3 home organization tips for beginners

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    It can be quite challenging to organize your new house after you finish your relocation with Philadelphia movers. This is extremely prominent if your house is smaller than the previous one. Most people struggle with storage options when it comes to their house. In addition to this, it is more comfortable to live in a house that is well organized. No one wants to come back home after a long day at work only to find a messy house. You can’t even find anything that you need so you might be even more stressed than before. For this reason, here are three or maybe some more home organization tips for beginners. 

    Use containers 

    Probably the best way to organize your items and have enough space for everything would be to use containers. First of all, you can use jars or glass containers. You can store spices, baking supplies, cookies, pens, stationery, make-up brushes, and anything and everything that can fit inside. These jars can also be a good kids’ room decoration idea. Your kids can decorate the jar thus making it more decorative and artistic. This way, these jars are both functional and decorative.  

    In addition to this, you should have bins and baskets for the same purpose. They are even a better solution since they come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. You can use them in the kitchen for towels. Then, you can use them to organize drawers. Furthermore, you can place baskets in the bathroom for all the bottles and toiletries. You can use baskets and bins if you want to go for a minimalistic look for your new house. This way, you will be able to hide all the items hence achieving that minimalistic look that you are going for. 

    four jars
    You can use jars for your items

    Home organization tips for beginners – folding clothes the right way and labeling  

    The next thing you should know would be about your clothes. It is fairly easy to fold your clothes. However, are you doing it correctly? If you want to save space and have everything looking well organized, you should fold clothes and put them up as you would do with files. If this one does not work out for you, you can always try different ways to fold clothes to save space.  

    In addition to this, you should use labels. What should you label though? Well, all the things mentioned above. When you use moving storage containers, baskets, or bins, they can come with a lid. It is much easier and more practical if you label them. You can immediately know what it is in the box just by looking at the label. No need for opening all of them to find one thing you need. 

    storage bins on shelves
    Use storage bins to organize your shelves

    Principle of organization 

     Remember, you are aiming to achieve the following. 

    • Every item should have its place in the house 
    • Easy access to everything 
    • Visibility 
    • Saving space

    These would be all the easy home organization tips for beginners.



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