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    One of the major “dangers” of moving is that you might damage the walls of your new home while shuffling all your belongings around. Luckily, this is entirely avoidable if you take the right precautions. The best way to avoid damaging walls when moving in is to hire competent Philadelphia movers and add in a few additional safety measures. It all depends on who will be doing the unpacking and lugging the heavy items around. If your movers are doing it, they might have most of these precautions in place already. But if you are doing it on your own, read this article to the end and you will have no trouble.

    How to avoid damaging walls when moving in? Useful tips!

    Here are some tips that will come really useful when you are moving large items around:

    • Cover walls with blankets and clothes
    • Use wall corner guards to avoid damaging walls when moving in
    • Get moving dolly to move bulky items
    • Wrap furniture pieces with bubble wrap or moving blankets if you want to avoid damaging walls when moving in
    • Have enough help – friends, and family
    • Clear all the paths
    • Hire professional moving assistance

    If you incorporate all of these into your relocation, you will have no trouble whatsoever. That being said, even utilizing a few of them will make a huge difference. And, of course, if you hire movers in Delaware Country PA that have a good track record of excellence, that will be the end of your worries. But let’s start with the basics, as most of these suggestions you can employ on your own.

    gray blanket and a book on the sofa
    Moving blankets are highly versatile, and can protect your walls to great effect.

    Cover walls with blankets and clothes

    While covering the walls might be the furthest thing that comes to mind, it is an extremely effective solution. If you utilize heavy blankets to cover the walls that are in the most danger, you will all but eliminate any damage to them. The blankets will provide sufficient cushioning for all but the heaviest of impacts. They are a great way to ensure that even if your labor only services make a misstep, there will be no damage to the walls themselves. But the safety measures only start there, there is a lot more than you can do to make the process even safer.

    Use wall corner guards to avoid damaging walls when moving in

    Another thing that you can do is to use “wall corner guards”. These attach to the wall corners, making them less likely to be damaged. Even if you accidentally bump a heavy item into them, they should prevent most, if not all, damage to the wall. As corners can be really sensitive to an impact, purchasing these guards is something that you need to consider. Many residential storage units utilize them for their walls, due to how effective they are. Follow their lead, acquire a few of the guards and you will have a safer relocation experience.

    Get a moving dolly to move bulky items

    Most damages occur when whoever is carrying a large, heavy, piece of furniture loses their grip or needs to readjust mid-move. In order to combat this, you might want to consider using a moving dolly for these items. It will come in handy for numerous appliances, as well. In fact, having a dolly handy will reduce the overall energy required to move things around. It is an item that you should definitely consider purchasing. You will get a lot of use from it over the years, too.

    Wrap furniture pieces with bubble wrap or moving blankets if you want to avoid damaging walls when moving in

    You can never be too safe. Therefore, apply a liberal amount of bubble wrapping, or cover your belongings in moving blankets, before you introduce them to your home. This creates an additional layer of protection and can save your walls from suffering any amount of damage. These supplies are really cheap, as well. You can get them at most stores, at a low price. Considering how much protection they bring, they are a real bargain!

    two people packing, preparing for the relocation
    Bubble wrapping is just about the best thing ever invented.

    Have enough help – friends, and family

    You also need to make sure that you have enough manpower and womanpower for your relocation. Therefore, ask some of your family members and your friends to lend a helping hand. In fact, some items are virtually impossible to relocate without several people handling them. If you have many such pieces, you will need someone to help you handle them, after all. Additionally, having people you like hanging out with around will make the entire moving atmosphere even better. You will be able to crack jokes and enjoy the relocation experience.

    Clear all the paths

    We can’t stress this enough. Clear all the paths between the initial and final destination. Not doing so is, probably, the #1 cause of moving accidents. When you are hauling heavy items, you seldom have the opportunity to look at your feet, after all. Even a small pebble creates a huge hurdle and potential hazard. Therefore, always take your time ensuring that all the paths are as clear as possible, identifying the potential threats. As soon as you see something that might endanger your items (or walls), let everyone know about it. That way, you have greater chances of at least someone remembering about it until it is too late.

    hallways in the apartment, pictures on the walls around
    In a place with many hallways, every small thing can be a potential hazard.

    Hire professional moving assistance

    Lastly, you can decide not to worry about these issues and hire professionals to do your lifting for you. Even if they make a mistake, and damage the wall, they will be required to pay for the repairs. You will be covered 100% if you allow them to do the work instead of you. But, for the most part, you can expect no damage to occur if you hire professional moving assistance. They will avoid damaging walls when moving in without a problem, in most cases.

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