5 things to do in Chester County this winter

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    Another winter season is around the corner. If you haven’t already planned your vacation, then this guide on amazing things to do in Chester county this winter will be of good use. All you need to do is pick dates and organize your unique winter holiday! In case you’re moving to Chester County, then consider contacting a capable team of movers to execute your move regardless of the season. We at Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia rank among the best moving companies Philadelphia has on offer. Due to years of successful work and numerous happy customers, we can proudly say you will make no mistake with our services. So make sure to give us a call whenever you decide to relocate to Chester County.

    You can plan many activities to do in Chester County during the upcoming winter season

    We can all agree that families have the utmost fun in winter. Parents may have a comfy yet entertaining holiday, while kids play around in the snow. Plus, you and your family can do numerous fun activities. Chester County is an important winter holiday corner in Philadelphia where people come to recharge before the post-vacation duties occupy their schedules again. This incredible picturesque place is where you deserve to have a blissful vacation.

    Our Zippy Shell team operates as one of the most trusted and experienced moving companies Chester County PA has. You can choose a wide array of moving services, depending on what you need for your move. There will be no need to spend too much time searching for top-quality yet cost-effective storage or packing services.

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    There are many things to do in Chester County this winter that are relaxing and joyful.

    Before you get to have fun during winter days in Chester County, make sure to contact us and schedule a commitment-free estimate. Our team will do the estimation for you and let you know about the approximate moving expenses you can expect. In addition, we are willing to answer all your additional questions and provide you with all information you need.

    #1 Enjoy some of the not-to-miss shows at the West Chester University area

    Winter wonders take place at West Chester University as well. Every night brings something special, from ballet to art installation. If you want to relieve your childhood Christmas warmth, then Brandywine Ballet’s rendition of The Nutcracker is for you! Make sure to check other events that take place this winter.

    christmas lifgts
    Spend your early Christmas in Chester County!

    This is an ideal opportunity to get to know other West Chester residents if you are new here. In case your moving day is just before winter events, opt for portable storage units to keep clutter away from your new home. Unpacking takes time, so there’s no need to rush it. Just unpack the essentials and leave everything for later in a portable unit. Give yourself some relaxing time and enjoy what West Chester County offers this winter!

    #2 Have a lovely Christmas time at Longwood Gardens

    If you are interested to experience a French-inspired holiday atmosphere this year, you should check Longwood Gardens. Some of the many winter wonders that are a must-see are the open theatre fountain, a light display that resembles Versailles castle in France. Furthermore, you can enjoy both indoor and outdoor winter oases while you sip on your coffee, hot chocolate, or warm tea. Taking photos in Longwood Gardens is definitely a pure joy. Capturing your family members and yourself while having fun will make so many memories of this unforgettable holiday.

    #3 Don’t skip on annual Christmas Festival at the Upper Main Line YMCA

    Christmas always comes early in Westchester County thanks to Christmas Festival. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bond with your family while enjoying the Christmas atmosphere, candies, and hot chocolate. Kids will have fun with their favorite characters such as Santa, Rudolph, Elsa, and Anna from Frozen.

    #4 Spend some fun time skating on Ice Line

    Bring your family to an Ice Line skating rink! If you don’t intend to buy the skates, you can rent them. However, remember that ice skating rinks are usually packed and Ice Line is no exception. So make sure to check the Ice Line public skating schedule. Pick late afternoon/early evening hours and arrive a little earlier. You can grab a hot chocolate nearby when you want to take a break.

    ice skating as one of the things to do in chester county this winter
    Ice skating is fun for both adults and kids! Go skating with your family and have a memorable time!

    #5 Another thing to do in Chester County in the wintertime is to visit Marsh Creek State Park

    When it snows in Marsh Creek State Park, one can feel like in a winter storybook. The crispy snow under your feet paired with the picturesque landscape will make you want to walk longer and explore more. Plus, the big 535-acre Marsh Creek Lake freezes to the point the ice is 4 inches thick. And it’s possible to have a safe ice-skating time! However, make sure the ice is thick enough. Put enough warm clothes on since this time of the year is super cold!

    Be careful if moving to Chester County in winter

    Now that you have a better idea of many wonderful things to do in Chester County this winter, it’s time to plan your move. Remember that moving in the wintertime is challenging for many reasons. First, you have to keep track of weather changes and decide whether it’s safe for the move. Next, you must choose the right movers. In order to pick the best movers for your relocation to Chester County, make a list of several licensed and verified movers that offer all services you need. That is why full-service movers may be the best solution in this case. Call each company during their working hours and ask them anything you want to know. Compare the moving rates and then make a final choice. Only a professional moving company with services that agree with your moving budget should handle your relocation.


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