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    Are you looking for the most affordable method to relocate to Chester County? Who’s to blame you? We’ve already been there. Right now, you might be a little concerned about the prices of moving over state lines. Given that the average cost of hiring professional movers for an interstate move is $4,890. Shocker! It is possible that even the most inexpensive cross-country movers will charge thousands of dollars. But in the event that you need to relocate across the nation, there are some moving companies Chester County PA has that are less expensive. You might not believe it quite yet, but it is possible to relocate across the nation without breaking the bank. Whether by hiring labor-only movers or renting a moving container from a moving company. Or, hiring a more affordable full-service company. We will now share with you some useful cost-effective Chester County moving advice.

    The most cost-effective Chester County moving advice

    No wonder why someone would move to this county. Chester County, Pennsylvania, has a wonderful sophistication about it that is difficult to find elsewhere. The county, with its rolling green hills filled with farms and old houses, offers the finest of both rural and urban living experiences in one place. It was one of the original counties formed by William Penn, and it has a rich history. Moreover, Chester County‘s position is excellent! It is peacefully isolated while still being close to the facilities and culture of the huge East Coast Megalopolis of New York City. Enough of teasing now. You’ll see its full beauty once you get there. Let’s hop on to our Chester County moving advice.

    • Declutter your stuff!
    • Rent a portable shipping container
    • Find free moving boxes
    • Get a moving truck rental
    • Change your moving date
    • Ship your belongings
    • Have your employer pay for your move
    • Get help from friends and family
    • Find the best deals
    A girl holding some change and a "make a change" note in her hands
    It’s time for you to rethink your moving expenses and make a change.

    Declutter your stuff!

    Like most people, you’ve collected a lot of stuff that you no longer need. Selling your belongings before moving might help pay for the relocation. Less stuff to pack means less stuff to unpack and less shipping costs. Organize a yard sale or hire space in a local flea market, if you have the time. Online sales are also possible. Online markets like Craigslist, Facebook, eBay,, and Amazon make selling stuff online simple. Remember that mobile applications like OfferUp and LetGo might help you sell stuff fast before relocating. Also, consider boutiques. Your old clothes, for example, can be sold to sites like Buffalo Exchange or even local clothing stores. Cameras, apparel, gadgets, books, and CDs are all available at specialty stores. You can read up on downsizing in Chester County here if you don’t know where to start.

    Rent a portable shipping container

    A shipping container is a common cross-country relocation option. Renting a portable moving container has several advantages over hiring full-service movers. A portable moving container is substantially less expensive than a professional moving company. Second, portable moving containers may be used for both storage and movement. Costs vary depending on the rental period and container size. Renting a moving container for a long-distance relocation often costs $2,000-$3,000 per month. Compare that to the $4,000-$9,000 a professional cross-country moving firm would likely charge. All you have to do is pack your boxes and possessions into a moving container, and the company will do the rest. You can get our temporary onsite storage containers if you’re in need of storage space.

    Find free moving boxes

    One of the easiest strategies to save money on long-distance relocating and one of the best Chester County moving advice is to collect and use free moving goods. Find secondhand boxes, packing paper, and tape at local stores, internet markets, and community groups. Aside from Craigslist, other locations to check for free moving goods include local liquor shops; U-Haul Box Exchange;; bookstores; local schools; and friends and neighbors. Also, ask friends and relatives for any extra boxes they may have.

    Get a moving truck rental

    The cheapest option to relocate to Chester County is to rent a truck. A moving truck from a trustworthy truck rental business may save you money and time. A DIY relocation may save you thousands of dollars. Rental truck prices generally include a base charge, gasoline, and optional insurance. But remember those truck rentals aren’t very fuel-efficient. In reality, most rental trucks barely achieve 10 mpg. Moving 2,000 miles cross-country requires around 200 gallons of petrol. If the rental truck’s fuel capacity is 30 gallons, you’ll need to stop for petrol at least seven times.  Truck rental costs may vary by date and location, so get multiple quotes to discover the best bargain.

    moving truck
    Renting a moving truck is the cheapest way to move your stuff around.

    Change your moving date

    Your moving date might have a huge influence on the cost. Avoiding busy moving days and hours might save you money on truck rentals and moving companies. Weekends, the months between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and the beginning and final weeks of the month should all be avoided. Between October and April, aim for a mid-day, mid-month relocation.

    Ship your belongings.

    While it isn’t the most popular moving choice, shipping your possessions across the nation is a good alternative if you are simply relocating a limited quantity of belongings to Chester County. It could also turn out to be one of the handiest moving choices you haven’t explored yet.

    Have your employer pay for your move

    Just landed a new job?  Congrats! If you’re moving for employment, ask about your company’s relocation policy. Many employers will pay for some or all of the transfer, so contact your HR department. They may even have a favored cross-country moving company. If your company pays for your move, preserve all receipts (even your receipts for moving supplies). So you can correctly document your costs and be compensated for your relocation.

    Get help from friends and family

    Of course, you may always seek support from friends and relatives. This is arguably the cheapest way to relocate to Chester County. However, you may have to accommodate other people’s schedules and wish to repay your pals in other ways (think: dinner, wine, or a gift card).

    Find the best deals

    Before relocating, look for bargains and discounts on moving companies, moving containers, truck rentals, and moving supply stores. A moving company that was formerly pricey might now be the most cost-effective and lowest alternative. Several movers in Greater Philadelphia area provide discounts sometimes, including ours. Our box center also offers bargains and discounts on moving materials.

    two men sharing Chester County moving advice and making a deal
    Some companies and labor workers often offer military or senior discounts.

    We hope our Chester County moving advice will be useful to you. We wish you a very happy relocation. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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