Unveiling the Best Cities for Job Seekers in Pennsylvania

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    Employment is one of the significant factors when you are planning to relocate to Pennsylvania. Before you consider hiring one of the best moving companies Philadelphia has to help you relocate there, you need to ensure that there many high-paying jobs you can choose from in the city you are relocating to. Researching this is just as crucial as searching for the perfect city in Pennsylvania to be your new home. Since relocation is already a stressful process, we decided to help you by creating a list of the best cities for job seekers in Pennsylvania. Therefore, if you choose one of these places to relocate to, you will select a city with a very strong job market and career opportunities.

    a view of one of the best cities for job seekers in Pennsylvania
    There are many excellent employment opportunities for those who wish to relocate to one of the best cities for job seekers in Pennsylvania.

    What Do You Need to Look For in a City When Searching for a Job?

    As a young professional or a person looking to reinvent their career life, you may be eager to relocate as quickly as you can to a new place and start living the life of your dreams. However, the decision of where to relocate shouldn’t be taken lightly. Experts highly advise that you must do thorough research before making such a decision. First of all, to start your career in a new area the right way, you will need to look into and find out what the best cities for job seekers in Pennsylvania are. And in order to discover these cities, you will need to take a couple of things into consideration. So, if you want to decide where in Pennsylvania you should live and work, you need to know the following:

    • What jobs are Pennsylvania’s employers offering – To find a perfect city for you, you will need to look for one that needs professionals from your field of expertise.
    • What are the fastest-growing cities in the state – It is more likely that a fast-growing city will offer more career opportunities you can choose from.
    • Other statistics about a specific city – In order to know whether it will be an excellent opportunity to live in a particular city, you will need to consider the real estate prices, costs of living, and other similar things.
    people doing research on their computers
    If you wish to find the most fantastic city to begin your career in, you will have to consider what the job market offers, what are the fastest-growing cities, and the city’s affordability.

    What Are Some Highly Demanded Jobs in Pennsylvania?

    As we mentioned, searching for a place where your professionalism will be highly demanded is essential. However, some professionals are needed all over Pennsylvania. Therefore, some of the most demanded jobs in the country are for:

    1. Registered nurses – this job has nearly 5,000 openings per year.
    2. Nursing assistants – nearly 3,000 openings per year.
    3. Accountants and auditors – more than 2,000 yearly openings.
    4. Truck drivers – more than 2,000 yearly openings.
    5. General maintenance and repair workers – almost 2,000 yearly openings.

    Don’t Focus Only on the Openings

    Nevertheless, the number of open spots for a job isn’t the only thing you should consider. The best idea would be to also look for those predicted to significantly increase until 2024. They are:

    • Electrical power-line installers and repairers – 20% increase
    • Computer system analysts – 20% increase
    • Industrial machinery mechanics – 21% increase
    • Web developers – 23% increase
    • Biomedical engineers – 24% increase
    • Home health aides – 26% increase
    • Personal finance advisers – 27% increase
    • Physical therapist aides – 28% increase
    • Nurse practitioners – 28% increase
    • Occupational therapy assistants – 33% increase
    a graduated medical student
    Some of Pennsylvania’s most highly demanded jobs are in the medical field, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any available jobs in other fields.

    However, if you didn’t see your field of expertise listed here, don’t worry; there are still many more job opportunities that we were unable to list here. Furthermore, many more fields are expanding, even without our knowledge.

    Some of the Best Cities for Job Seekers in Pennsylvania

    Although we listed some of the most wanted professions in Pennsylvania, there are plenty more job opportunities available in some of the best cities for job seekers in Pennsylvania. Therefore, without further ado, here are our top picks.


    There are many exciting things for your professionals in Philadelphia. Besides many restaurants, parks, waterfront trails, and other places for relaxation and enjoyment, there are many job opportunities. Young professionals relocating here with the help of moving and storage Montgomery County PA companies will encounter a favorable business climate. Filled with innovation, inclusion, collaboration, and creativity, the job market in Philly mainly focuses on its crucial industries – manufacturing, life sciences, cell, and gene therapy. For the young professionals looking to create connections in this town, know that there is a young professional group with over 400 members.

    a panoramic view of a city
    Philadelphia has been ranked 28th on the list of the best cities for job seekers in Pennsylvania and the USA. Many young professionals choose to relocate here for this reason.

    Costs of Living

    Being among Philadelphia’s 1,596,865 residents will create a feeling of an urban and suburban place where most residents own their homes. If you wish to own a home yourself, know that the median home value here is $184,100, which is below the national average of $244,900. Those who wish to rent their home will need to set aside $1,149 per month. And with an average household income of $52,649, that won’t be a problem. Because of high incomes, Philadelphia has been rated #28 in the list of the best cities for young professionals in America. Some of the most popular places to work in Philadelphia are the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Comcast Cable Communications LLC, and Urban Outfitters. However, if you choose to move here with the help of movers Wayne PA offers, be careful of the competition. Most Philadelphia residents have some college or associate’s degree or higher.

