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    It is time to move again and this time you realized you simply have more items than you can handle. It is time for downsizing in Chester County along with all other moving responsibilities. You should pack as well and find Philadelphia movers to assist you. So, let us help you with your downsizing plan and get rid of the unnecessary hoard. Let’s take a look.

    This is the best time for downsizing in Chester County

    Yes, the best time to declutter and downsize is when moving house. Simply because you will shuffle through every piece you possess. And while doing it, you will easily set aside all those items you do not need anymore. Hence, start the process as soon as you realize you are moving. Figure out the moving date, set aside a moving budget, call your movers in Chester County PA, and get on with the decluttering. So, check the following areas you must cover:

    • All rooms inside your home
    • Kitchen and the bathroom
    • Garage, basement, and loft
    • Shed and the backyard
    a man got an idea how to declutter before downsizing in Chester County
    Create your downsizing plan and stick to it. The results will be astonishing.

    The best way to begin is to check all those areas we mentioned but start with the kitchen. It is usually the place with the largest amount of various items and miscellaneous. You will surely find a lot of broken and dented pieces of ceramics that should be replaced or simply throw them away. The same goes for your garage and the loft which are usually cluttered with all kinds of various and long-forgotten items.

    Downsizing in Chester County will reduce your moving cost

    Some people do not realize what decluttering and downsizing brings. It is a process where you will free yourself from all the garbage you accumulated over the years. Yes, most of it holds some kind of emotional value or you think you will use it at some point in the future. In most cases that never happens and you end up with piles of unused, broken, old, outdated, and not-needed items. Therefore, it is time to get rid of it.

    And you might ask – why? Simply because you will have much more space in your new apartment. Your relocation will be much cheaper and easier. And you will feel much better once you realize that you are finally free. Yes, it might be emotional at first but you will manage somehow. Once you feel the vibe and energies of the new space you live in, you will forget about all those items you discarded.

    Can you save some of the old items?

    Yes, you can. You probably have a few pieces that are worth saving. It can be an antique piece of furniture or your grandmother’s china. Nevertheless, you should again pay attention to the number of items you are relocating and be strict about the items you will keep. If you think some of it holds a significant value, take it to the art dealer and figure out what to do with it. Some of your old items can be repaired and refurbished for further use for sure. Or at least you can sell them online and earn a buck or two. But again, if you are using moving storage containers or a regular moving truck, you must be sure that everything will fit into one batch.

    several old items on the table
    You can keep some of the old items. But remember, you are decluttering and most of it should go out.

    On the other hand, if you are using labor only Philadelphia service and you are renting your own vehicle, then it becomes even harder. You must be 100% sure you will manage to fit everything. Or decide right from the start if you will make this a two-round trip. Hence, a proper plan is required. Check all your items, calculate the number of packing materials needed, prepare your boxes, and secure your furniture. Then decide if you are renting a storage unit or bringing everything with you. But in the end, we highly recommend you to keep it simple and start downsizing in Chester County. It will do you only good.

    Replacing items is the way to go as well

    Keep in mind that you can downsize by replacing the items inside your home as well. Your regularly used furniture might be ready for a replacement. Or you have an appliance or two that can be replaced as well. It is another situation where you can take a bunch of your stuff to the store and get a discount on your next purchase. This way you can replace your couch, wardrobe, or get your hands on a new carpet. Therefore, gather all your old dishwashers, fridges, TVs, furniture, and more. Take it all for recycling and get a coupon for a brand new piece of your choosing.

    You will end up with a lot of free space

    As we already mentioned, downsizing in Chester County will give you a lot of space. Maybe you are moving into a smaller home and if that is the case, this method will help you a lot. Simply removing 10% of the items you hold will give you more space than you ever dreamed of. Especially if you get rid of robust and extremely big pieces of furniture like king-sized beds, couches, or shelves. Not to mention that your attic, basement, and garage will be open again for business and further cluttering for years to come. But this time you’ll have the opportunity to keep it organized. A hard lesson learned.

    cluttered room
    Free your space and use it to support your business or a hobby. You can finally do it.

    Get rid of the clutter

    Finally, after you sort your stuff out and dedicate a pile of items you’ll remove from your home, it is time to get rid of it adequately. You have several viable options out there. You can donate to charities or a local church. Also, you can sell online or organize a garage sale. Lastly, you can give to friends, relatives, or neighbors. If you can’t be bothered with any of the solutions we presented, simply recycle or throw everything away. Call one of the pick-up agencies and they will take everything off your hands.

    And those were the useful tips for downsizing in Chester County that we gathered for you. We are sure you will manage to do it right, as long as you begin with in the first place. It is understandable that this process is boring, hard, emotional, and time-consuming. But as we explained earlier, it can do you only good. Good luck and have fun while decluttering!


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