Choosing items for storage; what goes and what stays?

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    Using a storage unit when relocating is a great advantage for those with a lot of items in their possession. Moreover, this is a great option for those who have items that are fragile or require special conditions. When choosing items for storage you have to take into account many different factors that might affect their condition. Because of that, we will discuss how to know which items to put in storage and which not to. You can opt for a storage unit on your own, or when you, for instance, hire moving companies Philadelphia and decide on a storage service from them. Regardless, you should know what conditions your items require before placing them inside a unit.

    What to take into consideration when choosing items for storage

    A storage unit helps you preserve the condition of your items when moving or simply when wanting to put those items in a safer place. Now, depending on what items you want to move, you might require special storage conditions to accommodate them properly. On the other hand, you will move those items in a unit so you can avoid damaging them in the future.

    a couple disassembling a coffee table after choosing items for storage
    Some items will require you to disassemble them before you move them into a storage unit

    Because of that, you need to pay close attention to how you pack them and where you store them. For instance:

    • Certain items might require protection from water and moisture
    • You can move some items only in a temperature-controlled unit
    • A storage unit is not a place for beat down or worn out items
    • Consider the usage of the item before you place them inside the unit

    What goes inside a storage unit?

    Moving items inside a storage unit is not as simple as just storing them inside. Many items will require special conditions or protection and some items do not belong there. So, make sure you move items according to their needs or purpose. For instance, just because you no longer need some item does not mean you should automatically place it in a storage unit. Moving these items in storage means you will use them in the future or you want to preserve their natural condition.


    Antiquities often have a lot of value and are often quite fragile you should move them to a storage unit when moving. Namely, you should not risk moving them with other household items as they might damage your antiques. Instead, opt for transporting all of the antique items in a storage unit that will help them preserve their natural state. This way you will ensure their longevity and have an easier time packing other items in a unit.

    five antique paintings on the wall
    Antique items are usually very old and sensitive, therefore should be protected in a unit during relocation

    When you opt for, for instance, moving and storage Montgomery County, PA, you can choose to rent a storage unit only for specific items. This is the best way to prolong their mint condition and avoid them suffering damage during transport.

    Choosing items for storage: Big and bulky items

    Big and bulky items like furniture or big appliances will most of the time get in your way when preparing for relocation. That is why you can choose to transport them into a storage unit beforehand. This step will allow you to create more room for other, smaller items inside the moving truck. Moreover, it will ensure that you have enough room and space to work in your old home. The biggest issue when moving these items is that you usually have to disassemble them before you move them. That can take a while and might induce stress when packing for the move. As the relocation process continues you want to first get rid of items that are harder to handle.

    Items that are in your way during the relocation

    Like the items we mentioned above, you should store away all the items you want to use but are in your way when packing. However, unlike big and bulky items these items can be of smaller size but often slow you down. For instance, items like statues, artwork and other fragile items are often a stress inducer when moving. To avoid this, move them all to a storage unit so you can have an easier time getting around the house. Breaking items when moving is the number one stress inducer during relocation. When you choose to move those items inside a storage unit you are not only creating more space to get around faster but also saving money from potential damage repairs.

    Choosing items for storage: What does not go into storage?

    Items that you do not want inside your storage unit are items that have a big sentimental value to them. Moreover, you want to avoid placing smaller items that might get lost during transport or inside a unit. On the other hand, there are items many companies forbid inside their unit.

    Perishable food and items

    Many companies will not allow you to move food or other perishable items inside a storage unit. Firstly, they might leak or mold and damage other items around them. Secondly, food will release the smell and create an unpleasant environment for both humans and items. These smells and the food, in general, might even attract rodents or pests and can further impose damage to your items. Keeping a clean and sanitized unit is always a good thing.

    Jewelry and other sentimental items

    Most companies will advise you not to keep any jewelry and sentimental items inside a storage unit. These items can often part an argument in case they are lost or damaged when inside a unit.

    a box of earings on a white shirt
    Jewellery and other sentimental items have no place inside a storage unit and are best to be kept by your side during the relocation period

    A company providing your storage services will simply not want to get involved in such matters and will not allow you to move those items inside. Keep your personal items close to you all the time during relocation to ensure their safety.

    Beat down or broken items

    When choosing items for storage you want to avoid any items that are broken or damaged. Simply get rid of them instead of paying for their space inside a unit. De-cluttering is one of the best ways to get rid of items you do not want or do not need in your future life. Moreover, this step can help you reduce the cost of relocation by a margin.

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