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    Our home represents the oasis that makes us feel safe and productive. And since we tend to spend a lot of time there, we can easily get the feeling that we don’t have a lot of furniture and items in general. That is all until the time for moving comes. As soon as you begin moving things around, more and more will start showing up. Before you know it, you have a pile of things at the center of your home! Moving furniture in PA is not a simple process, but you can surely make it much easier by relying on some useful tips and tricks. To help you do it like a professional, we’ve made sure to compile a list of steps you should take.

    Writing Down the Inventory

    All good ideas are even better if you put them down on paper, and that is exactly what you should do when you decide to move. The bigger your home is, the longer the list will be, but that shouldn’t worry you. Once you have everything written down, you can divide those items into smaller categories determined by size or purpose. Professional moving companies like Zippy Shell Greater Philadelphia will advise you to do the same, as this is the fastest way to know how many items you will be moving. A lot of people, however, will find it too complicated to do this, mainly because of their lack of experience or the nature of the furniture items in question. For example, it is not the same to pack and move a regular-sized sofa and a piano. 

    four furniture items of the same color
    Moving furniture in PA is not as difficult as it may seem as long as you know what to focus on

    Start by writing down the largest items, and follow the one-room-at-a-time method. This will give you more precise insight into how many items you have but will help you with another thing as well. When you arrive at a huge wardrobe, you can start a new list. This is where you will write down all the smaller items inside or on it. Yes, you may need to focus on two lists at the same time, but this will be much easier than going back to smaller items later and writing them down all over again. With moving and storage Montgomery County PA  companies by your side, loading your items will be much simpler and faster.

    To Disassemble the Furniture or Not?

    It is not like we walk around our home every day and think about how to disassemble certain items and put them back again. Nevertheless, when the time for moving comes, some of your items will have to go through this process. This is mainly because they will not fit inside the moving trucks. Even if you plan on storing some of them, they may take up a lot of space in their original form. But once you start doing it, you can find that this is much easier said than done.

    Luckily, there is a good method that can help you decide what to do. You will have a couple of options, including leaving the furniture piece the way it is, disassembling it yourself, or calling in a professional. Before you pick one of these three, make sure to know the following:

    • If the item has a lot of smaller parts, it is better to wait for a professional. These could be dressers or hanging cabinets
    • Some items may just seem too big because they have a lot of ornaments on them or are positioned to seem that way. Usually, you will be able to handle things like small chairs and coffee tables on your own.
    • In case the furniture item is in two or three pieces, and you can move it around yourself, you can leave it that way if movers agree. These can include night tables and small cabinets.
    couple disassembling table before moving furniture in PA
    A lot of items will be too big for transportation, and you will need to disassemble them

    Keep in mind that if you decide to use self storage Pottstown PA companies provide, try to disassemble as many items as possible. This way, you will have much more space and will be able to fit more items inside.

    When Moving Furniture in PA, Make Sure You Have the Right Equipment

    With or without movers, your safety should be the number one priority. When dealing with large furniture items, you can easily get hurt or tired fast. That, of course, can change the entire course of your relocation. To avoid anything similar happening, you should have some useful tools close by. One of the best ones is furniture moving straps, and they are pretty easy to get. On average, they cost from $14.99 to 25$ depending on the size and material. You can find them in shops across Pennsylvania cities, and they are something you shouldn’t be saving your money on. These straps are making moving and lifting furniture super easy, no matter if you have to do it yourself or wait for movers. Keep in mind that to use them, you will need one more person to help you out. So, ask a friend, neighbor, or family member to help you out once you decide to do it.

    When moving furniture in PA, you should also have other tools close to you, including:

    • Packing tape
    • Screwdrivers
    • Markers for labeling
    • Furniture sliders

    Once you have equipped yourself with the necessary furniture, you can begin the packing process. And if you happen to be in need of a temporary storage solution, know that portable storage units offer the convenience you might need during the transitional period.

    couple packing a chair
    Smaller furniture items will not be so difficult to pack and move

    The Importance of Storage When Moving Furniture in PA

    Those who have huge homes and long inventory lists must always have a backup solution when moving. Your items should be safe the entire time, and if you find yourself in a situation to leave some of them aside, storage is the perfect place for it. Searching for climate controlled storage near me will give you a couple of options in your area or somewhere close to your new home. There could be countless reasons for storing your furniture, such as the lack of time and space, the delicacy of the material, and of course, better organization. Whatever the reason is, include storage in your plans, especially for those items you plan on setting up later. If the weather is bad during the time of your relocation, these items could be related to outside furniture or summer inventory.

