine Youth Club, etc. Once you are there, you can even ask your movers West Chester PA trusts to give you directions or recommend some other ones that they know of.

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