Packing tricks that you do not know about 

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    Are you looking for tips and tricks on the packing process? Tackling it can be very tiresome and overwhelming, especially if you’re moving after years of living in the same place. Luckily, various moving companies Philadelphia offers can help you with your packing process, or like us, help you do it yourself! Don’t worry – being overwhelmed by the packing is normal, and there are numerous packing tricks that you don’t know about that will help you make the whole process easier and stress-free. Are you ready to find more packing tricks that you do not know about and have a seamless transition into your new home? If so, keep on reading. 

    An inventory list is a must!

    When you start your packing process, make sure that you have a computer nearby. Make an excel file or google spreadsheet, and start making your inventory list! As you pack something, note it in the list. Make the most out of the spreadsheet features by having various columns that will make it way easier to find the items. Note the items, as well as in which box you’ve put them. If you get help from moving companies king of Prussia, you won’t have to worry about this. But if you want to do it yourself, print the inventory list and tape it to each box. 

    Packing tricks that you do not know about 
    Research packing tricks that you do not know about and start implementing them as the need arises!

    Don’t skip labeling

    When you’ve finished printing the inventory list and taping it to each box, it’s time to additionally label them. Why should you do this? To many people, those “small tasks” seem unnecessary and time-consuming. While they might take a little bit more of your time in the beginning, it’s worth it. It will make your whole unpacking process way easier. You’ll be able to find the items right away when you arrive in your new home – which is something you should definitely work towards. In the end, by labeling your boxes properly, people that are carrying your boxes will know whether or not they should take extra care of them. 

    labeling the box
    To label the box, print out the list of the items it contains and tape it to the box. Moreover, use the markers to label the fragile boxes.

    Research packing tricks that you do not know about

    Another process that you should invest your time and energy into, before calling the moving company that can do all the work for you, is to research the packing tricks. Look for advice from moving companies themselves. Call your friends and family that have moved recently, and ask them about their experiences and insights. The Internet also offers numerous answers, especially forums and forum-like web pages where you can browse through authentic peoples’ experiences. 

    Packing tricks that you do not know about – do you know more than you think?

    One of the most obvious, yet most rarely used tricks is to simply ask for help. If you need help with packing, disassembling, heavy lifting – ask people around you. Chances are that your neighbor knows how to disassemble the wardrobe, and can help you with the heavy lifting. Your friends and family can help you with the small tasks that consume your time. If you need to declutter items, you’ll need help with driving items for donation or getting rid of them. As you can see, relocation is a complex process and it should be treated as such. You’re not alone – lean on people to help you have a smoother transition! 

    Are you aware of the order that you should clean your space?

    When you start packing, keep in mind several things: 

    • You should pack the items that you won’t need first. That means that you should pack the seasonal items, sports gear like skis if you’re moving in the summer, and similar items. 
    • Pack room by room, leaving the boxes in the room where you packed them. This is especially important in case you haven’t labeled them yet. Don’t risk mixing them up! 
    • After you have packed the home and labeled the boxes, place the boxes as close to the entrance as possible. Clean the home from the point furthest away from the door, in the direction towards the door. That way, when the movers come to load the truck, you will have a smaller space that needs to be cleaned. 
    • One of the packing tricks that you do not know about is that you should prepare a few days in advance – and eat outside if possible. That way, you don’t risk your refrigerator defrosting too slowly to cause a delay in your relocation. 

    Make sure that you take these seriously. If you really want to make the packing process easier, they will do you good.

    man and woman packing an item
    To protect the items from scratches, wrap the sensitive surface with the glassine!

    Packing tricks that you do not know about for sensitive items

    Many packing tricks that you do not know about are oriented on last-minute packing:

    • Have the trash bags and sellotape ready in case it rains hard. It will help you keep the items wet, and if you buy bulk, they’re easily replaceable and not expensive. 
    • Some items can get wet if you’re moving locally. Pay attention to the ones that mustn’t, like antiques or painting. 
    • If you want to pack big items, only secure the surface and corners with items that won’t cause the item to slip out of hands. This is always the risk, and it doesn’t equal the reward. 
    • Keep in mind that some items require specialized boxes! Many of those items are fragile or come from the kitchen cabinet. 
    • Glassine is the material that will keep the surfaces that are easily scratched safe. If this is your concern, invest into it! It can protect screens, glass, wood, and many different kinds of surfaces. 

    Do you need help with packing?

    In case some of those packing tricks that you do not know about weren’t enough to help you handle the whole relocation by yourself, then turn to friends and family for help. Keep in mind that, if the items are sensitive, involving professionals in the process is sometimes necessary. With us by your side, you can rest assured that your items will be transported safely and that you’ll have a stress-free relocation. Are you ready to book a move of your dreams yet? If so, give Zippy Shell Philadelphia a call and find the best moving solution for your situation. 

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