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    Ah, the moving day. The day it all comes down to and the day it all leads to. You’ve been working so long to make this day happen and now it’s finally here. What could go wrong, right? You’re ready and everything seems fine. Sorry to burst your bubble, but most moving complications happen exactly on a moving day. And there are many reasons for why that is. But that’s not really the topic of this article. Just keep in mind that most Philadelphia movers agree – A moving day is where A LOT can go wrong. Because of that, you should be aware of potential bad scenarios so that you can prepare for them. Luckily for you, we can tell you all about them. So, here are what we think are the top 3 worst moving day scenarios to avoid.

    One of the worst moving day scenarios to avoid is feeling unwell on your moving day

    The absolute worst thing that can happen to you on a moving day is to start feeling unwell. If that happens, you’ll likely find the whole experience agonizing and you’ll be left with a bad taste in your mouth. That said, not everyone who feels just slightly unwell on a moving day remembers their move as a bad fever dream. For example, if you just feel slightly tired or have a very mild headache for a short period of time, you likely won’t feel like your moving day was horrible. However, people who feel truly unwell on their moving day usually start having very bad feelings towards moving, even if they had the best local movers in Greater Philadelphia area money can buy by their side.

    A bowl of healthy cereal.
    To avoid getting unwell which is one of the moving day scenarios to avoid, you should have a nutritious breakfast first thing in the morning!

    But we don’t even have to go to extremes to prove how important it is to avoid getting unwell during a move. Just a simple fact that it’s much easier to move if you feel healthy and energized is a testament to how important it is to do everything in your power to feel well during a move. Not only will you have a better moving experience but you’ll also be able to take care of the task with a lot more ease! But what can you do to ensure you’re feeling as well as possible on your moving day?

    What should you do to feel well during a move?

    First of all, you should get a good night’s sleep before a move. No all-nighters and no late nights. Then, you should start your day with breakfast foods that boost energy. Then, leading up to your moving day, you should do destressing exercises. All in all, you should be well-fed, rested, and energized on the morning of your move. That’s the only way to have a great move without the risk of getting unwell.

    Being behind a schedule because you started late is just as bad

    Another moving day scenario to avoid is starting late and being behind the schedule. This can lead to so many issues. Your movers of choice are on a tight schedule and thus they have no time for you to be late. Keep in mind that if you start late, everything will go downhill rather quickly. And it’s pretty hard to get back on track after that. Most of the time it’s not even possible no matter how hard you try.

    For example, if your plan is to empty one of your portable storage units at 9 am and you only get up at 9 am, you’ll likely have to push that activity back to at least 9:15 or even 9:30 at the earliest. Then, you’ll be late for all the tasks that follow. And that can create so many problems down the line for everyone involved. Plus, being late and trying to catch up is not only bad because it can create issues time-wise. Having this happen to you on a moving day can be extremely stressful. Moving is stressful enough without adding any unnecessary stress on top of it. So to avoid this happening to you, you should do all in your power to ensure you’re on schedule. But how can you do that?

    A woman stressing out.
    Being on time during your moving day is the only way to avoid stress!

    A simple way to always be on time

    The night before your move you should set a couple of alarms. And, you should also check whether your phone is on silent. Then, you could also ask a friend to check if you’re awake. After you’re awake, make sure to get up immediately. Procrastination is your enemy and you shouldn’t risk falling back asleep. During the day, keep track of the time and keep an eye on your schedule!

    Realizing you’re being scammed can turn a moving day into a nightmare quite quickly

    One of the most devastating things that can happen on a moving day is to realize you’re being scammed. There are many red flags that can indicate scam movers, but a lot of people fail to notice them. Until the moving day, that is. The only sure way to avoid scammers is to hire one of tried and tested moving companies Lansdale PA residents wholeheartedly recommend. But if you failed to do so and you landed scammers you’ll likely notice it on a moving day. And even though this can seem disastrous, there are luckily a few ways you can deal with it.

    Best ways to deal with scam movers

    If the situation is dire and something serious is going on you should call the police immediately and make a report. However, if the situation is not as bad there are a few things you can do. If a loss is small and not that significant, you can stick it out. But if you’re not willing to do that, you can try talking to movers or even negotiating. You can also contact your lawyer if you feel it is necessary.

    Two movers holding boxes.
    Hiring tried and tested movers is the only sure way to avoid fraudulent movers!

    Preparing for your moving day well is extremely important!

    As you see, many things can go wrong during a moving day. And this is not even the definitive list. It’s actually just scratching the surface. However, there’s not a problem you can’t overcome if you’re well prepared. That’s why you should inform yourself on everything that could go wrong and all moving day scenarios to avoid. That could be really helpful if something was to go awry. Plus, bad things are less likely to happen at all if you purposefully go about avoiding them.


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