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    It is not easy to be innovative today. Some people say that it is almost impossible to be original in these modern times as almost everything has been invented already. However, that is not true. There is always another horizon to chase and there is always room for innovation in practically every field of science, industry, or art. There is always more. The moving industry is a great example of this as the big moving companies such as these Philadelphia movers have had to get creative with their services and up their game in order to maintain their competitiveness. Furthermore, one does not have to have a revolutionary idea to be successful or useful. There are countless options out there for those looking for a chance to prove their worth. That is why we have prepared a list of ideas for startups in Philadelphia (or pretty much anywhere else). 

    You can open a coworking space

    Coronavirus has changed the world. We still do not know all of the ways that it did, but that is an undisputed fact. There is no doubt about that. One of the things that it did was that it forced us to work remotely. At least when we are talking about the industries for which that makes sense, such as the IT industry. Of course, many companies, such as moving companies West Chester PA could not wait for things to start going back to normal. But, those industries that have been proved to be able to conduct work tasks from home, are now changed forever, albeit to a varying degree. Since it has been established that many jobs can be done remotely, this will lead and has, in fact, already led to people looking for more and more jobs that they can do over a longer distance.

    Opening a coworking space is one of the best ideas for startups
    Coworking spaces are practically an untapped mine of business potential

    No more are people tied to going to their company’s offices. However, that does not mean that they do not need their office space anymore. For a lot of people, going to an office is a very important part of the working day. Going there gives them a place where they can focus at work. One of the biggest problems during the quarantine was of psychological nature, where a lot of people who had to work from home had problems focusing at work. This was mostly happening because they were simply not wired to work at home. Considering all of this, in a place as large as Philadelphia, opening a coworking space could potentially be a really good idea for startups as many people are not just looking for jobs in Conshohocken and other areas, but also workspaces for their online jobs. 

    If you are a good writer, there are plenty of options for you in Philadelphia

    • Writing blogs – There are many topics you can write about. The catch is to find a niche with as much people as possible and start creating content. It needs to be engaging and creative. However, that is something that you will learn as you develop as a writer for the chosen type of content. You can earn money through donations of people reading as well as affiliate links and advertising. E-sports is a good example of a niche that has a lot of potentials.
    • Ghostwriting and researching – You can help established professionals that are too busy to write their content themselves. Of course, the downside of ghostwriting jobs is that you will not be getting any credit for this, but there is a wide market out there for those willing to make sacrifices. 
    • Social media management – If you know how to write engaging content and have experience with social platforms, you can start a firm that manages the social accounts of companies, firms or successful individuals.  

    To an average person, writing as a profession does no sound like a particularly lucrative profession. However, there are many positions out there that can be described as “a writer’. 

    person typing on laptop
    There is a lot of business opportunities for writers out there, you just need to see what wokrs best for you

    Create a store for gadgets

    Technology is all around us. Wherever you look there is a smartphone, a smartwatch, a tablet, laptop or any other of dozens of electrical devices out there. One of the potentially most lucrative ideas for startups is opening a store that works with these devices. You can sell them, sell their spare parts as well as fix them. There are always customers for these stores and your creativity is the only limit. For instance, creating your own unique add-ons can be the thing that distinguishes you front your competition. 

    various gadgets
    Opening a store with electronic gadgets has a lot of potential

    Delivery services have a lot of potential

    Another great idea for startups is starting a delivery service. During the past year, delivery services have really grown a lot as an industry. Many services have been opened, and those already existing had to up their game if they were to survive, similarly to what long distance movers Pennsylvania offers had to do. Grocery delivery service can be a great start. There are many people in all parts of Philadelphia who are still doing their best to avoid contact with people because of the virus. Many others are just too busy and do not have the time to go to the store themselves. All of these people are your potential customers. You only need a vehicle and your phone for starters. Also, check-in with local grocery stores. Some of them could be willing to partner up. These were our ideas for startups, we hope you use them. 

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