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    You woke up one day, started with your morning routine and the first thought you had was how mundane another day at work will be?  You just can’t wait for it to be over? Then, minutes after you walked into the office, you heard your boss saying those three little words: “You got promoted”. As you rush to call your partner to tell them the exciting news, it suddenly hits you that you two are going to move long distance with children. As if the idea of moving your whole life to a faraway place isn’t stressful enough in itself. It is bound to be an adventure. Especially if you are moving out of a smaller town, you can look up some advice on East-Norriton movers. In the meantime, have a look at how you can prepare for moving with children. 

    Having a thorough conversation with your partner

    It is of utmost importance that both you and your partner agree on the move and what you want for your children. Take a look at what your children could gain from this experience and what new activities will be accessible to them in the new place. Explore all options for their new school, daycare, sports clubs, and other institution of which they would be frequent guests. Pay attention to your possible future neighborhoods, and make sure that it is family-friendly above all. If you have to move quickly, hiring some trusty residential movers Pottstown PA would be a great idea.

    Parents talking about how to move long distances with children, in a cafe
    Communication is key.

    Preparing to move long distance with children

    After you’ve talked to your spouse, it’s time to have a conversation with the kids. They need to have a good understanding of why exactly they are moving. While you are stating the news to them, you should speak in an exciting tone and try to answer as many of their questions as you can. Never let them see you nervous or frustrated about the moving process. If you can, talk to other parents who already went through the same and ask for advice. 

    Thereafter, the fun preparing activities can start. Take them on a virtual tour of the new city, let them see the nearest playgrounds, parks, fun city festivals, etc. Encourage them to make a wish list of what to bring along with them and what they want to do first when they get to their new town. Since it might be a very long list, you might want to read up on several packing tricks. They can help you close up your suitcases much easier. 

    A family watching the sunset after the move
    Having to move long distance with children can be hectic.

    Engaging your kids in travel  planning

    Traveling long distances is not easy for anyone, but you probably got used to tiring long trips over the years, meanwhile, your children might not have the real perception of time. To avoid dealing with a child with a tantrum and the eye-rolls of the other passengers during your trip, let your children pick for themselves what toy they want to bring with them on the plane or what cartoons they want to watch. You could also read them some books during the trips and have them learn something new. It could be a book about planes or trains for example and they could learn how the vehicle they are in works. Children are naturally curious and they like to know about everything that’s happening. 

    Sticking to the routine

    It won’t be easy to keep their usual sleeping and napping schedule while you are having so many obligations especially if you have managed to bring up their level of excitement. It might be best if you ask a family member for help or hire a nanny during this time. However, always be careful who you are leaving your children. Read these tips on how to pick a good nanny in order to ensure their safety. Keeping up with their routine will be very helpful when your children actually move to your long-distance destination. Children are more often than not very fearful of the unknown, but having their usual routing still intact will help them in accommodating much faster. 

    A little girl playing in a box while preparing for the move
    Your kids should be allowed to have fun while packing.

    A survival kit for parents

    Having your child cramped in a car seat for hours on end can make them quite angry. Crucial to your survival when moving long distances with children is packing a little “survival kit”. When traveling anywhere, but especially this time around you should always have one of these. Each should contain favorite toys, snacks, video games or tablets, a charger for said tablet, a clean set of clothes, and a toothbrush. And let’s not forget about the wipes…lots of wet wipes. However, if your electronic device loses power on the road, make sure that you have some traditional car games on hand. Here is a list of some of them you could use. You can also play these on the plane. 

    • Fortunately/unfortunately
    • A scavenger hunt 
    • Word association 
    • Road Sign alphabet game
    • Cows on my side

    It’s not a “Goodbye” it’s a “See you later”

    It might not happen immediately after the move, but your children will probably have questions about their old friends and when they will be able to see them again.  They must know that their friends are not gone forever. They can still talk to them and see them just not as often as they’re used to. Help them believe that they will make a lot of new friends in their new city. Things are bound to be different, their worlds might change upside down.  If they ever begin to doubt themselves, be there to reassure them that true friendships can never be broken by distance. You know how the saying goes: “Distance means so little when someone means so much”.

    Nobody is really a fan of “goodbye” parties. But if you have the time for it, hosting one “See you later” party, could mean a lot to your children, and their friends too.  It doesn’t have to be a big one, since we know that moving away is not really good news for your wallet. A small gathering in your garden will do. Remember to also take it easy on yourselves since having to move long distance with children is no small task.

    Having to move long distance with children does get overwhelming. Luckily there is always one of the moving companies Philadelphia to answer all of your questions. Now, put on a happy face and throw yourself in this new adventure.

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