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    Having home storage or renting a storage unit is a great way of putting items aside you currently are not using. However, not paying attention to cleaning the storage might lead to clutter. Clutter is usually the number one stress inducer, regardless of if you are relocating or just cleaning your home. In this article, we discuss how to avoid cluttering your storage with proper organization and devotion. If you are moving and want to do everything the right way, you can ask for help from Philadelphia movers. None-the-less, devoting time to cleaning your storage, whether at home or in a distant location, is always advisable. That way, you can prevent potential clutter and make the storage easily accessible and transparent.

    Ways to avoid cluttering your storage

    As we said above, having storage is a great way to put aside items you do not use at the moment. Moreover, it can help you preserve the condition of many different items you have inside. However, not paying attention to how you utilize the space inside the storage might lead to clutter and a mess. In that scenario, you will probably be pretty stressed out as you will not be able to even come near the items you want. If you are redecorating your home and need storage for your items, opt for temporary onsite storage containers. For that reason, we want to help you maintain the neatness of your storage and avoid it being overfilled.

    a stack of cardboard boxes inside a living room as a way to avoid cluttering your storage
    Use containers such as cardboard boxes, plastic bins, or wooden crates to utilize the space you have inside the storage

    Start and go by this list:

    1. De-clutter the storage as often as you can
    2. Organize as much as you can
    3. Instead of placing items inside storage see if you can find a purpose for it
    4. Organize frequent garage/yard sales

    De-clutter the storage as often as you can

    The first step to utilizing the space in your closet is de-cluttering it. More importantly, this is a process you should be doing on a regular basis, regardless of the state of your storage. Namely, getting rid of items you have not used in a long time is the best way to start. As you probably just keep adding items inside the storage you should also devote time to cleaning it. In many instances, people usually have a lot more items than they actually use. By regularly checking up on your storage you will avoid it being full and inaccessible. So, devote some time every couple of months to cleaning up the unit. You might find a use to some items, you might sell others or simply get rid of them. You can even donate items you no longer use but can be quite useful to someone else.

    Organize as much as you can

    Now, we understand that clutter usually happens due to a lack of organization. If that is the case, this is the perfect time to change that habit. Especially if you are moving or redecorating and want to clear up space. In that case, use the initial de-cluttering process to continue with the proper organization of your unit. Most of the time people lose track of what they have inside their storage. This often leads to finding lost, or long-forgotten items.

    a couple preparing cardboard boxes for usage on the floor
    After you empty your storage, find a way to keep items you want to keep inside organized at all times

    Empty everything from the storage. After you separate items you might need or want to sell or donate, organize the storage so everything is visible as you enter it. After that, make sure to keep the pattern of organizing everything as you add it.

    Avoid cluttering your storage by finding a new purpose for an item

    We often place items inside storage that we do not plan on using. Well, at least for some time. However, this is exactly what creates clutter in most cases. Because we no longer have a purpose for some item, we decide to store it away. Often enough, these items can have a different purpose, in a different way. This is especially important when you are redecorating. As a measure of precaution, instead of storing the item in storage, either discard it, sell it, or find a new purpose for it. Regardless, the item you are about to store away will still serve no purpose. It will only take more space in the unit. Instead, try and innovate as much as you can. After all, it is better to use an item, than to have it collect dust in storage.

    Organize frequent garage/yard sales

    Luckily, there are ways in which you can make a profit out of the clutter you have in your home or in a storage unit. Namely, to avoid cluttering your storage we advise organizing garage or yard sales as soon as you feel like your storage is getting full. By organizing a sale, you will not only get rid of items you are not using, but you will turn them into a profit. If you are moving, this money will come perfectly for your moving budget. This step is a good way to both create more space in storage and make money.

    a girl hanging a picture atop of her stand where she sells various items
    By constantly selling items you no longer use, you directly impact the free space you have in your storage and make money along the way

    Sometimes, having little room for items inside storage will require you to let go of the sentimental value of some items. If you are low on room inside the storage, consider selling items that you did not use for a long time, but still have a sentimental value.

    After you finish organizing your storage, pay attention to what you put inside

    The best cure for clutter is to pay attention to what you store inside the storage. Therefore, to avoid cluttering your storage – do not store items without thinking it through. If you have some items in your home you no longer want to use, think about their purpose in the future. If you are not sure if you are going to need certain items, store them for a short period of time. Give yourself time to see if you are going to need them. If you do not need them after a couple of weeks, consider selling them or donating them.

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