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    When the time to retire is getting closer, many people start thinking about where and how to spend their life after retirement. Some people always dreamed about moving to Florida and being busy retirees. On the other hand, if you are looking for something with a slower pace of living, then Montgomery County in Pennsylvania has many things to offer on the plate. There are many different factors that can affect your moving decision. For those who plan to retire having a great healthcare system can be crucial. In addition, costs of living play a vital role in this case as well.  Before you book movers in the Greater Philadelphia area, you need to learn all these facts about it. Before you decide on where to move you need to have all the facts. Therefore, discover in this article some great places to retire in Montgomery County.

    Montgomery County, PA

    This is one of the counties in Pennsylvania with the greatest population. Its location is northwest of Philadelphia. Its largest municipality is Lower Merion Township, which is also the most populous place in the country. This is important research as well as a business center. Many great medical types of research take place here. In addition, the place is home to one of the most popular hospitals in the world Abington Health Center – Blue Bell. Therefore, consider contacting movers Montgomery County PA to help you with moving here. In addition, Pennsylvania has one of the greatest healthcare systems in the entire US. Also, Montgomery County has a rich and stable economy and tax system. Senior citizens should not worry about the daycare facilities here. You can find plenty around Montgomery County for helping senior people in need.

    city buildings seen from the river
    There are many great places to retire in Montgomery County

    There are many reasons and places to retire in Montgomery County

    When you decide to move to a new home as a retiree, there are many facts to think about. One of the things to get to know are the weather conditions in Montgomery County. Here you will experience all four seasons. The summers can be humid and winters are cool, but not ice-cold. The average summer temperature is about 85 °F. Among the most popular places to move to is Conshohocken. This is a warm residential community in the northwest of PA. Movers Conshohocken PA can help you with your relocation here. There are varieties of places and activities that you can find in this great area. People have a tight-knit community and are very proud of living in suburbs. They like to visit Sutcliffe Park. After a nice morning in the park, you can taste some delicious food in The Stone Rose Restaurant.

    Moving to Lansdale, PA

    This is a small borough in Pennsylvania that had many new residents over the past few years. Here you can find many people who decide to retire. Although this is a growing city, it offers a safe and peaceful life.

    sunset on the field
    A low crime rate can affect your decision to move to someplace

    Many families also decide to raise their families here due to the low crime rate. Another great reason why people choose this small county is its affordability. When retiring and changing the scenery, you need to plan well your home budget. Since you will not spend much of your income here, contact movers Lansdale PA to help you with your relocation. Its residents say that this is one of the best places to retire in Montgomery County. This is both a walkable and a place with good public transport. The noise ratio is low so it is a peaceful and quiet corner to live in.

    Norristown PA – one of the best places to retire in Montgomery County

    This is a middle-class area in Montgomery County. Its residents simply call it ‘the Borough’. You can see some great architecture and houses here. And also renting a home is quite affordable. Interestingly, many notable people chose this borough to be their home. regarding costs of living, here you can find a variety of living costs, depending on the area you choose. Moving companies Norristown PA move here lots of people every month. Median home prices are about 20 percent lower than the Pennsylvanian average which is quite convenient for retirees. However, after moving to Norristown, you will be paying more for public transport as well as utilities. Renting and food prices are pretty affordable. For a gallon of milk, you will pay around $4.23.

    Living in Narberth, PA

    This is one of the most favorite suburbs of Montgomery County and for a good reason. A small, yet friendly environment. A quiet, family-friendly area, where your grandchildren can meet other kids and play with them.

    a large house in the sunset
    You will find here a tight-knit community

    The fact that it is just a few miles from Philadelphia makes it even more desirable. Whenever you feel like experiencing big city life, you can quickly grab transportation and visit the city. If you prefer a tight-knit community, let your movers Narberth PA get you here as soon as possible. This is a community of couples and children. Most homes gather around the main district. This will give you a sense of connection to others even more. Here you can experience meeting people in parks, some community birthdays and other parties. People here will invite you to their celebrations, so it is hard to feel lonely. It also provides great medical care.

    Other popular places to retire in Montgomery County

    If you heard about Joshua Evans, you heard about Paoli. This man grew this area around the inn. However, the town got its name after General Pasquale Paoli during the Battle of Paoli. Its population is 5,700. The median age of 48 years old so as a retiree you will certainly have some company here. Although movers Paoli PA do not move here somebody new every day, the place is stable and co0mfortabole for living. When it comes to costs of living, it is above the national average level, but still affordable. Transportation is cheaper than in the surrounding areas. However, food and real estate are a bit more expensive. Despite this, around 70%b of its population buys a house, apartment, or condo here. The most popular places to retire in Montgomery County, in Paoli, are Paoli Manor and Paoli Gardens.

