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    Whether you are from Chester County or you are just passing by, there is plenty to enjoy in the area. Weekend spots in Chester County are popular among both the younger and elderly generations. Both quiet nature spots and busy urban activities are within your hand’s reach. And if you are coming to stay, movers in greater Philadelphia are there to make your move easier. And in any case, it is good to know about the Best weekend spots in Chester County. Some of them are listed here.

    Children weekend spots in Chester County

    In this family-friendly neighborhood, nearly any spot is suitable for children. Of course, some will be more exciting for your children than the rest. These are the places your children will love.

    Two Zebras in nature
    Philadelphia Zoo is one of the best weekend spots in Chester County, for kids

    Philadelphia Zoo

    Currently, Philadelphia Zoo is open three times per week- Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. But ending of March, the plan is for the zoo to work every day. Visit the oldest zoo in the United States, with the longest tradition and its almost 1300 animals. Philadelphia Zoo is proud of one of the best programs and a variety of family activities. Just next month, you can participate in the Big Time show featuring prehistoric times and life-size dinosaur figures. Visiting a zoo is one of the most memorable experiences for children and the opportunity to learn about animals.

    Stroud Preserve

    Nourish the little explorers in your kids by taking them to Stroud Preserve. Besides enjoying the fresh air, and beautiful sights, this is another opportunity for them to learn more about wildlife. Predominantly, about the flora but also some farm animals and butterfly species. In over 570 acres of combined farmlands, woodlands, and grass fields, there is plenty to see and try. This is an excellent spot to animate your youngest while packing services Pottstown PA do your unpacking.

    Indoor play centers

    Chester County has a big advantage of numerous children’s outdoor and indoor play centers. So, if your kid is more into indoor play than exploring nature, this option is available too. And for birthday parties there are always special offers included. Colorful obstacles and thematic events are what usually attract the children the most. Some of the most popular indoor play centers in Chester County are:

    • BounceU of Exton¬†
    • Fun Zone at United Sports
    • Lulu’s Casita at West Chester– parents are welcomed to stay
    • Oasis Family Fun Zone
    • 360 Kidz Fun Zone

    Weekend spots for grown-ups in Chester County

    Whether you are looking to grab a piece of rich Pennsylvania history or searching for more contemporary fun, Chester County has it all. People from all over the US come to relax and unwind in these safe and peaceful spots. Some are even attracted to relocate here because of the rich content. Chester county moving and storage are among your bests relocation options if this is your case.

    Kelly Drive and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive Loop

    If physical activity is a synonym for a weekend in your dictionary, Kelly Drive and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive Loop is a perfect spot for you. One of the most popular walking, running, and biking routes will be ideal for your body exercise and your eyes rest. On top of that beautiful Schuylkill River will make this tour truly unique for you.

    Hedgerow Theatre

    If you are more into the cultural scene of Chester County, you can visit one of many theatres. Hedgerow Theatre is among the better choices. Beautiful old architecture with a long tradition of popular plays and renowned actors won’t disappoint you. And for the more passionate among us, this theatre even offers an opportunity for acting lessons and workshops. So, maybe it is time to take that old costume from residential storage containers and embark on a new journey.

    A ballet in Hedgerow Theater as one of best weekend spots in Chester County
    Use weekends to do something different, like going to the theater

    Cedarvale Winery- a popular weekend spots in Chester County

    Maybe you want to wait for the end of the week in perfect serenity, with a glass of wine in your hand. The unique atmosphere and authentic home-grown grapes will make your wine tasting session unforgettable. But this is not all, wine tasting paired with chocolate is the house signature. In the end, you will even get a glass souvenir.

    The weekend spots in Chester County for seniors

    Senior movers Pottstown PA often work in this very popular senior retirement paradise. Chester County attracts elderly people with its pure nature and resting spots. For those eager to enjoy some more active happenings, this is very easy here to find too.

    White Clay Creek State Park

    Positioned north of Newark, Delaware this huge state park has a lot to offer. Are you just searching for a simple resting retreat with great lines of trees? Or similarly, for a perfect hiking spot? Or somewhat more exciting, a center of various outdoor hobbies? You should know that this state park includes all from the list. Especially suitable for those missing fishing and hunting from their old days. Additionally, people willing to learn a new skill like skiing or horse riding can do it in White Clay Creek State Park.

    State park with a lake
    Enjoy Chester County’s numerous state parks and impressive nature.

    Pete’s Produce Farm at Westtown Schoo

    Finally, Pete’s Produce Farm at Westtown School offers a somewhat different experience. People from the tri-state area come to buy farm-grown food for their homes and restaurants. If you are interested to see the process of food-producing, go to Pete’s. Along your tour, you’ll be able to try fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables and to buy some baked and jarred products. In the end, you can apply some of the things you have learned in your own garden.

    Despite such a high number of weekend spots in Chester County, you should plan your weekend activities timely. Furthermore, try to plan your fun weekend a few weeks ahead. Especially with the ongoing COVID-19 situation, sometimes it is hard to have your plans going smoothly. So, get all the necessary information, take the precautionary steps, and only then choose your favorite spot. This can help you a lot to avoid disappointments.

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