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    The relocation process requires a lot of commitment. Besides, the thought of ​​starting from the beginning somewhere far from home can be enough to distract you from the idea of moving. But if you are brave enough to give it a try, moving to West Chester in 2022 is worth it. And if you hire moving professionals from Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia, you will have nothing to worry about. What is most important when planning a move to West Chester? First of all, you need to know what documents are necessary and where the city is located. It is good to know the life habits of the local population. In addition to the above, you also need to find an apartment in West Chester.

    How can you move to West Chester in 2022?

    West Chester is a township located in the state of Pennsylvania. It belongs to Chester County and represents the county seat. West Chester is located about 30 miles west of Philadelphia and 20 miles north of Wilmington. Other cities that surround it are West Goshen, East Bradford, Windon, and Caswallen. With a population of about 19,500 people, it is the tenth-largest city in the state of Pennsylvania. It is not surprising that West Chester is called a college town, given that about 17,000 people study at the local university. That is also the reason why the average age of people in this area is 23 years old. West Chester is easy to reach from any direction. However, if you have a hard time finding a specific location in new surroundings, rely on moving companies West Chester PA. Their transportation services will help you move into your new home quickly.

    White car on road heading to West Chester
    Even though you have hired a moving company, you have to plan your own trip to West Chester. Provide everything you will need in the vehicle you are traveling in.

    The routes you might need when relocating to West Chester

    The road named West Chester Pike represents the main road to West Chester from east to west. It is a part of Pennsylvania Route 3 (PA 3). When it comes to the north-south direction, the main road that passes through West Chester is High Street. If you want to get to Wellington, you need to follow the road US 202 south, while US 322 is heading northwest to Downingtown and southeast to Chester. Both US 202 and US 322 bypass the center of West Chester. Route PA 100 heads north to Pottstown, where residential storage containers PA are located. It is good to know that Zippy Shell Greater Philadelphia has the solution if you need storage after moving to West Chester in 2022. Some other state routes are PA 162 and PA 842, which head west towards Unionville.

    Transportation in West Chester in 2022

    If you usually drive a car, you should know that West Chester Transportation Center serves as a parking garage for the Chester County Justice Center. Also, on the lower level of the facility, there is a bus terminal. SEPTA’s Suburban Division bus routes give West Chester great connections. Therefore, taking a bus is a great way to get to your desired destination. Using the Route 92 bus and the Route 104 bus, the King of Prussia Transit Center and West Chester University can be reached quickly. Getting to Coatesville or Downingtown is easier than ever with the Route 135 bus. Between 1898 and the 1950s a trolley connected West Chester to Philadelphia. It is now replaced by the Route 104 bus. The Transportation Management Association of Chester County’s SCCOOT provides transport to Kennett Square and Oxford. There is also a cab company Rainbow Cab.

    If you are moving to West Chester in 2022 prepare for cold winter

    There are big changes in the weather during the year in West Chester. The reason behind these changes is that West Chester lies in the transition zone between the humid continental and humid subtropical climate zones. But with generally more features of the former than the latter, just like much of eastern Pennsylvania. If you like hot and humid, but comfortable summers, moving to West Chester is a great decision. Annual high temperatures are averaging between 39.0°F (3,9°C) and 85,4°F (29,7°C). And with only occasional showers, residents of this small city can enjoy a mild summertime. On the other hand, winters can be very cold. Although the annual average temperature is between 22.2°F (-5,4°C) and 64,4°F (18,0°C), a minimum temperature of -16°F (-27°C) has been recorded. In conclusion, prepare for both warm and freezing weather before you start your relocation to West Chester in 2022.

    In situations where I know about troublesome weather, I always look for climate controlled storage near me. If you need to store some items long-term, you are lucky that Zippy Shell Greater Philadelphia offers climate-controlled storage facilities.

    Small neighborhood with large houses
    People who are socially active are happier. Your new friends, or relatives of your old friends, can be great tour guides and give you sincere recommendations about West Chester and its culture.

    Move to the safest neighborhood in West Chester

    Communities in West Chester are known to be one of the safest in Pennsylvania. If you are a young parent with little kids, it is important for you that your children grow up in a safe and stimulating environment. That can determine your relocation in 2022. In West Chester, you can always find various activities for children and they will easily make new friends. Greystone, Darlington Ridge, and The Reserve at Glen Loch are the most popular neighborhoods in West Chester. As it covers less than two square miles, residents can very easily access all the facilities offered by this area. Some of the locations that people from West Chester have access to are Rite Aid, Carlino’s Specialty Foods, Walgreens, Ace Hardware, as well as the Bradford Plaza Mall.

    Teacher talking to the class
    The school is the best place to meet a lot of new different people and to expand your horizons.

    Learning opportunities for youngsters after they move to West Chester in 2022

    The West Chester University of Pennsylvania is the largest school in West Chester, with more than 17,000 students. As for the younger generations, West Chester is home to 1,100 students between the ages of 5 and 17 years old. Some schools have education programs ranked among the top in the state of Pennsylvania. The most trusted schools located within the West Chester Area School District:

    • Westtown-Thornbury Elementary School stands out because of the Safe Arrival program which ensures that all children arrive at school safely.
    • Penn Wood Elementary School is a highly rated, public school worth moving to West Chester in 2022. According to state test scores, 72% of students are proficient in math and 81% in reading.
    • Stetson Middle School has students that are mostly performing at or above grade level. Because test scores at this school are far above the state average.
    • West Chester Henderson High School has students with strong academic skills that are learning at the same rate as similar students in other schools.
    • West Chester East High School allows students to take Advanced Placement coursework.



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