    Consider Living in One of Philadelphia’s Suburbs

    Sometimes, living in the suburbs of a big city can be much more affordable than living in the city as well. This is also the case with Philadelphia. If you choose to relocate to Philadelphia and hire movers Pottstown PA relies on to help you, we recommend choosing one of the most popular suburbs – Exton, Malvern, or Pottstown.


    Pottstown is an excellent choice for those planning to start their careers or move their business here with commercial movers Pottstown PA businesses trust. Newcomers usually settle here since it’s only 49 minutes away from Philadelphia, and living costs are pretty affordable. The median home value here is $135,600, less than in Philadelphia.

    a view of a neighborhood
    Choosing to live in Pottstown is an excellent opportunity for young professionals seeking employment in Philadelphia.


    With a population of 6,095 residents, Exton gives and dense suburban feel. According to movers Exton PA offers, many young professionals choose to live here since it takes only 42 minutes to get to the center of Philadelphia. Exton has been ranked 5th in the best suburbs for young professionals list. The median household income of $120,346 is more significant than in Philadelphia, but unfortunately, so is the median home price that, which is $400,000.


    With only 3,368 residents, Malvern offers an urban, suburban mic feel. Expert Malvern PA movers say that it is a quiet place where people who need peace choose to live in. It is one of the best suburbs to raise a family in, so it’s excellent for young professionals who are planning to settle down. The median household income is $110,179, and the median home price is $395,700.

    one of the suburbs in the best cities for job seekers in Pennsylvania
    Living in one of the suburbs of Philadelphia is an excellent choice for those who seek employment in the city but need more affordable living costs.

    Pittsburgh – One of the Best Cities for Job Seekers in Pennsylvania

    Pittsburg has nowadays become a leader in robotics and autonomous vehicles. This city is known to be one of Pennsylvania’s most exciting tech scenes, with a wide variety of high-paying employment opportunities for young professionals. Some of the most promising start-ups you probably heard of originated in Pittsburgh. The most popular are Duolingo, the app for language learning, and Clean Robotics, which created recycling-sorting robots.

    Newcomers have around 90 excellent neighborhoods to choose from and a community of 500 young professionals. It has reached 10th place in the list of the best cities for young professionals in America. Besides many excellent job opportunities, Pittsburgh offers many places you can spend your free time or indulge in your favorite hobbies.

    Living Costs

    You can say that being one of Pittsburgh’s 303,207 residents really pays off. Living here is quite affordable. The median home price is $147 600, which is well below the national average of $244,900. However, for rent, you would have to pay $1,043, which would be no problem with a median household income of $54,306. Some of the best places you can work to earn a living in Pittsburg are UPMC, American Eagle Outfitters, and PNC Financial Services Group.


    With its welcoming spirit, growing community of young professionals, and entrepreneurial energy, Erie is among Pennsylvania’s best cities for job seekers. It draws in young professionals from all over America with fantastic job opportunities. Some of the top industries here are production technology, business services, and education. And the best thing is the living cost are relatively low compared to the other cities on the East Coast. Furthermore, this is one of the most perfect places for outdoor and adventure lovers. It offers excellent possibilities for kayaking, swimming, surfing, water skiing, and more!

    Living Costs

    With a population of 95,536, Erie gives its residents a dense suburban feeling. Living here is relatively more affordable than anywhere else in the area, with median home and rent prices of $91,300 and $754. In fact, Erie has been ranked 11th on the list of the cities with the lowest cost of living in America. If you choose to relocate here with one of the moving companies Chester County PA has, you can work in many excellent places, among which are Saint Vincent Hospital, Erie Insurance, and UPMC – Hamot.

    a neighborhood street
    Erie has reached tenth place on the list of most affordable cities to live in America, which makes it perfect for young professionals.


    The entrepreneurial spirit simply thrives in Scranton. With fast-growing industries that include manufacturing, transportation, health care, and logistics, Scranton is one of the best cities for young professionals in Pennsylvania. Typically, young professionals looking to start their businesses prefer relocating here since it is one of the most affordable places on the East Coast. Some of the most popular places to work in Scranton are Moses Taylor Hospital, Peoples Financial Services Corp., and Geritty’s Supermarkets.

    Living Costs

    If you wish to relocate to Scranton, a median household income of $44,161 will be sufficient to cover living costs. The median home value is $112,600, significantly below the national average. However, rent is also very affordable. You would have to set aside only $842 to rent your home in Scranton. Its 75,987 residents enjoy a dense suburban feel and many coffee shops, restaurants, and parks.

    Final Words

    Hopefully, we have succeeded in narrowing down your search for the best cities for those looking for a job in PA. Each of these cities has many job opportunities. Equally, it has more affordable or less affordable living costs. Nevertheless, whichever one you choose, remember that the best idea would be to look for a city that will benefit you the most. Consider the field you work in, and look for places that offer the most jobs in it.

    Don’t forget to consider the living costs. Your choice of hometown may vary depending on your reasons for relocation. You may be a young professional looking for employment in the state of Pennsylvania. Or, you may be someone who wishes to start a new business here. Therefore, this can also determine your choice of the perfect city or suburb. We have just laid out the opportunities, but the choice is ultimately yours. So, the best cities for job seekers in Pennsylvania are waiting for you.



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