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    We have talked a lot about the importance of hiring a moving company to help you relocate to a new home. They are professionals that know how to handle all the tricky situations that may occur before, during, and in the aftermath of the moving day. They are there to make your life a lot easier. By having a moving company handle the rough part of the move, you will have time to deal with the more pressing matters that require your personal attention. And it is great news that there are many quality movers in Greater Philadelphia area and choosing a good moving company should not be too problematic. However, what happens when you encounter and have to handle an unprofessional mover? These situations do happen, and they can be quite stressful and awkward. That is why you should be prepared for them while hoping they won’t come to pass. This is why we have decided to share these couple of tips with you on how to get out of a messy situation with an unprofessional moving company. 

    Establish the point of conflict 

    The first thing that anyone should do in a situation where there is a problem between two sides is to establish the point of conflict. Generally speaking, arguments usually occur when there is some sort of breakdown in communication. It can be that the moving team has gotten the wrong instructions from someone in the office. Perhaps the person that you negotiated with misunderstood something. Maybe you misheard them. Moving companies, such as long distance movers Pennsylvania offers believe in taking responsibility. So, establish where the problem is and perhaps the problem, whatever it may be, can be solved peacefully. 

    When you have to handle an unprofessional mover, stay calm
    It is important to stay calm in such stressful situations and then to establish the point of conflict

    Contact the supervisor

    Sadly, there are people out there who are not very professional, and they just want to get the job done no matter the quality of service that they will provide However, all the people out there can also have bad days. While they need to be professional even under those circumstances, sometimes the stress just gets the better of them, and they are unable to perform in an expected way. 

    If you cannot come to an understanding with the people in the field, then you need to contact their supervisor. It is extremely important to be patient throughout the whole process. What you should do is to give your very best to explain what the problem is in the most objective way possible. Position yourself with the other person instead of on the opposite side. Use the “we” point of view, instead of “I” and “you”. This is a simple and yet effective way to lower the tension and help come to the solution quickly. 

    What if all this fails? 

    If you cannot find common ground with the movers, and you indeed end up having to handle an unprofessional mover, then you need to turn to legal means. Your contract is the key to this. You need to keep all the papers that the company has given to you. Also, understanding your moving contract is key. Once you specify where the problem lies, it is time to protect yourself from the law. Filling a moving fraud complaint is the best way to go about this. 

    Personal recommendations

    Family and friends can help in many ways with your moving preparations. They can help you pack your belongings, they can take care of your kids or pets during the more complicated parts of the moving process, etc. Another great thing that they can do is to share their past moving experiences. Chances are that you have at least one person in your inner circle that has had dealings with a moving company in the past. They were perhaps really satisfied with moving services provided by moving companies West Chester PA, or they can warn you about those that you should avoid. Either way, ask around, as the first-hand experience is usually the best kind of experience.

    four people sitting at a table
    Ask your friends and family for recommendations to avoid bad movers

    Best way to handle an unprofessional mover? – Make sure you never hire them in the first place

    Hopefully, you have not yet actually hired any movers, and you do not have to actually deal with them. There are several ways to recognize an unprofessional moving company and thus preventively handle them by avoiding having to handle them. 

    Check their licenses

    One of the first steps towards making sure that you can trust a moving company is to check if they are licensed. If they are licensed, they will be upfront with that. If they are not, you should either dig deeper or just go and look for another moving company. What is important to emphasize here is that the FMCSA, a federal agency, is regulating the trucking industry throughout the country. You can check the records of any moving company registered here. If the company is offering storage services, check if they have all the necessary licenses for these facilities, as well. It is always best to be as safe as possible. 


    Going through the company’s reviews is probably the most straightforward way to weigh in on their reliability. Luckily, in the modern-day and age, you can do this with just a couple of clicks on your smartphone. However, be careful here as reviews may be unrealistic. How so? Well, Google reviews, for example, show the average star rating of all the ratings submitted. 

    person signing a document
    Before you sign any contracts, make sure you trust the company

    And that is where the catch is as the company may have gotten a lot of great reviews a few years ago, but the quality of their services may have fallen down in the last year or so, and despite the recent lower reviews, their rating may still be high. Of course, the same can be true in the opposite direction. The bottom line is that you need to be careful as you do the research.

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