    Living in Plymouth Meeting PA

    Plymouth Township is the owner of this beautiful area of Plymouth Meeting. It got a rank as the 25th most desirable place to live in Pennsylvania. It is not only popular among people who recently retired. Young families and people who like the slower pace of living like to live here.

    a senior couple talking about places to retire in Montgomery County
    Look for affordable housing options

    If you compare it to Paoli, it has more affordable living costs. yes, this is still above the national average. Home prices are a bit higher than the average Pennsylvanian. Yet, if you like your movers Plymouth Meeting PA to help you with relocation, you can find the cheapest housing near Norristown. If you are a rain lover, it will not bother you that Plymouth Meeting has greater rainfall throughout the year. The best time of the year to move here is between June and September. Here you can try many different cuisines from Mexican to other world ones.

    Moving to Kensington as a retiree

    Pennsylvania is the fifth populous state with so many great things to offer to its residents. Kensington got the rank as one of the top twenty places to move in Pennsylvania Also, in 2018 this was the best place to raise a family.

    a family with children in a big hug
    South Kensington is a great place for retirees and families with kids

    With a little more than 40 000 residents, this is one of the places with the best community organization. The place offers a great education and there are many new research businesses taking place here. This is one of the best places in Montgomery County and for a good reason. Its residents are not familiar with crime and this is a very safe-to-live area. Another great fact about this town is that the average home prices are lower than the national average. In addition, costs of living remained low although this is a rich area. It has a great healthcare system and several daycare centers.

    King of Prussia

    In 2017, this area got the rank of the best to live in the entire Montgomery County. Forbes also said that this is the place with the most influence in the entire US. This is a small suburban area with around 25,000 residents, yet very influential. It is popular for families with school kids since it offers one of the best education systems in America. Also, it is among the best places to raise a family. Unlike Kensington, the costs of living are around the national average. To buy a home here you will need to spend around $320,800


    a beautiful park
    ?In North Potomac you will find plenty of things to see and do

    While renting a property of the middle size is around $1,550. Its residents have great salaries and pensions, and can easily afford this kind of housing. The average commute time is around 35 minutes. Owning a car is somewhat necessary.

    Places to retire in Montgomery County-Villanova, PA

    Villanova is a posh community with around 70,000 residents. It is at the center of the Philadelphia Main Line and also ranks among the top three areas to move to for people of different ages. Forbes says that although this is a small area, it has the greatest number of people with high education. Another great reason to move here is that this is the healthiest small town. Its residents are healthy, they dedicate time to fitness and exercise. If you still ask yourself why to move to Montgomery County, you can be sure that you chose well. The people of Villanova have great income in addition to great health. That is why the prices of homes are a bit sky-high. But if you can afford to at least rent a home here, there is no need to hesitate. You will enjoy many great indoor and outdoor activities in its beautiful landscapes and festivals.

    Remarkable feet of Gettysburg

    Gettysburg is the most diverse town in Montgomery County with a population of around 65,000 people from different nations. It is also the 8th most diverse place in the entire US. In addition, according to many, this is one of the best places to retire in Montgomery County. If you like meeting and mingling with different people, this can be one of the best locations to buy a house. Probably the best thing about retiring here is its affordable costs of renting, buying, and living. The average cost of a house here is around $366,000 which is pretty lower than in the other surrounding areas. The great fact about the crime rate is that it barely exists. So you will enjoy safe residence here among other great things. The median house income is around the national average. Yet, the costs of living are lower than that.

     Willow Grove

    Another pearl of the Montgomery County, this  town is north of downtown Philadelphia.. Although the area offers a great quality of life and living conditions, it is still for those with a bigger pocket.

    a beautiful house with a yard in one of the best places to retire in Montgomery County
    You can find some luxurious homes in Willow Grove

    But if you have good savings, you will be able to afford to live in this classical American suburb. Many pet owners move to Montgomery County. Among the best places to retire in Montgomery County with a pet is Horsham Township. Both you and your pet can discover great activities, delicious food, and popular vistas. Horsham Dog Park is an off-leash park where you can let your pet freely run and meet other people’s pets. Molly’s Country Kennels is a place with great treatment, care, and hospitality for your pet.

    The number of places to retire in Montgomery County is endless. This is a small, yet very rich county in every sense. Some places are more affordable, some a bit more expensive. But in general, the entire county offers so many great opportunities for those who plan to retire in this area. The most important thing is to know yourself and what you like and it would be much easier for you to decide on which part of the county you wish to move to. You will have great retirement whichever place you choose.



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