Tips on settling in Philadelphia after a divorce

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    People move all the time. You already know that one relocation is tied to many complicated processes and when you add an unfortunate event to it, it can become unbearable. One such event is a divorce and today we will talk about such a situation and how to handle it. You still must work on your moving logistics, pack safely, and find Philadelphia movers to help you out. And they will, now more than ever. So, let us help you relocate and advise on how to make settling in Philadelphia after a divorce easier. Let’s take a look.

    You must work on your relocation logistics soon enough

    We know that the situation you are in is hard and emotional, but you must pick yourself up, gather your thoughts, and search for residential movers Pottstown PA. They will be your guiding light in these sad moments. But before you can give them a call, you should make a swift home inspection to obtain the basic info you must provide to them. So, check how much furniture you possess and how many items you are bringing with you. Also, check the environment and ensure it is safe to work in. Then, start working on your moving budget and moving supplies. Once you have the basic idea of how complex your move will be, call your movers and provide this information so they can use it to assemble a relocation plan and provide a moving quote.

    A guy making a plan for settling in Philadelphia after a divorce
    Try to make a comprehensive moving guide or seek help from a friend to assist you with it.

    Just remember to confirm the legitimacy of your moving company. Ensure they are licensed to work and with all the tools necessary to cover this relocation. Also, check the moving services they offer because in this situation some of them can help a lot. For example, a packing service can be of great help. It will buy you a lot of time while you can focus on other things. The same goes for storage units Pottstown PA. You can rent one and store all your items there until you figure out your next steps. And there are many more. Therefore, talk to your movers about it and see what they offer. Now, let us move forward and make your settling in Philadelphia after a divorce slightly easier for everyone involved.

    Ensure your new home can support your needs

    Ok, after you find your new place, you must inspect it thoroughly and ensure you have enough space to fit all your items there. That is the most important part. Although, as we mentioned earlier, you can always use one of the onsite storage solutions to store excess and rarely used items there if you are moving into a smaller place. Secondly, you must ensure you have all the quality of life aspects covered as well. Therefore, check the following and make sure it is all working as intended:

    • Cellphone and internet services
    • PO box and mail
    • Plumbing and electricity
    • Doors, floors, walls, and windows

    You can cover this one after settling in Philadelphia after a divorce or before you even begin your move. It is entirely up to you and your schedule. But make sure you have all the basic needs to avoid unpleasant situations that might make your situation even harder.

    Check your cargo before you begin settling in Philadelphia after a divorce

    As soon as you arrive at your new place, you should inspect your cargo. This is simply to avoid all unpleasant situations and unfortunate events that might worsen your emotional state. Therefore, check each box with fragile content and if you have only a few of them, open them all. Movers won’t wait for you to inspect everything so be fast and inspect while they unload. if you decluttered before moving you shouldn’t have too many boxes to check anyway. Check the fragile content first and then move onto the furniture. You will easily spot damages if there are any. Hopefully, you’ll have a reliable and experienced moving company by your side who will transport your cargo safely and you won’t have to fear or think about this at all.

    Fragile sign on a cardboard box
    Check your cargo as soon as you arrive. You do not need any additional stress at the moment.

    Do you have your family’s support?

    We sincerely hope you are moving on good terms and you have your family’s support. Your grandparents and parents should help as much as they can as well as your ex-spouse. Especially if you are bringing children with you. So, include this into the whole moving calculation and pack with the intention of adapting your new home for your children or another member of your family. Remember that you might need more packing supplies, additional services, or additional perks when looking for an apartment.

    Going out can make an easier settling in Philadelphia after a divorce

    Once you move in, you might want to take a day off and rest for a bit. Or take the whole weekend and sleep it off. You can even start unpacking slowly and put some pieces in place. But do not stay indoors for too long. Moving depression and anxiety can be a serious thing. Especially after a divorce. Therefore, you must go out and explore the neighborhood. Check out all the cool places Philadelphia has to offer and find your favorite restaurant, coffee shop, shopping mall, etc. Take a walk through the city and you’ll feel much better than staying indoors.

    four friends hugging
    Go out and start exploring. You’ll meet new friends in no time.

    Meet new friends as soon as you can

    If you go out and start exploring the neighborhood, you will meet new people for sure. For starters, you will meet your next-door neighbors. They can show you around and who knows, it might be a beginning of a new friendship. Also, let them introduce you to the community and important locals in the neighborhood. Join the neighborhood patrol or a soccer mom team. Start making friends right from the start and you’ll settle in in no time.

    Hopefully, we helped a bit and your settling in Philadelphia after a divorce will be a bit easier. At least now you know which steps you must take and how to act in this situation. Remember, the moving company is extremely important in these times. Find a good one and let them do their magic while you focus on other important tasks in your life. Good luck and stay safe.


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