    In case you want to go through some of the renovation work before officially moving in, residential storage containers will be just perfect. Your items will be close to you, and you can pick them up anytime you want. You will also have a chance to put inside some other items too. Just think about all the clothes, decorations, or even renovation materials and tools you could fit inside!

    Moving boxes next to the sofa
    If some of your furniture items can’t fit, consider storing them

    Furniture Items That Are Perfect for Storage

    Some things like food and other perishable items are certainly not for storing in these units. Onsite storage solutions do not include them as something that is safe for keeping, but your furniture items are something different. Of all the items people usually store, furniture is the most common. Nevertheless, people tend to keep all kinds of them, from old pieces that hold too many memories all the way to new and unpacked items waiting to be assembled. So, if you find yourself thinking too much about what to store and what not, don’t; Everything that can wait to be set in your new home will be perfect for storage. Once your relocation is over, you can make a good plan on where exactly to place all those items and even take them one by one.

    Hire Professionals to Help You

    Moving on your own can be a real challenge, and you may be able to pull it off. However, you must be sure that doing this will benefit you. Keep in mind that moving furniture is a lot of work.  You will have to leave aside a lot of your time if you want to do it independently. In case you come across some difficulties along the way, you will have to come up with a solution quickly without changing the course of your relocation. During moving, even the tiniest mistake can lead to many other changes, and that is not something you need. Even if you don’t have a lot of items and think you can do it yourself, you should at least consider hiring movers. Their team naturally has a lot of experience and equipment needed to carry out your move. A lot of Chester County moving and storage companies can even provide secondary services that will completely free you from doing any hard work.

    mover carrying a green sofa
    When moving furniture in PA, rely on professional movers as much as possible since they have a lot of experience and skills

    A good moving company will know how to disassemble even the largest furniture items and pack them for transportation or storage. And if they include packing services Pottstown PA companies should offer, you will even have more time to prepare your new home for arrival or do other tasks. It is completely normal to be worried about some of your furniture items. The most notable ones are those that don’t belong to any specific category. These mostly include antique items, heirlooms, or very fragile furniture items. Packing and moving them on your own carries a lot of risks as they usually need a completely different approach. Your moving company will make sure to deal with them first and secure their safe transportation.

    Common Issues When Moving Furniture

    Everyone who decided to move at least once knows that some issues are pretty common during this process. And even if you make a perfect plan, some of these may still pop up. Luckily, each one of them has an easy and fast solution. So, if you find yourself in a similar situation, you will know exactly what to do:

    • Furniture can’t fit: This often happens when the furniture items are larger than your door. Try disassembling it or getting it out through your window with special straps.
    • Item is permanently assembled: This sometimes happens if you buy second-hand furniture. Just leave it that way and find another way to move it out of your home
    • Furniture items can’t fit your new home: Try storing them until you come up with a set plan. This will prevent piling up your home and leave more space for other items

    Moving Office Furniture in PA

    You probably wonder how different it is to move your office furniture instead of the household one. The truth is that the preparation and the action itself are not so different at all. But keep in mind that some of the items in your office may need different packing supplies. In most cases, they will require more people as well. This is most important for large printers, office desks, and tech equipment. You and your team should hire professionals for various reasons. Not only can they move these items, but they can prepare them for relocation as well. For example, disconnecting your I.T. equipment is tricky. It is not something everyone can do, and it requires a professional hand. When it comes to other furniture items in your office, you can follow the same protocol. Make sure everything is properly disassembled, and you will be ready to go.

    opened wardrobe next to the plant
    Be careful when moving large wardrobes, as they need to be emptied before your relocation

    Avoid Pushing Yourself Over the Limit

    Even though you can be in charge of moving furniture in PA and supervising the entire thing, don’t push yourself too much. If you decide to deal with a couple of items yourself, make sure to stop once you feel too tired or anxious. Doing otherwise can result in doing things fast and later damaging your items or walls. It will be good to include as many people as possible in your relocation from the start. Before movers arrive, you and your friends can go through preparations together. You can clean some of the items and wait for the moving team. In case you had a chance to move before, use the knowledge and skills you gained back then. Also, try to avoid making the same mistakes. It is much better to wait a little bit longer than to end up damaging or breaking your precious belongings.

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