Tips on Downsizing Your Home Before a Move in Philadelphia

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    Just like we feel good when we make a decision to buy a new car or change a hairstyle, relocation feels equally awesome! But downsizing your home before a move in Philadelphia is something a little bit more challenging, and you must know exactly how to do it. The less time and money you spend, the more satisfying results will be. Of course, including professionals is highly advisable, especially if you are doing this for the first time. Without further ado, here are some of the most useful tips for everyone out there who is ready to deal with downsizing and moving in the near future!

    Put It All on the List

    You will find it much easier to just follow the steps from a list, and that requires making a plan way before you begin. Take some time to think about the entire process, and make sure to include crucial details. Philadelphia movers will surely do their part, but keep in mind there will be a lot of work for you before they arrive. If you divide the entire process into two parts, it will be way faster.

    person measuring the floor
    When downsizing your home before a move in Philadelphia, you must pay close attention to the measurements

    When it comes to downsizing, people usually do it when they plan on retiring or if they plan to start a family. In fact, a lot of Americans will downsize after finding a new job as well, especially if they plan to settle in permanently in the future. One of the main traits of this process is that smaller space is much easier to deal with. Your expenses will be lower, and if you are busy during the day, you will not have to constantly think about maintaining your household.

    On the other hand, moving is a much bigger step. It signalizes that people are ready to change some things in their life, no matter if they move locally or out of the state. And even though moving is said to be a very tiring and money-consuming process, it doesn’t have to be that way at all. With the help of a good moving company, you will be able to prepare your new home and even have some fun while doing it. Furthermore, there’s no need to look for ”climate controlled storage near me” anymore! Reliable movers have everything you need for your downsizing to be a success and then some. Climate controlled storage that you will most certainly need when downsizing, included!

    Downsizing Your Home Before a Move in Philadelphia

    The most simple definition of downsizing would be removing everything you no longer need, including some of the items that are just way too big. Since that is exactly what you will need to do, the best way to begin is to write down the items that will not be moving with you. These could be huge furniture items like wardrobes and bookshelves or even smaller ones like clothes or coffee tables. What matters is that you narrow down your inventory list and adjust it to a new and smaller space you will be moving to.

    Most Common Reasons for Downsizing and Tips on How to Do It Effectively

    Apart from retiring or getting a new job in the big city, some other reasons will make people downsize. Keep in mind that Philadelphia is the largest city in PA and is usually at the top of the bucket list, especially for young people. In the city area, there are around 56 colleges and universities, which will make a lot of families move there permanently. Movers Collegeville PA offers helped many young people skyrocket their careers as well. And once you suddenly replace lovely landscapes with crowded streets, space is no longer necessary. Instead, people will find it more suitable to live in smaller apartments where utilities and maintenance expenses will be much lower.

    woman carrying boxes as an example of what you should do when downsizing your home before a move in Philadelphia
    You will need to carefully organize your entire inventory

    Young couples who plan to start a family will usually decide that downsizing is a much better idea than staying in a larger home. Their kids will be closer to better schools and universities and, with that, better jobs.

    You Don’t Have to Throw the Items Away When Downsizing Your Home

    Not everything you own to excess must end up in the trash. There are so many other ways you can remove these items from your home and even earn something along the way. Residential storage containers will be helpful until you make a decision on what exactly to do. Place the items there so that they don’t bother you in your household anymore but still are safe and in one place. When the time comes, you can:

    • Sell them online and use the income for some other expenses
    • Give them to charity
    • Remodel and move them with you

    Storage to the Rescue

    Using storage will not only be helpful before the relocation. If you must downsize and move on short notice, you will find it to be even more helpful. Moving storage containers can hold some of your items after you move. As a result, you don’t have to hurry and get rid of them until you are fully ready to do it. And in case there are some renovation works waiting for you in your new home, these containers will serve you well. Just be creative and economical the entire time, and always keep your eyes on the main goal that you set.

    colorful residential storage containers that you might need to acquire when downsizing your home before a move in Philadelphia
    Lack of space is common when you are downsizing your home before a move in Philadelphia, so rely on storage containers

    Decluttering Is a Must When Downsizing Your Home Before a Move in Philadelphia

    And now, off to those items that do not belong to any of the categories above. Decluttering is an extremely important process of downsizing, and you shouldn’t be afraid of it. In fact, it is safe to say that without it, downsizing is simply not possible. It is highly advisable that you declutter your home as soon as possible. Throw away items that you no longer need and that can’t be sold or remodeled. These could be expired documents, old furniture pieces, and old clothes. If, for some reason, you wish to get rid of larger items like beds and sofas, inform yourself what is the best way to do it. Almost all neighborhoods in Philadelphia have a waste disposal service, so make sure you get in touch with them.

