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    Decluttering is a process most people do when they are either moving or purging their homes. None-the-less, you should always know what items you want to keep and what items should be thrown away. As you are going through your items, you will see that you will not know what to do with certain ones. For example, an old tape recorder, should you store it or throw it away? There are many advantages to both sides and that is what we will talk about. Moreover, if you hire moving companies Philadelphia you should be ready for when they arrive. Having too many items to move will result in bigger moving expenses. This process will be of great help to your budget, your moving experience, and your own mental health throughout.

    Why is it important that you decide if you want to store it or throw it away?

    Well, depending on the situation you are in these two options can help you in many ways. Whether you are moving or simply purging, separating items you want to move to the unit or throw away will help you lower your costs. On top of that, if you move items to storage, there are several rules you have to know. These rules forbid certain items from being inside the storage and therefore should be discarded in most cases.

    an old radio on top of an item inside a unit after the owner considered whether to store it or throw it away
    Holding onto old items that serve no purpose or have no monetary value can take up space and impose expenses in the future.

    This solely depends on the company you chose to rent a unit from. Because of these rules and the purpose of reducing the amount of work or costs you should devote some time to de-clutter your home. Before you decide to store these items, do the research and see what you can or cannot place inside a unit.

    Do the research about what you can or cannot place inside a storage unit

    Depending on the company rules you will be able or not able to place certain items inside a unit. Your best option is to contact the company you rent the unit from and do an inquiry. This also applies if you opt for portable storage units to help you de-clutter your home easier. For instance, many companies will not ban simple or everyday items from being in a unit. The items that they do not allow can usually pose a threat to the world and the environment around them. So, before you pack and move make sure you can store them there. Some items you cannot store in a unit are:

    • Chemicals and hazardous materials
    • Plants and animals
    • Perishable foods or products
    • Weapons or explosives

    Always opt for storing large and bulky items you no longer use or need

    Storing items that are usually big and bulky is one of the best solutions. If you are moving this will free up space in the moving truck for other items. By doing so, you will not only have extra space but you will also lower the expenses of the move. However, if you are planning on simply purging your home from items you no longer use this will be a perfect temporary solution for you. You can simply store those items away until you figure out what to do with them. If the item is in bad shape you should probably throw it away instead of paying for it to have no purpose in the future. However, if the items are in a good condition and you still do not want them, store them in a unit and sell them.

    Antiquities – Store it or throw it away?

    Antiquities are very valuable and often old items that should be kept in mint condition as much as possible. To make sure that happens, we advise storing them in a unit. Especially if you are looking to create more space in your home.  The reason why you want them in a unit is that you can always dictate what type of conditions you want for your items. Moreover, you can create a safe storage space for these items and ensure their longevity.

    a sand clock on a shelf with other antique clocks
    Antique items will always have value to them, therefore should not be thrown away.

    Depending on what type of items you move you can opt for a temperature-control option and adapt the room to the items. More importantly, putting old and valuable items inside a unit with security and protection will ensure they are safe and away from harm.

    Throw away items that are in overall bad condition

    Items that are in bad condition and beyond repair have no purpose inside a storage unit nor in your home. Because of that, we advise for throwing them away. These items do not only take up space in your home, they can also impose expenses in the future. Restoring them or fixing them might cost more than it should. Therefore, if they do not have a sentimental value to you and you are wondering whether to store it or throw it away- throw them away. If you are purging your home you want to open up space and make sure you get rid of excess items. Items that are in bad shape can be a real headache to restore.

    If you are not certain about what to do with an item – store it for now

    If you have a lot of items and do not know what to do with them you can store them for a while. This way you can open up space in your home without losing anything. However, it is important to know when you do not need storage anymore. Namely, there is no reason for you to keep items in storage for a long period of time. Especially if you do not use any of those items.

    old, worn out books next to eachother on a shelf
    Store items you are not sure about what to do with.

    So, until you decide whether you want to store it or throw it away, you can keep them in a unit. The biggest reason why you should not keep them for a longer period of time is that they will be an expense without any reason.

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