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    Living as an ex-pat is never easy. Since you are not in your own country, you might experience a lot of challenges and hardships because of your current status. However, living in a foreign country has a lot of benefits. You will have an opportunity to grow as a person, try out new things, gain experience, meet many interesting people, etc. Therefore, you should not give up just yet. The best way to feel comfortable as an ex-pat would be to find a suitable city for yourself. Before you go and hire moving companies Philadelphia, you need to find a place for you and possibly your family. For this reason, here are the best places for expats in Montgomery County. 

    The first would be Penn Wynne 

    The biggest city in Pennsylvania would be Philadelphia with almost 1,7 million residents. In addition to this, it is also the sixth-most-populous city in the United States. Since it has this many residents, you can expect a pretty big community of ex-pats from all the countries. However, Philadelphia is huge, so you need to find one place or suburb where you can settle. Penn Wynne would be one of them. This suburb has a population of 5,932 which is pretty small. Still, this suburb is often listed as one of the best, if not the best, places to live in Pennsylvania. This suburb has an interesting mix of urban atmosphere with residential lifestyle. You will find many bars, parks, and coffee shops where you can meet locals and make friends. This can be a place where you can move to with moving and storage Montgomery County PA.  

    one of the nice neighborhoods for expats in Montgomery County
    A small town might be better for ex-pats

    Paoli as the next city 

    Another small city that is great for ex-pats would be Paoli. This is a census-designated place in Chester County near Philadelphia. In addition to this, you can find this place between Tredyffrin and Willistown. Similar to Penn Wynne, Paoli also has 5,575. The biggest advantage of living in Paoli would be safety. The crime rate in the city is 78% lower than the national average. Furthermore, the violent crime rate is 74% lower than the national average. This makes Paoli one of the safest places to live that is close to Philadelphia. If you decide to move here with movers Paoli PA, you should also see about living costs. Usually, ex-pats would rent an apartment for the duration of their stay. If you plan to do the same, the average price of rent is $1,820 per month. This would be the usual price around the country as well. 

    Norristown is also worth checking 

    Unlike the two previous places on the list, Norristown is a little bit bigger. It has a population of 34,324. Norristown is a municipality and the county seat of Montgomery County. It is located only 6 miles from Philadelphia, so it should not be a problem to go there every day if necessary. In addition to this, Norristown always receives a high grade for diversity. This is an important aspect when you are an ex-pat. You should feel safe and welcomed in your neighborhood. Furthermore, many families and young professionals live here so residents tend to be more liberal. Unlike Paoli, it is cheaper to rent in Norristown with the average price of rent being around $1,083. One of the most popular attractions in the area is located in Norristown. You will definitely enjoy visiting the Elmwood Park Zoo after your relocation with movers Norristown PA. 

    tall buildings
    Places for ex-pats in Montgomery County are close to Philadelphia

    Ardmore is one of the best places for expats in Montgomery County 

    Ardmore is yet another great suburb of Philadelphia with a population of 12,808. Even though it is quite small, there are many things to do and see in this place. The most popular place would be Suburban Square. This is a shopping center that features a wide range of stores. In addition to this, Ardmore is only a 25-minute drive from Philadelphia so it is quite convenient to commute if necessary. The best part about this city would be its community. Usually, the neighbors and locals are very friendly and welcoming. You can see kids playing in the parks and people chatting around. Furthermore, one of the most renowned hospitals in the entire country is located 2 minutes away from Ardmore. The median rent is around $1,415 which is the usual price for this county. Ardmore is so close to Philly but without the crime, loud music, and congestion.  

    Other cities to consider 

    There are more options to consider. All the cities mentioned below have similar characteristics. 

    • Narberth – it is a perfect location according to locals. 
    • Blue Bell – generally a pleasant town for living in. 
    • Jenkintown – it has a lot of traditional and fun events, such as the arts festival, pumpkin drop, etc. 
    • Conshohocken – an interesting city with an outdoorsy atmosphere. 
    • Collegeville – a great little town with the most delicious food. 

    When you need to choose a city, you should visit it before. This way, you will see if you can imagine yourself living here or if you find it comfortable enough. However, visiting places might not be possible if you are living abroad currently. In this case, you should check out blogs and vlogs about the city that caught your attention. You can also find ex-pats groups and see if there is anyone living there. 

    a couple on the street
    Take a look at all the other cities for ex-pats

    How to choose your new place? 

    As you can see, these would be the best places for expats in Montgomery County. You are free to choose your own criteria for the city. Some people are looking for bustling city life while others would prefer to live in peace. It would be best if you can visit the city or more to see if you can find something suitable. In addition to this, it is a huge advantage to have Philadelphia close by. It is the biggest city after all and it has a large community of ex-pats.


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