How to decide between Lansdale and Harleysville if you are planning to move this spring

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    Choosing a new location for your move is never easy. Certainly, such a huge decision should be made after some research. But, don’t worry. We at movers in Greater Philadelphia area will give you some hints. In this short guide, you’ll learn how to decide between Lansdale and Harleysville if you plan to relocate.

    Some key points to consider when you have to decide between Lansdale and Harleysville

    Naturally, there are some similarities and differences between the towns. For example, they share the same climate, similar geography, and culture, but very different economies. In this guide you will learn:

    • how their economies compare
    • what are their crime statistics
    • which schools can they offer
    • where to get more info on ways to decide between Lansdale and Harleysville
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    Pennsylvania has some beautiful nature.

    General information about Lansdale

    Lansdale is located in Montgomery County and is home to around 16,000 people. Furthermore, it’s densely populated, and the center of North Penn Valley. For any further information about Lansdale, contact movers Lansdale PA. Our team will gladly help.

    A few words about Harleysville

    Harleysville too can be found in Montgomery County and it’s a suburb of Philadelphia. Its population is ¬†9,286 as of the latest census. It was settled in the 18th century by the Dutch. If you have more questions, give movers Harleysville PA a call. We will happily give you all the answers.


    An important thing to consider when choosing between Lansdale and Harleysville is the economic difference. While both places have the same unemployment and tax statistics, Harleysville boasts a much larger average income of a resident of $40,547 a year compared to Lansdale’s $29,239 a year. Furthermore, it has a much greater median household income as well. The median household income in Lansdale is $61,182 a year and is dwarfed by Harleysville’s $89,297 a year.


    Statistics show a huge contrast when it comes to crime. Harleysville has a much better crime index of 89 compared to 44. Both violent and property crimes are much more common in Lansdale. Further, almost 4 out of 1000 residents will be a victim of a crime in Harleysville. Unfortunately, that number for Lansdale is almost 14 out of 1000 residents.

    Local schools

    Harleysville is part of the Souderton Area School District and offers some great school choices. Lansdale is a part of the North Penn School District and it has some good options as well. Additionally, you will be able to enroll your children in both Catholic and public schools.

    Hire a moving company

    A great way to make your move a hassle-free process is to hire movers. They bring many pairs of hands, have everything that’s needed to make relocation a reality, and are maybe cheaper than you expect.

    Movers are holding boxes, ready to help you decide between Lansdale and Harleysville.
    If you still can’t decide between Lansdale and Harleysville, calling movers is a great idea.

    Contact us for more information

    Hopefully, you now can easily decide between Lansdale and Harleysville. Whichever you choose, we offer our residential movers PA assistance. Our service is affordable, reliable, and tailored to your needs and expectations. Together, we will make your relocation a thrilling experience.


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