Tips for using storage to create space for the Holidays

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    If you’re the type that enjoys the holidays, you’ve probably noticed how your expanding collection of holiday decorations has begun to infringe on your home’s storage space. However many organizing tactics you apply, sacrificing important space for decorations that are only shown once a year might get frustrating after a while. Have you considered storing your Christmas decorations in a self-storage facility instead? Perhaps you could also make use of temporary onsite storage containers. We’re here to share with you a few tips for using storage to create space for the holidays.

    Tips for using storage to create space for the holidays

    We tend to buy more and more decorations every time when the holiday season begins. And so it begins. With the holiday after holiday, your house eventually becomes overflooded with decorations. Halloween decoration, Thanksgiving decoration, Christmas…and if there are a few birthdays during this time…your house must be a mess. This is why we suggest storing decorations in a storage facility immediately after one holiday ends. And taking back home decorations for the next one. A storage unit can free up space in your home for things you use every day while giving you peace of mind that your holiday decorations are safe. When it comes time to clean up after the holidays, keep these simple tips for using storage to create space for the holidays in mind.

    Using storage to create space for the Holidays and store Christmas ornaments
    If you are using storage to create space for the Holidays, remember to wrap your delicate ornaments before packing them in boxes.

    1. Labeling

    Save yourself the agony of sifting through boxes by labeling everything you own generously. Before putting a box back on the shelf, make a list of the contents. Our moving companies Philadelphia can assist in moving all your boxes to a storage unit.

    2. Wrapping lights in a sleeve

    Next year, you’ll have to disentangle a jumbled mass of lights if you bundle them. Instead, use a piece of cardboard to hold your string lights in place. Use masking tape to seal the ends.

    3. Hang Your Wreaths on a Rack to Store Them

    You don’t want to risk damaging your wreaths by packing them in with another holiday decor. Wreaths can be hung on a coat rack if they are wrapped in plastic bags. For years to come, they’ll be in peak condition thanks to this procedure. If you’re wondering where to find moving help during the holiday season, visit this page.

    4. Set up a Station for Wrapping

    Weary of trawling through the house in search of misplaced supplies like scissors and tape? A DIY wrapping station can help you stand out from the crowd. You’ll save time and money by using a one-stop-shop wrapping station, which will also save space in your storage rooms.

    wrapping boxes
    Save your time by setting up a wrapping station in your house.

    5. Organize the plastic containers

    Avoid cardboard boxes when storing ornaments in plastic containers. There are several benefits to using a plastic coating to protect your decorations from the elements, including dust, filth, and even wetness. If you’ll be using storage to create space for the Holidays, our trustworthy movers Downingtown PA can help you get all your plastic containers to a storage facility.

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