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    So, you are planning on moving to Conshohocken with your family? If you are looking for a company for your move, don’t look further! Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia moving company is here to make your moving experience pleasant. While they handle the move you can look up for teenager’s guide to Conshohocken for your kids. Moving is the start of a new life for the whole family, but it’s also a real challenge to plan. Moreover, if you have teenage kids, it could be an even bigger challenge. If you are looking for a quiet and safe place to raise your kids, then Conshohocken is the perfect place for you to call home. This borough is located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. This is an industrial and manufacturing center. If you love outdoor activities, you will love Conshohocken! There are many parks that you can enjoy here.

    Sports are a number one activity in our teenager’s guide to Conshohocken

    Since a while ago Conshohocken has become very popular amongst families. This is why there are more and more demands for commercial and long-distance movers Pennsylvania. Conshohocken is one of the most beloved Montgomery Counties. If you love spending time outdoors you will love walking on some of the trails along the river.  It might seem that there is not much to do for your teenage kids. Some teens want their independence while others want their video games. But what to propose them as an activity when you just relocated and you don’t know the borough pretty well? That’s why we made a small teenager’s guide to Conshohocken.

    A person looking for a teenager's guide to Conshohocken on a computer.
    If you are looking for a teenager’s guide to Conshohocken, we got you covered!

    There are plenty of sports available for teenagers to practice in the borough of Conshohocken. You will find a wide variety of sporting options: soccer, basketball, tee-ball, tennis, hockey, flag football. One of the most fun things to do in Conshohocken is to visit Sutcliffe Park.  Sutcliffe Park has everything for sports:

    • baseball fields
    • softball fields
    • basketball courts,
    • walking trails

    Sports bring people together. Teens love sports, they get to spend time with their friends and also be active. There is one lesser-known activity that you can do as a family with your teenagers, the Kangoo jump.

    Kangoo jump and dance

    The Kangoo jump is not new, but it is still unknown to some. This is a great way to get in shape while sparing our joints. There are a variety of indoor and outdoor classes for all ages. An outing like this will always be greatly appreciated, especially if paired with hot dogs and other junk food that is not often allowed. If sports are not your thing there is always dance. Enroll in a dance class, bring your friends with you will make it even more fun. You will improve flexibility, stamina, and endurance, and muscle memory. It doesn’t matter if you are planning on becoming a pro or amateur this class will raise the bar and help you achieve your goals.


    If you are into watersports go paddleboarding! Nothing could be simpler, a board, a paddle, a leash, and good humor. Bring a life jacket, a waterproof pouch with a cell phone, water, and granola bars. In cold water, a wetsuit is also a good idea to prolong the fun. Three are 23 access points from Reading and Conshohocken on the Schuylkill River water trail. There are organized day trips to spend on the river even for beginners. Paddleboarding is a board sport that develops our agility. Furthermore, you can all do it anytime you want no age requirement. You don’t have to be a great athlete either.

    Teenagers with a ball hugging.
    You have a variety of sports you can play in Conshohocken.

    Weekends are for shopping and mystery solving

    Show your kids our guide and let them pick activities they want to do the first weekend of their move while movers Conshohocken, PA take care of the moving logistics. Relocating is already stressful on its own, no need to add the stress of finding activities for your teenage kids. To release the stress after the move one of the top activities in our teenager’s guide to Conshohocken is shopping at Plymouth Meeting Mall. This shopping center has a lot of well-known stores such as Bath & Body Works, Burlington, Children’s Place, Michael’s, Chico’s, and more. We all know that teenagers love going to the mall! Shopping with friends and eating burgers after a long day of walking from one store to another and finishing the day with going to the movies. Watching a movie with a side of popcorns and some cold soda is a classic!

    Escape game

    If you are into some mystery-solving go to Project Escape in Conshohocken. Escape games are everyone’s favorites. This is a fun activity to do with your friends, plus it is in your neighborhood! The best part of the escape game is that you experience it as a team. The players generally evolve in a closed and themed place. They must solve a series of puzzles within a given time to successfully escape or complete a mission. During the game, players are then confronted with mechanisms that require logic and sometimes dexterity to activate. Finally, we cannot imagine a perfect immersion without a perfect setting! Entering an escape game room means escaping your daily life to travel to another dimension. This is a perfect bonding time for teenagers. They will love solving enigmas while learning how to solve mysteries as a team!

    The best activities in a teenager’s guide to Conshohocken is going to the movies with popcorns.
    The best way to relax on the weekends is at the cinema with a bag of popcorns.

    If you found a teenager’s guide to Conshohocken helpful, feel free to check the website for more tips on moving to Conshohocken. Whether you are relocating or you are in need of portable storage units, contact Zippy Shell movers online and get a free quote. This is your opportunity to experience affordable and stress-free moving with your teenage kids!

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