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    In Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, you will find the borough of Lansdale. The borough is around 28 miles northwest of the city of Philadelphia and occupies around 3.1 square miles of land. There are around 17.000 residents living in this densely populated area. An urban-suburban mix feels the borough has allows people with families to easily adapt to the area after moving. The median household income is higher than the national average and is around $67.000. Moreover, many people in the borough are owning, instead of renting their homes. However, the average house value is around $232.000. If you are, by any chance, planning on moving to the area, consider contacting Philadelphia movers to help you relocate with ease. Because this is relatively a small area, most summer activities in Lansdale are local or people simply commute to Philadelphia to enjoy their summer.

    Summer activities in Lansdale: What can you expect to find

    As we were saying, Lansdale is a small borough in Montgomery County, Philadelphia. With that in mind, one should not expect it to be the epicenter of activities throughout the year. For that reason, we will try to focus on those summer activities that are either nearby or fairly easy to commute to.

    a skyline of the city of Philadelphia in which you can find various summer activities in Lansdale
    As Lansdale is a borough in the city of Philadelphia it is very well connected to each part of the city

    On the other hand, if you require help packing and handling your items, but have a transportation solution, you can hire labor-only Philadelphia services to get the help you need. That way, you can focus on what to expect once you relocate, instead of focusing on how to handle your belongings. Nonetheless, here is something you should expect and plan to see/do once you move:

    • Montgomery County historic sites
    • The artistic side of Lansdale and Montgomery County
    • Miscellaneous activities to enjoy
    • Outdoor activities

    Montgomery County historic sites

    If you are a history buff, this is something for you. Namely, the historic sites in Valley Forge and Montgomery County present the perfect opportunity for those with a love for history to learn more about it. For instance, Valley Forge Historical Park is a must-see attraction. The Park will provide you with new information and discoveries you did not know. On top of that, visiting places like Pottsgrove Manor, Pennypacker Mills, and Peter Wentz Farmstead will surely amaze you if you love history. If you enjoy gothic architecture, or architecture in general, Bryn Athyn Historic District is surely the place you have to visit.

    The artistic side of Lansdale and Montgomery County

    Do you enjoy art? Live music festivals, concerts, theaters, etc. are practically calling Montgomery County their home. If you are looking for a destination that will help you enjoy your love for art and everything it has to offer – contact moving companies Lansdale, PA, and start moving. Whether we are talking about live concerts, museums, visual arts, gardens, DIY projects, or theater, Montgomery County can provide it for you.

    a man playin a bass guitar
    Venues that play live music, music festivals, art galleries, theatre and museums are just some of many cultural and artistic events in the area

    Of course, living in Lansdale means you will have easy access to all of these attractions. Before you expect summer activities in Lansdale to be exactly there, know that Lansdale is a commuting city. This means that people often live there, but rely on commuting to other parts of town for different purposes.

    Summer activities in Lansdale: Miscellaneous activities to enjoy

    The month of June is the peak month for various miscellaneous activities in Montgomery County. For instance, on National Board Game Day residents enjoy various board games at the Round Guys Brewery Co. in Lansdale. You can enjoy a beer while playing games with your friends. During the weekends, Elmwood Park Zoo offers activities at their park that incorporate musicians, actors, magicians, and much more. Moreover, Bryn Athyn Historic District organizes a middle-age tour that allows participants to engage in various middle-age-like activities. Like herb gathering, medieval battles, stone masonry, exploring religious beliefs of the medieval age, etc.

    Outdoor activities you can engage in

    Now, the reason why we separate outdoor activities is that you will find a plethora of different options. We, on the other hand, will help you learn about some of them. One thing is certain, these engaging activities will help you fill your days with adventure. Moreover, they will surely help you get a good night’s sleep. If you enjoy participating in different activities outdoors, make sure that you check out the following.

    River activities

    Boaters, canoers, kayakers, and anyone who enjoys spending time on the water will love these activities. You can take canoe tours, ride the pontoon boat or explore the Schuylkill River all by yourself. However, if you like spending time near water, you can enjoy the fishing in the area. Trout, catfish, walleye, and a plethora of other fish types find a home in rivers, streams, and lakes in Montgomery County. Moreover, if you enjoy ice water fishing Green Lake Reservoir provides the perfect activity during the winter.

    Summer activities in Lansdale include biking and hiking as well

    Sit on your bike and explore the Valley Forge or enter some of the trails that can span out for nearly 90 miles. Montgomery County offers various challenges and adventures to people who enjoy hiking and biking in their free time.

    a woman resting on the side of the road with her bike beside her
    Biking is a great way to maintain your condition and explore the vast surroundings of the county

    So, if you plan on buying a house, make sure it can accommodate all of the items you want to use for your outdoor activities. Moreover, if you enjoy having an adrenaline rush, ziplining through the treetops in the area is a perfect choice.

    Paintball, golf, and other activities

    Whether you enjoy paintball, playing golf with your friends, or riding horseback, Montgomery County has it all. On top of that, you can also fly in hot air balloons, explore the local wilderness and participate in various sporting events throughout the year. During summer, the county really lights up and offers its residents a lot of things to do and see. Therefore, the summer activities in Lansdale you will like are many.

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