Towns In Pennsylvania To Consider For 2023

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    Considering how breathtaking Pennsylvania is, you may find yourself in a dilemma about where exactly to move to. But since you already decided that this state will be your home, that process should be nothing but pure enjoyment. Now that the Global Pandemic is over and people are trying to get back to their routines, moving to another place seems like a perfect new start. It will also be quite refreshing to explore Pennsylvania this way and maybe make some future vacation plans. To help you settle in like a boss, here are some towns in Pennsylvania to consider for 2023, along with all their traits!

    We begin with Pottstown

    With its 23,406 residents, Pottstown is one of those places that have a soul. With a long history, especially in the metal industry, Pottstown has all those traits Pennsylvania is proud of. If you decide to start calling Pottstown your home, you will get to experience countless attractions permanently. We are talking about hot air balloon rides, historic sites, and theatres. With professional movers Pottstown PA has getting you there quickly, you may even get on time for Carousel of Flavor! Since this is one of the most beloved festivals in Pottstown, it will be a great welcome after your relocation!

    fair at night
    The best things about these towns in Pennsylvania to consider for 2023 are the countless festivals, events, and fairs they tend to organize

    Living costs in this place are pretty affordable as well. With a rating of 99/100 on the national average, Pottstown goes below the average. For many people, having to pay less for housing, utilities and groceries is more than convenient. Keep in mind that Pottstown has countless farms that are keeping the place always good on fresh goods. So, if you are looking for a subtle place with a stable economy and affordable living costs, don’t give up on Pottstown yet.

    Those who already have a small business they wish to relocate to this place should make some smart decisions right away. Use self storage Pottstown PA relies on to safely store your items or equipment. This is even more important if you are moving during winter, as Pottstown can get snowy and cold.

    There is also the King of Prussia

    You have probably heard of it since it boasts one of the largest shopping malls in America. King of Prussia is home to 22,028 people, and it is often the destination for many newcomers. The very location of this place, Montgomery County, keeps it close to some other important parts of the state. Living there means you will be close to the northwest of Philadelphia, which is just 15 miles away. But, apart from the shopping mall, you will get a chance to enjoy lots of other things as well. Those moving with teenagers can have fun at The Escape Game, or enjoy the fresh air of Valley Forge National Park.

    The interior of a shopping mall
    King of Prussia is home to one of the biggest malls in the state!

    You would probably want to know how safe the King of Prussia is. According to the latest statistics, the violent crime rate in this place is 10.8/22.7. Certain neighborhoods in the place are more than suitable for raising kids and starting a family. Moving companies King of Prussia offers can drop you off in neighborhoods like:

    • Lowell Hills
    • Abrahams
    • Dartmouth Hills

    So, if you want to live in a nice and subtle place with low living costs and reasonable safety rates, King of Prussia could be your choice. Make sure to arrange for your relocation on time so that you can catch multiple summer festivals and events. 

    One of the towns in Pennsylvania to consider for 2023 is Lansdale, as well

    While we are still in Montgomery County, we can’t skip mentioning Lansdale. In recent years this place is becoming more and more popular among young people mainly because of its proximity to Philadelphia. A lot of Lansdale residents commute every day to Philadelphia using SEPTA Regional Rail’s Lansdale/Doylestown Line. But this has some cons of its own. You should know that because of its good location, Lansdale’s living costs are above the national average, 114.4/100. You should especially pay attention to housing costs that are 136/100.

    If you plan to settle in Lansdale, buying a home will be a good permanent solution. But if you wish to prepare your finances better before you make that step, renting will do just fine. Lansdale has many beautiful homes and apartments that you can rent for a reasonable price. Moving companies Lansdale PA wholeheartedly recommends will support your budget as well since the total cost of your move will be much lower if you decide to partner with them. Once you officially move, we suggest you check out Whites Road Park, as it is a favorite place for many tourists and locals.

    Next on the list is Norristown

    Located just 19 miles from Philadelphia, Norristown is another place that is close enough to all the big city rush but far away enough to provide you peace. It is home to 35,829 residents, and it gives a moderate suburban vibe. Its population is mixed, so you will get a pretty diverse community. Just like some other similar places in PA, the location is what made Norristown develop so fast. In the past, it was famous for trade and retail, and today it has it all but on a higher level. Another reason Norristown is one of the towns in Pennsylvania to consider for 2023 is the living cost.

    hiking trail
    There is nothing better than having a lovely home surrounded by nature, which is exactly what you can find in all these places

    Officially rated 99.2/100, it is affordable in many other areas as well. Housing costs are below average, and the real estate market in Norristown is excellent. If you wish to always be close to its forest and hiking trails, buying property on the outskirts will be a great idea. According to many locals, Norristown is a hidden gem of Pennsylvania whose nature still captures the hearts of everyone who comes to visit. Make a plan with moving companies Norristown PA boasts of to take you there in early spring. Nature will be even more beautiful, and you will have plenty of sunny days to look forward to.

    And what about Conshohocken?

