Chester vs. Delaware County – where to move this spring?

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    As the spring moves closer, crucial life decisions come across as well. We know that the spring cleaning season is not your favorite. It mostly takes days and nights until you can finally get some rest in the backyard with a cup of coffee watching new flowers blooming. However, seeing nature transform might encourage you to do the same. Now, it’s time for a change. If you were looking for a new house for a while, but you’re still hesitating which one is “the one,” we can help you. Chester vs Delaware County, the question is now? Moving to Pennsylvania is a significant decision, but with a great team of professionals, it’ll go slightly. Moving companies King of Prussia will surely help you with the moving process, but first, let’s decide which county works best for you.

    Chester vs Delaware County

    We are sure that every county has its advantages and disadvantages, but the final decision is always on you. It depends on what you truly need and what kind of life you want to live there. Besides numerous questions constantly coming to your mind, you have to look at the big picture and think objectively. Chester vs Delaware County – the choice is hard. But here are some advantages of moving to Chester.

    family preparing for the move and thinking of Chester vs Delaware County, where to move?
    Chester vs Delaware County – packing for a long distance trip.

    Moving to Chester County

    Speaking about the location, Chester County lies at the ancient river valley. It definitely affected rich, fertile soil and numerous farmlands you can see at every step. This makes it a perfect place for living if you are a fan of grasslands and rural areas. Still, having a spacious property doesn’t mean you’ll be cut off the civilization. It’s quite opposite because moving to Chester brings a suburban feel, and it’s suitable for those who still want to work in bigger cities. Chester County is only 20 miles from downtown Philadelphia, and it also has many cafes and restaurants for those who still want a quiet life on the edge of the urban part of the county.

    One of the best things is that compared to other countries, taxes are pretty low. If you have children or want to start a family soon, looking for a great school is one of the main criteria on the list. Many people say that Chester County has the best schools in the region. There are both public and privately-run schools. Every year is full of cultural events like Kennett Square Mushroom Festival or Wes Chester Film Festival, and there is always something to see. In this county lives history, and don’t miss a chance to explore Chester.

    If Chester County is your final choice, you can always contact moving companies Chester County PA for a quick and easy moving process.

    a nice neighborhood
    Chester County has lovely neighborhoods.

    Moving to Delaware County

    Something that definitely connects Chester and Delaware County is the fact that they have beautiful nature. When talking about living in Delaware, there are many parks you can use for walking and training. One of the best things is that you’ll be close to the ocean and beautiful beaches along the coast. Because of the small towns, you can see friendly faces of locals, always ready to help. This is heaven if you love the small-town vibes. Other than that, Delaware County has awesome tax benefits. You can forget about personal property and sale taxes. Attracted by lower taxes, people usually see Delaware as the best retirement place, which is the reason why almost 20% of the population is age 65 or older.

    We know that health insurance can be expensive, but in this county, you and your family can have quality healthcare in the best facilities. For those worried about education, there are numerous private and public schools. Diverse educational opportunities are indeed pros of living in Delaware. You don’t have to worry if your child will have quality learning institutions.┬áHaving all these facts in mind, this can be an excellent place for living. If you need a hand with packing and moving to your new home, movers in Delaware County PA are here for you.

    Pros and cons

    If you are still thinking- Chester vs Delaware County, here is the list of all pros and cons to help you make a final decision:

    Pros of Chester County:

    • Breathtaking nature is one of the best things you can see in Chester. If your dream job is to run away from big cities and live a happy life on the farm, this is a dream come true.
    • Great educational opportunities and numerous private and public schools are always a plus.
    • Exploring history on every step you take in this area is the best experience you can afford for yourself.
    • Low taxes are really helpful at the end of the month, right? Living in Chester is drastically cheaper than living in bigger cities.
    • Numerous cafes and restaurants are the best way to get some fun and sometimes hang out with friends and neighbors.

    Cons of Chester County:

    • The number of people in this area is still decreasing. The main reason is that much younger part of the citizens decides to live in bigger cities and work far away from home. Rural areas are getting less popular year by year.

    Pros of Delaware County:

    • No taxes means saving more money monthly. You can forget about any private property taxes, and while shopping, you only need to pay the price written on the price tag. Isn’t that great?
    • Friendly locals are not that rare in small cities. They are ready to help and talk anytime. This makes Delaware the perfect place for families.
    • Numerous career opportunities and really great retirement places.
    • Access to the ocean and beaches with many clubs makes Delaware great for younger people who love active nightlife.

    Cons of Delaware County:

    • Private schools are extremely expensive.
    • Increased number of older citizens. Almost 20% of people is 65 or older.
    a bridge, PA
    Read about both cities before you make the decision.


    Chester vs Delaware County – what to choose?

    So, Chester vs Delaware County? Whatever you choose, it can’t be wrong. Make priorities and consider the pros and cons of both places. It’s always good to ask someone with experience, and when you decide, pack your boxes and start a new adventure. If you need some help with organizing the whole moving process, you can always contact Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia.



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