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    Moving is a stressful and complicated task. Relocating your whole life and home can be time-consuming, and the best thing you can do is to find and hire reliable Philadelphia movers. They can help you with packing, loading, unpacking, finding storage – whatever you might need. But, people are often worried did they made the right choice, did they hire reliable movers. If you want to be sure, there are essential questions you should ask your movers. When you hear their answers, you will be able to decide are they the best choice, or should you keep looking.

    Write down all the essential questions you should ask your movers

    One of the best things that you could do is to write down every single question you want to ask your movers. That way, there is no fear that you will forget something or that you will skip an important question. Often when we fell under pressure or we want to get everything done at once – we skip and forget things. And if you found reliable movers Harleysville PA that you want to hire – you want to make sure to ask them everything! And by following your list of questions for them – it will be easy!

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    Write down all the questions

    The first question is: Are you licensed and how long have you been in the moving business?

    The first and the most important question is about their license. By asking this question, you are avoiding all possible scams and frauds. You can also ask them about their registration code. This code is called the US DOT number, and every moving company should have it. In case they only do local moves, you should check them with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Although this step might seem unneeded, you should do it, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

    And when it comes to the question of how long they are in business – it is important to know their history. That way, you will know who you are hiring and what you can expect. If you see that the moving company is avoiding answering these questions, that is usually a sign that they are hiding something. Ask more questions, even if they are not important. It will give you more information about them.

    The second question should be about their moving services

    One of the important questions you should ask your movers is about the moving services they provide. You should ask them do they have experience with your type of relocation, and what additional services you might need. Ask them do they often move people long-distance or can they provide you with a storage unit.

    person packing their belongings
    Ask your movers about additional services like packing

    But, this question is especially important to ask your movers if you have some specialty items like pianos, antique furniture, or pool tables. These items require a special skill set and tools. Although almost anyone can load and unload boxes, that is not the case with for example piano. For this type of relocation, you can only hire professionals that know how to handle everything.

    The third essential questions you should ask your movers is about moving quotes

    You found your ideal moving company, and now it comes time for the moving quote. And this is an important question, so you need to know that there is a binding and non-binding moving estimate. First of all, you need to know this, so you can create your moving budget. If you are not sure what are the differences, you should know:

    • A binding moving estimate is a written estimate that ensures how much you will pay in the end. The price that you got originally, and signed a contract, you will be paying in the end. This way you will avoid additional charges along the way. And if you got the binding quote, make sure that everything is included. Starting with basic service, every additional service you require, stairs, travel time, and if there is packing/unpacking.
    • A non-binding moving estimate is the most common type of moving quote. It basically means that your estimated price can change depending on all the factors included in your relocation. This can be a very good or a very bad thing. For example, you might end up needing fewer hours for the relocation – and you will pay less. But on the other hand, if your movers need more time to relocate you – you will pay more than in your original moving quote.

    What are their references should be your next question

    The next question after you got the moving estimate is to ask them about their references. Of course, you should do your online research about them. You should check their online reviews, and see if they are true or false. But of course, if they can provide you with references – that should be a big plus.

    person looking at pc
    Check their online reviews if they are fake

    Last question of 5 essential questions you should ask your movers

    So, the last question should be direct – how much will you pay for your relocation? If you got the answer to all of your previous questions, this one should be your last one. Ask your movers and tell them that you expect a straightforward answer. Once they give you a final number ask them all the additional questions. What are the possible additional costs? What is included in this price? And what type of insurance they can provide you with? Those are also important questions to ask your movers so make sure to write them down.

    You are ready to move!

    Although it might seem like a long process, all of these essential questions you should ask your movers are not as time-consuming as you may think. Sometimes even when it looks like the relocation will be small, it might be much wiser to hire professionals. If they are able to answer all of your questions, they are the right fit.

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