    Having only 9,266 residents doesn’t mean Conshohocken is not suitable for moving in 2023. You would be surprised to know that movers Conshohocken PA trusts operate in the area constantly, and newcomers just keep on arriving. And who wouldn’t want to move to a town that is mostly famous for its festivals and annual events? Conshohocken organizes festivals like Fun Fest, Soap Box Derby, and the July Fireworks Display. Countless young and creative people want to participate and usually end up moving there permanently. These fairs can also be great job opportunities in case you are good with tech and social media.

    And when the time comes for relaxing, there is Schuylkill River Trail. Get yourself some good boots and equipment and set on an adventure that is at your doorstep. You can even turn your wonderful experience into a good business idea. At the very beginning of the trail, many shops sell souvenirs, and other memories tourists love taking back with them. There is even a camping site, so don’t forget to connect with nature to the fullest.

    Narberth is another town in Pennsylvania to consider for 2023

    What if we told you that there was a place in PA perfect for launching a small business? Well, there is, and if you plan to do it, then Narberth should be your choice. This town has only 4,496 residents, but it managed to launch some of the coolest businesses in the area. Some of the family-owned places that have a history a couple of decades old include:

    • American Family Market¬†
    • The Real Pizza
    • The Cheese Company

    And when you are close to successful small businesses like these, you may feel the urge to launch your own. Whatever profession you are interested in, consider getting yourself a nice place in Narberth and trying your luck. If you already have some equipment and even a growing business, movers Narberth PA has will help you relocate everything. The fact that living costs are a little bit higher 145.6/100 may be a problem for some. On the other hand, living in a beautiful place like Narberth is more than worth it.

    kids playing with leaves
    Towns in Pennsylvania to consider for 2023 from the list all have very low crime ,rates which makes them perfect for raising kids

    Now let’s talk about Harleysville

    If you thoguht Pennsylvania was out of places to consider for 2023, you were wrong. We have arrived in Harleysville, one of the places you could be calling home soon. Home to Heckler Plains, one of the oldest sites in the area, it is filled with history, which people greatly appreciate. There are many fairs dedicated to this site, and one of the most popular ones is Heckler Fest. During the fest, a lot of people will come to visit from the nearby towns and other states as well. And since locals are used to seeing new people, they are more than welcoming to new residents.

    When movers Harleysville PA has at disposal get you there, you will get a chance to enjoy some amazing things and attractions. You can get to know new friends and neighbors at Earl Bowl Lanes, explore Living Hope Far, or treat yourself at Shops Of Harleysville. This town will be perfect for those who wish to retire or just get away from all that hustle and bustle. According to travel reviews, winter in Harleysville is magical, especially if you get there in time for the Christmas celebration.

    animals on a farm in one of the towns in Pennsylvania to consider in 2023 with a rural feel
    When there are beautiful landscapes, there are always farms that are the main suppliers of fresh fruits and vegetables

    Plymouth Meeting is one of the towns in Pennsylvania to consider for 2023 too

    This place is considered to be one of Philadelphia’s suburbs, and according to many people, it is perfect for settling in. Plymouth Meeting has a long history, as it was founded back in 1778. Since then, it has been home to both young and elderly, but in 2023 it seems that younger generations are seeing more potential in Plymouth Meeting. Even though this place is pretty subtle and doesn’t have big-city vibes, that is exactly what makes it perfect for a freelancing job or starting a small business. Movers Plymouth Meeting PA is dependent on operate in the area regularly, and no matter if you are from Philadelphia or someplace else, you can be there in no time.

    Those who love snowy winters will find this place even more fascinating. Starting in December, Plymouth Meeting can get pretty cold and snowy, and that is when a lot of amazing activities can take place. The public ice skating arena attracts even those from Philadelphia, and at some point, Plymouth Meeting will seem like a regular urban neighborhood. Restaurants serve delicious meals and drinks, and the entire community is getting ready for celebrating Christmas. If you decide to move there before winter, don’t let the snow cause you problems. Rely on the moving company to help you out, and you just focus on getting there yourself.

    And finally, we give you Collegeville

    Last, but certainly not least, there is Collegeville. And yes, the name does indicate something important. Back in 1869. Ursinus College opened in this area, and it quickly became one of the most notable colleges in the state. Today, many students come from different cities and states to get a high-quality education, and because of that, Collegeville is everything but boring. Even though the population is 5,089, movers Collegeville PA residents gladly hire are constantly helping new students move in. According to statistics, a certain number of students will decide to stay in Collegeville after graduation. Some of them will get a job right at the college, while others will decide to commute to Philadelphia.

    woman working on her laptop after moving to one of the towns in Pennsylvania to consider for 2023
    These places can be perfect for your small business and career as they provide all the peace you may need

    Since you have some of the best towns in Pennsylvania to consider for 2023, you can start comparing them until you end up with the best candidate. Check out all the traits these places have while constantly thinking about your priorities. Once you make a final decision, you can even pay it a short visit, just to get a better idea of the place you will be soon calling home. Probably the best thing about Pennsylvania is that no matter how small the town is, it has something special that many huge cities can never have.

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