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    Moving on its own is a difficult task if you do not handle it right. Moving in peak season is even harder because there are some differences that make it like this. Summer is usually the peak season in most of the US. Most people are on their vacations at that time and that makes summer perfect for moving. But, it is much more stressful because there are fewer moving companies that are available at that time. But, besides getting reliable movers in greater Philadelphia area, there is plenty of other stuff that you should know in order to make relocation easier. Let’s see the best peak season moving advice and how to manage the relocation.

    Do not waste time

    The most important thing when moving in peak season is to avoid losing time. Moving in summer can easily turn into a nightmare if you are not in the right set of mind. You have to make it work. The only way you can do this is by starting the preparations on time. As we have mentioned, finding movers for a summer move can be problematic. Most of them are booked by late May or June. That means that you will have to be fast and select the company as soon as possible. Procrastination is never an option, even when moving in winter. You need to address this properly so that you could have a somewhat relaxed move.

    a man - Peak season moving advice
    Finding excellent movers during peak season is crucial

    Look for reliable and experienced movers

    Movers will be the biggest part of your move. That means that you need to find people who have enough knowledge to make everything happen, especially if you are moving soon. It is important that you check companies and pick one among the dozens of them. Your movers need to have some important traits that will single them out like:

    • Proper communication– The first thing that you should look for in order to find reliable Malvern PA movers is to see whether the communication is adequate. They should be kind, friendly, and eager to help you with everything.
    • Honest– Fraudulent companies will promise you everything in order to get you to hire them. Reliable movers will always be honest and tell you everything that you need to know, even if it is not good. You can certainly be sure that they will not try to scam you.
    • Affordable prices– Most reliable companies will have affordable prices. Even if it does not seem like a real thing, it is. You can be sure that they will not try to rip you off. You should always ask for a moving estimate and you will see for yourself. Of course, if it seems like too low of a price, back off.

    Avoid moving on holidays

    Since there are holidays in summer, you should avoid moving on these dates. It is all because people like to celebrate and there will be a lot of travel. That is something that could make your relocation a lot harder. Traffic can be overwhelming and you may be stuck for a while. Avoid moving on holidays and you will be thankful for it!

    Peak season moving advice about price – move on mid-week

    Peak season is usually more expensive than moving in any other month. But, if you want to save some money, especially if you are having a long-distance move, move on mid-week. No matter how affordable your long-distance movers may be, their prices will be higher on weekends. People are usually free and can move without disrupting their lives. In order to avoid this, you should aim for mid-week. Prices are lower and it should be easier to book movers for these dates.

    Downsize before packing

    One of the best moving advice when moving in peak season is that you should declutter. Before you start to pack, you should reduce the number of things you are going to move. There are several benefits if you do this. First, you will reduce the price of the move. Fewer items, lower weight, and therefore, lower price. On the other hand, decluttering before moving day will make the relocation easier and simpler. There will be less chance you will get into mess.

    a woman holding boxes
    Reduce the number of things for the move!

    Prepare your car for the move

    Summer relocations are harder due to heat. It is much harder to drive and move when there are 100 degrees outside. The best peak season moving advice is to prepare your car for the move. You should go to the mechanic to inspect it and repair it if it is necessary. Also, your AC needs to be operational because there is no chance that you can move without using it. Prepare a cooler with drinks that you can drink during the drive. Do not avoid these things because the heat in the car can be unbearable!

    a car
    Make sure that your car will survive the trip

    Consider making your move easier with a storage unit

    Storage units have become very popular in the last few years. It is for a very good reason. They give you the chance to protect your items until the movers come on a moving day. Also, some items require special conditions that will prevent them from damages like electronics, wood, etc. The great thing is that residential storage containers are not expensive and move people can afford them until the move ends. All of this applies only if you pack on time and move items there. If you wait until the last possible moment to pack, it will all be in vain.


    Moving during the peak season is usually more stressful. But, it is much easier if you have peak season moving advice that you can use to make everything easier. Even though all the things are important, we find time the most important. You need time for everything to handle. That means that you can do nothing if you wait until the last moment. Be sure to start your preparations on time and you should be able to make the transition as easy as possible.

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