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    Organizing a move is not a simple task. There is often a time constraint involved, and it has quite a few elements to it with each of them having several sub-elements of their own. One of the most sensitive parts of a move is the packing process as your belongings need to be properly protected, otherwise there is a risk of damaging or breaking them. Then there is the whole “moving date” question where you may have to choose an exact moving date four, five, or more months in advance. One of the most crucial elements is also hiring a quality moving company such as Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia. Finding and hiring such movers requires more effort than one might expect. One of the key steps you need to make before officially choosing yourself a moving company is to learn how to recognize and choose the best moving quotes.

    What is a moving quote?

    Depending on the distance and the size of your move, you may have to pay anywhere from a couple of hundreds of dollars to several thousand. There are many factors that influence the final price such as whether you are using packing services, storage services etc. Moving quotes are estimates given to you by a moving company that tells you the approximate price of your move. If you are to choose the best moving quotes, you need to get to know them first. You can encounter three types of moving quote – the binding quote, the non-binding quote, and the binding not-to-exceed quote. Each of these has its special characteristics, so let us take a closer look.

    If you are to choose the best moving quotes, you need to be careful
    You will need to approach planning your move really seriously

    Binding quote

    A binding quote, or binding estimate as it is more widely known, is a fixed estimated cost of your move. For the most part, the moving company’s representative bases it on the approximate weight of your belongings. Once you strike a deal based on this type of quote, that is the price you will have to pay. The upside with this quote is that even if your belongings end up weighing more than what was estimated, you will still pay the same price. The downside though is the same – even if your belongings weigh less, you will still pay the agreed upon price.

    Non-binding quote

    The non-biding quote is similar to the binding one in that it is based on the approximate weight of your belongings. However, they diverge in the fact that this price is not set in stone in any way. In fact, it is quite likely to change at least a little during the move. Generally, this is not the quote you should ever consider. Moving companies that offer only this quote should probably be avoided. The main reason is that this potentially opens you up for a lot of extra costs and some companies may be counting on just that.

    person sitting in dark with crossed hands
    If you are offered a non-binding moving quote, start being suspicious

    Binding not-to-exceed quote

    Of all the three types of moving quotes, the binding not-to-exceed is probably the most popular one for people moving over a longer distance. It is basically the simplest of all three – You get a quote. If your belongings end up weighing more than the expected quote, you do not pay more than already agreed upon. The simplest and definitely the fairest type of quote for customers.

    Before you choose the best moving quotes…

    Well, if you are to choose the best moving quotes, you first need to choose a good moving company, or rather several of them so that you can choose the best quote from among all those offered to you. Finding a reliable moving company is not just about the moving quote. Moving companies are there for a really good reason, so it is very important to be aware of the fact that paying them for the move is not about saving money. First and foremost, it is about saving yourself a lot of trouble, time, and effort. Moving professionals such as movers Coatesville PA are there not just to simply load your belongings onto trucks and drive them to the designated locations.

    person signing a document
    Before you sign a document, make sure that you are negotiating with a reliable company

    Quality moving professionals also offer many other moving services such as packing your belongings or renting storage space. By enlisting such services, remember what it is that you are paying for.  It is the extra time that you will have for dealing with all the other important moving tasks. It is the free hours you will get to say a proper goodbye to whoever is staying behind. Finally, it is the sweat, stress, and effort that you won’t have to put in the actual physical part of the move, for they will do it for you. So, what we are aiming for here is that you should just have in mind what it is that you are actually paying for and how it is worth it to spend several hundred dollars for a move that is happening now, and then you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

    So, how to choose the best quote?

    Once you are done with searching for reliable movers and there are a few of them to choose from, it is time for the final step. Take into consideration the ratings of these companies and the services that they are offering to you. Consult the reviews on the Internet. Google reviews are a good example of an efficient source of firsthand impressions. Then, compare the moving quotes that each company has given to you. If all of the moving companies are offering similar rates, then go for the one with the best ratings. If there is one that stands out, while still having comparably good reviews, then that is your moving company. Now, go choose the best moving quotes and good luck.

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