    Avoid throwing large items in residential waste containers as they surely can’t fit there. This can also cause your neighbors to complain, just like you would do. Waste disposal services usually arrive within a day, so focus on some other tasks until they show up.

    Don’t Be Too Emotional

    Sooner or later, you will come across that one item that will make you wonder what you should do. This could be an old gift or an heirloom that simply doesn’t fit in your new home. And while there are ways you can get to keep it, don’t let the emotions take the best of you. The entire downsizing and moving process are to make you feel better and improve your entire lifestyle. Since this should be your priority from the start, it is better that you stick to it. After all, you will get to make a bunch of new memories once you settle in the new place.

    Decide What Exactly You Need

    The most common type of downsizing is when people from the suburbs wish to move to the big city. Most of the time, they plan on leaving bigger homes and moving to smaller apartments. If your home is in a township like Malvern, you must first focus on listing it. but way before Malvern movers PA arrive, you must have an idea of the new place you will be moving to. Expect to make a couple of trips to Philadelphia, as inspecting your new home in person will give you a much better insight into the space it offers. When downsizing your home before a move in Philadelphia, it is essential that you do all the measurements needed. This will prevent you from having a lack of space upon arriving and having to deal with your items all over again.

    renovation in the process
    You can also use the containers if you need to renovate your new home

    Moving in Philadelphia After Downsizing

    The second task you will face is an absolute game changer. No matter where you currently live, you surely have a good reason for moving. People usually claim that once the idea of moving starts coming around, it pretty much stays there until you make the step. So, to avoid thinking about it all the time and not doing anything, you should start looking for a new place to move to.

    Moving to Philadelphia is a very common route, and it includes every county in Pennsylvania. Movers in Chester County PA operate in both ways, as they usually help young people move to the big city after graduation. Considering that this county is only 12 miles away from Philly, many other reasons will trigger the decision to move. Let’s see what you should focus on before your relocation begins.

    Consider Buying Instead of Renting

    The city of Philadelphia is huge, and it is home to around 1.576 million people. Finding a nice place to settle there may take some time, especially if you are looking for homes and apartments near the city center. But the great news is that Philadelphia has very affordable living costs. In fact, they currently rate 105.0/100, and that is not even the best part. Housing costs are still below the average of 75.9/100. This means that with just a little bit of effort, you can find yourself a nice and lovely place to settle.

    couple packing
    Keep in mind that you should shorten your inventory list as much as possible, especially with large items

    If this is a permanent decision, think about what is the best outcome for you. In case your budget can take it, maybe buying a nice apartment is not a bad idea at all. Those who are coming from smaller places like Exton shouldn’t be worried about moving quickly and safely. Movers Exton PA relies on can help you do it and be in Philly before you know it!

    Setting up Your New Home After Downsizing

    Now that you have gone through the entire downsizing process, there is no need to make the same mistakes twice. Your inventory list should be way shorter than it used to be, and you should try to keep it that way. Those who plan on getting new furniture items should think about buying smaller but practical sets. Leaving behind smaller inventory items is a good idea, especially if you are moving from a house to an apartment. However, considering how affordable housing prices in Philly are, you can easily replace a huge home with a smaller one.

    It is completely normal to be excited after moving to a new place, but try not to overreact. You can decorate and set it up without piling your items and making them unsuitable for living. Try to use walls and corners for placing your bookshelves or cupboards, and make sure the place gets as much light as possible. This will make your home look even more spacious than it actually is, which will be a great feeling.

    Always Count on Professional Help

    If you are moving with your family, all of you can be included in the process of moving and downsizing. This will not only be easier but more fun as well. For some more complicated tasks, you will still need the help of movers, so don’t forget to include them in your plan. As for singles who are moving on their own, professionals should be an essential part of the process.

    family sitting on the couch
    Include every family member in the process, as it will be much easier to complete it

    There is no need to go through this entire process alone. If you are somewhere in the area, movers West Chester PA has will be at your service to transport your inventory to a new place. And since downsizing is a lot of work for everyone, it will be good to take a break once the relocation begins. Professionals can provide a bunch of useful advice to you from the start. That way, downsizing your home before a move in Philadelphia will be easier for your family. Before you know it, you will find yourself in a new and refreshed home.

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