5 ideas to make your summer move cooler

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    Moving in heat can be a nightmare. Especially for those who are not really “summer people”. However, the peak season for moving is summer, which means that most people actually move in the summer. This might seem odd since summer weather is anything but ideal for moving. But we’d have to argue that other seasons might actually be even worse. Winter is obviously out of the question, while fall and spring can be very rainy which is a big no-no when it comes to moving. That then leaves us with summer. There’s a lot of peak season moving advice out there, how to make moving in heat easier included. And today, we want to share with you just that. Here are 5 ideas to make your summer move cooler that might make moving this summer a lot more pleasant and enjoyable for you!

    Play smart to win at summer moving

    There are many moving companies Philadelphia prides itself in, that know how to move perfectly. However, regardless of their skills and knowledge, they can’t protect you from the heat. That is on you to handle. But luckily, there are ways around that! There are some things you can do to ensure you won’t be boiling during your move. Heat strokes are a common thing during summertime moving and that’s why we advise all our clients to take all necessary precautions. Here’s what we think are the best ideas to make a summer move cooler for both your health as well as your enjoyment.

    A couple planning a summer move.
    It’s very important to be smart when it comes to summer moving. Doing things correctly can help you stay cool!

    1. Number one idea to make your summer move cooler is to choose the right time to move

    Sometimes when moving with great movers Media PA residents absolutely love, it’s hard to snag a good slot for moving. However, if you plan early, you’ll definitely be able to choose the exact time and date you want. Summer is usually hot, but not every part of the summer is equally hot. For example, the end of July and the beginning of august are usually a lot warmer than the beginning of June for example. Because of that, you should make sure to choose a date that’s likely not going to be as hot. That can easily be done if you hire movers early. So start early and choose one of the cooler summer dates if you wish to make your summertime move cooler.

    Other than that, you might want to pick a time slot that’s earlier in the morning. Most movers Narberth PA, and other Philadelphia cities have to offer, usually offer morning slots. Mornings are usually a lot cooler than afternoons during the summer. That means that one of the best ideas that can make your summer move cooler is to start moving early. It’s better to get up a bit earlier than suffer in the heat for a long period of time.

    2. Another great idea to make your summer move cooler is to watch what you eat

    You obviously need a lot of energy when moving. That’s why you have to make sure to eat regularly during a move. But what you eat can also play a significant role in how hot you are during your move. Heavy foods like heavy protein and fat-rich foods would likely make you feel sluggish and tired. But on top of that, they might even make you feel hotter! That’s why you should stick to light foods like lighter proteins like eggs and fish, as well as slow-release carbs and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Just make sure not to overeat wince which can also make you feel hot!

    Healthy sandwiches on a table.
    Eating healthy and light foods during a move is one of the best ideas to make your summer move cooler you can have!

    3. Hydrating is what will make you stay cool during a summertime move

    One of the best ways to keep cool in the summer heat is to hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate some more. In the heat, we lose plenty of water which is why we should all make sure to drink plenty of liquids. Moving is also very stressful, so you might even find yourself stress-sweating and not just heat-sweating. That just means that your water demands will be even higher. So make sure to drink up. But what you drink is also very important not just how much you drink. Water is obviously one of the best options. Water with lemon and ice is a great way to both hydrate and cool off. other than that you might enjoy ice tea, lemonade, sparkling water, or soda. Just make sure not to overload on caffeine and to avoid alcohol at all costs.

    4. Yet another great idea to make your summer relocation cooler is to dress for the occasion

    You can significantly decrease the chance of overheating if you dress properly. In this case, that means avoiding unnatural fabrics and dark colors, especially if you’ll be in the sun for a while. Opt for light 100% cotton fabric if you can, in a light color. Other than that, make sure to dress lightly and in comfortable clothes. Clothes that don’t hug your body and have plenty of breathing room will make it easier for you to stay cool. You can absolutely make your summer move much cooler if you just dress properly.

    5. Keep yourself cool

    The last idea to make your summertime move cooler we have to give to you is to keep yourself cool. Using things like a small portable electric fan, a towel or a tissue drenched in water, or a regular fan can help you stay cool. Other than that you can try keeping your “hot zones” cool with water. Putting water on your inner wrists, knees, elbows, and behind the neck, can cool you down in seconds. Also, makes sure to crack down your windows. All these can be of great help when trying to cool off.

    A woman fanning herself during a move because she knows that one of the best ideas to make your summer move cooler is to keep yourself cool.
    There are plenty of ways you can keep yourself cool during a relocation!

    There are plenty more ideas to make your summer move cooler

    Staying cool during a move is very important. Especially when moving in summer when it’s scorching hot. We gave you some basic ideas to make your summer move cooler. Now it’s up to you to expand those ideas and learn more about the ways to keep cool during a summertime move. Research some more and think hard, and we’re sure you’ll come across or even come up with plenty more ideas on how to stay cool. Good luck!

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