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    Are you planning to move to Chester County but still have doubts about relocating here? Well, then you are at the right place! Philadelphia Movers know that people can have difficulties deciding which is the best place to move to. Today we will tell you all about the benefits of living in Chester County. So, by the end of this article, you will learn all there is to know about the upcoming relocation. Keep reading and see what you can expect from this place.

    One of the benefits of living in Chester County is the breathtaking beauty

    Let us begin with the most important part. And that is the beauty of leaving in Chester County. There are many rolling hills, historical centers, and greenery that you will certainly enjoy a lot. Literally, if you just drive through the county you will see many magnificent things. What you can expect is the following:

    • Breathtaking farms – Based at the bottom of a river valley, this place is very fertile for farmers. It is a very developing agricultural place where many people decide to grow crops.
    • There are many preserves – Many historical farmlands are preserved by the place. They are protected by law and it is a place where you will enjoy the beautiful scenery and green pastures.
    a person enjoying nature as one of the Benefits of living in Chester County
    The benefits of living in Chester County means enjoying a lot of greenery

    Down by the southern part, at the border of Maryland, the terrain is very diverse. You can enjoy kayaking, hiking, swimming, and many other nice outdoor activities. But, if you have a lot of items to move with yourself, but not enough room in your new home, then you could rent a storage unit. The best way you can move your equipment and place them in storage units is to locate and hire a good Chester County Moving & Storage crew. They are more than eligible to move your belongings with ease.

    West Chester County is also nice

    Did you know that West Chester County is located in New York and has a population of over 960,000 people living here? There are many bars, restaurants, and other places that you can visit to have a good time. Not to mention that there are good schools for your children to attend to. With a lot of activities aimed at families, you would be surprised why this place doesn’t have more people moving in. The majority of residents own their homes, and you will notice that young professionals tend to move here as well. They see this place as a wonderful spot to start over and find good opportunities.

    inside of a restaurant
    There are many restaurants you can enjoy

    But enjoying a place can be really difficult if you have to think about the moving preparation as well. There are some things that you can’t do on your own and by trying, you will only make moving mistakes. That can lead to losing a lot of money that you won’t be able to get back. Luckily for you, there are always good movers West Chester PA that can help you with your relocation. They are more than experienced with this sort of relocation so you won’t have to worry about anything when moving.

    Taxes are affordable

    If you compare taxes here with the taxes of other suburbs in Philadelphia, you will see that the median effective property tax rate is around 1.25%. And the yearly tax is around $4,190. Even though this is not the lowest tax rate in the country, it is still lower than the neighboring states including New Jersey and New York. There are nice neighborhoods, and they are twice as cheaper as the mentioned places. As far as it goes for tax burden, it holds the bottom third of the countries taxation list. Did you know that Chester County doesn’t impose a sales tax? That can mean a lot to anyone who decided to move here. Here are more details about it:

    • Sales and Use Tax are not collected here
    • Property Tax is collected only on land and buildings, not vehicles.
    • There is no tax on retirement income
    • The flat rate of income tax is 3.07%

    This should give you a good idea of how you can manage your finances before moving here. Now that you know what to expect from the taxes, you need to know how to properly maintain your taxes after you move. It will help you with your budget for sure.

    Education is great

    Are you planning to move here with your children? Are you wondering whether or not they will receive a good education? Well, you shouldn’t worry about it. Because the reason behind this is that schools here are top-notch. Both private and public schools have high scores on the national list and they are very proud of it. So, here is the most interesting part:

    • Malvern Preparatory School is a private Catholic school. It is for boys only and over 90% of students who graduate here will enroll in the college of their desire.
    • The network of public schools consists of Kennett Square – Chadds Ford Area. They rate very high and are #2 in the county.
    a kid enjoying studying
    Education is great

    These are some of the most important things you need to know about the school system here. It will help you when you want to choose the best place for your kid to enroll. It will also help you plan your move with your children. It is important to follow this guide to help them avoid any difficulties while moving.

    Now that you know what are the benefits of living in Chester County we hope that we cleared any doubts you might had about moving here. Furthermore, we are certain that you will find a place for yourself here with ease. And if you have any other questions you need answering, then you can read our blog. We have a lot of good guides you can follow.


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