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    This process may take a while when you are looking for a perfect place to move to with your family. Not because those places are hard to find, but simply because sometimes it is too hard to choose. Pennsylvania is full of places like this; once you pick the perfect one, you will enjoy all the wonders it offers. The first spot to focus on is Chester County. With its beautiful boroughs and places, it has been home to countless families that are proud of making this decision. Here are the best Chester County boroughs perfect for families!

    Top Chester County boroughs perfect for families

    If you wonder what makes Chester County perfect for families, there could be thousands of reasons for each one them. Mostly it is because of the lovely weather, good education system and of course safety. But other factors are making a lot of people decide that Chester County is for them. Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia and other moving companies claim that most of the people moving here lately are young people ready to start a family. This proves once again that Chester County is a dream place for everyone who is looking for their little oasis of happiness and peace.

    family sitting in one of the best Chester County boroughs perfect for families
    All Chester County boroughs perfect for families have amazing parks and hiking trails!

    Many Chester County boroughs perfect for families include things that will improve your lifestyle and provide safe childhood for your kids. When you add the affordable cost of living to that, it seems like you hit jackpot. Nevertheless, knowing more is always desirable so let’s dive into some details!

    Everything you should know about Chester County

    Located in Pennsylvania, this county stands out as one of the best places to live in this state. With its rich history, it is a reminder that quality is everlasting and can provide an amazing lifestyle to its residents. Throughout the years, it got a huge number of new residents and the population today counts 534,413. Almost every place here is under a wonderful community that is taking care of its residents while leading them into a better future. Most of the moving companies Chester County PA operate all the time, and hiring professionals for your relocation will be extremely easy.

    Speaking of professionals, although this borough is nice and peaceful, it is home to some of the most popular company headquarters in the USA. If you are worried about finding a job or starting your own business, don’t be. Chester County provides regular job vacancies for its residents no matter their age. Knowing all of this, it will be much easier for you to adjust your life to this place. Of course, when changes this big take place, you should always start getting ready for them on time. 

    West Chester

    We will start with the county seat, West Chester. Probably the most noticeable for its rich history, this borough is one of the most beautiful places in the state. Mostly known for publishing the first biography of Abraham Lincoln and providing penicillin for the entire state in World War II, West Chester is a historical treasure. It holds memories from a long time ago and is constantly reminding everyone of powerful American history. Even if you are just visiting, you will feel peace and admiration right upon arriving. No need to mention that there are many museums and cultural houses that usually provide more information and astonishing details. 

    family making breakfast in the kitchen
    West Chester is safe and your kids will have amazing childhood there!

    Moving to West Chester will give you all the peace you were looking for. Moving companies West Chester PA will carry out your relocation quickly and you will find yourself in your new neighborhood pretty soon. Upon arriving you will notice that houses are mostly made for families and usually include a front or back yard. This depends on the area of West Chester you are interested in. You can always check the real estate market if you are looking for something more specific.

    Education and living cost

    Here you can choose between public and private schools that your kids will attend. It is highly advisable that you start doing this on time, as it may take a while to make a final decision. Whatever your choice ends up to be, your kids will have a high-quality education. Knowing this, it is no wonder that the economy is stable in West Chester. It is what always places it on the list of Chester County boroughs perfect for families. You will be able to enjoy and have a nice and cozy life for as long as you want.

    With the economy, stable the cost of living is pretty balanced and affordable. Regular things you need daily are rather cheap and prices do not jump from one season to another. Other things like real estate and land are also affordable and you can get a sweet deal as long as you take enough time to look for it.


    Next on the list of Chester  County boroughs perfect for families is definitely Malvern. This beautiful little borough will make you fall in love with it even if you are just visiting. It possesses the same qualities as West Chester although it will feel a little bit more like home. Due to its size and smaller population, it is perfect for raising kids and spending time with your family. Malvern is also very rich in history and you will come across many museums and houses that seemingly stopped the time.

    How is Malvern one of the Chester County boroughs perfect for families?

    Smaller townships and boroughs are perfect for families for many reasons. The most obvious one is safety and having a nice and peaceful childhood. If you decide to move to a bigger and faster place, you can expect a certain dose of stress to arrive with it. Although it is completely normal to go through it and while many people do it, taking care of your family in a place with a slower pace is much better. As soon as you decide that this place suits you, Malvern PA movers will schedule your relocation.

    parents playing in the snow with their kid
    Luckily, Chester County has all four seasons!

