How to prep your new home for summer weather

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    Winter is long behind us and everyone is preparing for summer. If you just moved into your new home, it will probably require adaptation for the summer that is about to come. The main reason we mention winter is that there are certain things that might affect your household that occurs during the winter. Furthermore, in this article, we will help you prep your new home for summer weather and be ready to have a relaxing summer this year. This is especially important because you just moved into your new home. If you did not move yet but plan to do it in the future, consider hiring Zippy Shell Greater Philadelphia services to help you relocate with ease. However, if you are already in your new home, let us talk about how to prepare your home for summer.

    What to do to prep your new home for summer weather

    So, you are in your new home, unpacking. Because summer is around the corner, you have to think about how you want to prepare for this summer season. Now, the preparation for summer usually means doing tasks in regards to your home before the hot summer days arrive. Meaning that you should avoid working on this project during the hottest days and do them before they arrive. Here is what you should do:

    • Clean your home
    • Additional insulation
    • Work on the yard
    • Clean the outdoor furniture
    • Prepare cooling options

    Moreover, as long-distance movers Pennsylvania relocate you, you need to organize your home. This means you need to engage in a home improvement project to ensure you have a pleasant summer experience. This project will include a lot of cleaning, moving, and improving the existing things in your home. So, let us begin.

    a man fixing a window as one of the ways to prep your new home for summer weather
    From windows to patio, yard, and insulation – your house will require time and attention before summer starts

    Start by cleaning your home

    Logically, the first thing you do when you move into a new home is clean it before you settle in. However, because you are preparing for the summer, you want to do some extra things to avoid doing them during the hot days. For instance, clean all of the windows in your new whom. But, instead of doing them during the sunny days, try to do this when it is cloudy outside. This is so your solution does not dry too fast and leave stains on the windows. Next, make sure that the drains and gutters are free of leaves or other things that might clutter them. This will create issues in the future and climbing up the roof during a hot summer day is a big no. Excess water in pipelines and gutter does not leak outside and damage your house.

    Consider additional insulation

    You want to stay warm during the winter and cool during the summer. To do so, consider adding extra insulation just in case you need it. Moreover, make sure to check if the house you are moving into already has insulation. If not, deal with the issue as soon as possible. Of course, this is by no means a necessity, but will surely help you get through hot summer days easier.

    a man placing insulation into the walls of a home
    Insulation will help you keep your home cool during the summer and hot during the winter

    The insulation will help you keep the cool air inside the house and hot air out of the house. Furthermore, you should create airflow through your house from time to time to ensure fresh air enters your home. This is probably the best way to prep your new home for summer weather.

    Prep your new home for summer weather by improving your yard

    You probably have either a back or front yard. Maybe you have both. Either way, you should devote time to create a perfect little summer oasis in it. During the summer, you want to spend as much time outside as possible. To avoid constantly going to the city, use the patch of grass you have at your home. Being surrounded by concrete during the hottest season of the year can be difficult. That is why you should turn to make your home a perfect “get-away” place from heat. Place some deck chairs in the shade and create a perfect place to cool off during hot days. If you have a tree that would be the best place for it. Redecorate your new home and yard to always be able to hide from direct sunlight.

    Clean all the outdoor furniture you have

    Furniture for your patio or yard will require some cleaning before putting them to use. To do that, you will need a simple sponge, detergent, and water. However, as you clean the outdoor furniture, make sure you put it to dry as soon as possible. You do not want to have stains on it. Moreover, if you are working with wooden furniture, you can always use wax to smooth the surface. More importantly, wax helps the wood maintain its condition and prolong the longevity of said furniture.

    a patio with two chairs on it
    Your outdoor furniture needs to be clean and protected before you can start using it

    Apart from cleaning your furniture, you should also devote some time to prep and clean your patio or deck. Simply use a broom and brush the whole area to have a dust-free patio. After the furniture is dried out, you can place it on the patio and in your yard so you can enjoy some relaxing time outside.

    Prepare cooling options for hot summer days

    Finally, if you want to prep your new home for summer weather you need to have adequate cooling options. Now, when we are talking about the house itself, you should consider cleaning the AC. Moreover, you should inspect all the windows and doors to see if there are any cracks in them. The AC in your home will help you maintain a good temperature. However, as for the outside, you should install sprinklers and buy a hose. On the other hand, before you buy a house, you should see if it has good pipelines, sprinklers, and proper drainage. Sprinklers will cool off your lawn, driveway, and walkway. As concrete gets really hot during summer days, this will be a great way to combat the heat.

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