    Even though you will have to prepare for this relocation, movers can take the most of the hard work for you. This will give you plenty of time to prepare for Malvern and everything that is waiting for you there. You can also contact community members and let them guide you until you fully settle in.

    Weather conditions in Malvern

    In case you are moving someplace else in Pennsylvania, don’t expect the weather to be much different in Malvern. You will still get the chance to enjoy all four seasons and the most common weather conditions. Winters are cold and snowy while during the summer, you will have long sunny days. For those who are coming from a completely different zone, you will probably need to boost up your wardrobe for a certain season. Malvern is famous for having amazing hiking trails that you can enjoy any time of the year.


    You understand by now that almost every place in the state of Pennsylvania is historically speaking, extremely important. Downingtown is not an exception as well and you will feel great after moving here. Apart from the many museums you can find here, it is home to some of the biggest companies in the state as well. So, even though this place is small and counts a population of 7,898 don’t worry about finding a job. Even if you decide to work remotely, this place is extremely alive and you and your family will never feel bored.

    The best part about this borough is the events and festivals locals have throughout the year. Once you settle in you can go fishing with your new neighbors, play chess locally and even go on annual camping. The community in Downingtown maintains a very strong bond with its members and you will enjoy it.

    Economy and education system

    If your kids are in school, you will find some good options here. There are a couple of high-quality schools that will provide an excellent education for them. Not only that, but your kids will be able to go to college anywhere they want. Because this borough is small, make sure to give them enough time to accept the change. You can visit the school before moving and let them get to know new teachers and classmates. This will make everyone feel much better and more relaxed before moving.

    mother and daughter packing
    when the time for moving comes, include as many family members as possible in that process!

    Since the economy is good and stable in the entire Chester County there is nothing to be concerned about in Downingtown. If you are looking for a job you will manage to find a decent one very fast. While movers Downingtown PA are busy with your inventory, you can browse through some opened job vacancies here.


    And finally, on the list of Chester County boroughs perfect for families is Collegeville. Famous for its beautiful architecture and great community, it has been chosen by many people as the most ideal place to move to in Pennsylvania. Upon arriving there will be warm greetings waiting for you and neighbors will most likely come by to say hello. As soon as you go through houses that are for sale, you will find a lot of beautiful ones that have perfect yards and parking spots.

    Another reason this place is on the list is the multiple attractions it has. You can go horseback riding, skydiving, and camping any time of the year. Movers Collegeville PA residents recommend, operate in the area so your relocation will be fast and safe. Collegeville is also amazing for using private vehicles. While in the bigger city you probably need to focus more on catching public transportation, here you can easily rely on your car.

    Other things to know before looking for Chester County boroughs perfect for families

    The list most definitely doesn’t end here. Since Chester County has many boroughs with beautiful townships, feel free to explore as much as you like. You will come across many amazing places that are perfect for starting a new and exciting life. When you finally find the perfect one, proceed to pick the moving services PA that are suitable for your relocation. This means you will save time and money by moving on your own and risking the safety of your family and inventory.

    two neighbors standing and talking
    Communities in Chester County always hold together, so expect to make friendships that will last forever!

    If this is your first relocation and you are not sure how to handle certain situations moving blogs can help you out. There you can find much useful information on how to deal with relocation experience and get ready in general. Moving to another place is no longer difficult and with professional help, you can be anywhere in a blink of an eye. 

    Arriving in Chester County

    Once you settle in, your new life can begin. Start with getting to know the place and exploring every corner of it. Let your kids and other family members enjoy the change as well, and don’t force anything upon them. This relocation is the start of something new and everyone should enjoy it the way they want. To make this happen, consider leaving your relocation to professionals and schedule the date on time. If you are in the area, movers Exton PA can help you transport your inventory and heavy items. With all the experience they have, ask them anything you would like to know about the entire process of moving. It is much better to know more at the very beginning. 

    country house you can find in some Chester County boroughs perfect for families
    Most of these boroughs have beautiful houses on sale that your entire family will love!

    In conclusion about Chester County boroughs perfect for families

    Now that you have a basic knowledge of Chester County, you can begin your research. Set your priorities straight and look for the place that suits you the most. Include other family members in the hunt for Chester County boroughs perfect for families and expect results very soon. When the time comes for moving, enjoy the change and everything this beautiful place has to offer.


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