Exploring the Best Outdoor Activities in Pennsylvania

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    Any lover of the great outdoors wishes they could see and experience the most amazing views mother nature offers. Breathing the fresh air and enjoying physical activity not only brings benefits to our physical and mental health, but it also nourishes our souls. It is no surprise that Pennsylvania is one of the most visited countries in the USA. Many of those mesmerized by this country’s natural beauty chose to hire movers in greater Philadelphia area and relocate here. This is why we have created a list of the most beautiful places for exploring the best outdoor activities in Pennsylvania. Who knows, maybe after reading in, you will be among the ones who wish to become part of this beautiful state permanently. Enjoy reading.

    What Activities Can You Take Part in When Exploring the Best Outdoor Activities in Pennsylvania?

    If you are an outdoor lover, there will be numerous ways for you to explore all of Pennsylvania’s beauties. Those who have relocated to Pennsylvania with the help of movers Plymouth Meeting PA recommends have a reason to rejoice. Whether you are into extreme sports or prefer a calmer adventure, there will be something for you. However, some of the most popular activities people enjoy taking part in in Pennsylvania are:

    • Hiking – There are so many wonderful natural places for exploring the outdoor activities in Pennsylvania that you’ll hardly decide which one to take first.
    • Sports activities – Extreme adventurers can enjoy sports like kayaking and rafting, while others who prefer to enjoy less exciting sports activities can go hiking, biking, or even balloon riding.
    • Sightseeing – Those who love history and calm adventures more than extreme sports’ adrenalin rush will enjoy some of the many walking tours and sightseeing across the country.

    Explore the Loyalsock State Forest and Feel Like You Are in Middle Earth

    This magical forest is one of the biggest in Pennsylvania. It spreads through three counties – Sullivan, Bradford, and Lycoming, across more than 1100 acres. However, what distinguishes it the most is the fact that many people who hiked here after relocating with the help of movers Lansdale PA has stated that it made them feel like they were in the magical lands from Lord of the Rings movies. Carpeted by lush green grass and leaves, Loyalsock State forest does resemble the Middle Earth and some places, the Shire.

    campers in the forest Exploring the Best Outdoor Activities in Pennsylvania
    Those who wish to explore the wonders of Loyalsock State Forest can indulge in many outdoor activities, including camping under the stars.

    By walking through here, you will see the Loyalsock Creek, a fantastic stream protected by surrounding trees. Adventurers who always want more can have an authentic and primitive camping experience in the Kettle Creek Wild Area if they wish. Furthermore, those who just want to enjoy this beautiful place can opt to explore the forest by mountain bike, horseback, or on foot on more than 200 miles of trails. Admiring wonderful flowers and gazing upon a spectacular waterfall is just one of the miracles you will be able to see here.

    Old City Historic Walking Tour in Philadelphia

    Perhaps, some adventurers that looked for movers Montgomery County PA residents rely on want to relax after the relocation to Philadelphia and enjoy a more calming outdoor activity. If this is you, taking the old city walking tour is perfect for you! For a fee of $43.50, you can enjoy walking in the footsteps of the founding fathers of America. You will visit famous landmarks such as Carpenter’s Hall, Christ Church, the Ben Franklin Post Office and Independence Hall with a professional guide. The best part is you will be able to schedule this tour whenever it’s convenient for you. It has multiple departures, so you won’t need to sacrifice your obligation. Just imagine you will be able to explore the city of Philadelphia, learn about America’s history from expert guides and see famous places like the Betsy Ross House, Independence Hall, and the Liberty Bell.

    a man on the street exploring the best outdoor activities in Pennsylvania
    Taking it easy and booking a walking tour in the city of Philadelphia can be one of the many excellent ways of exploring the best outdoor activities in Pennsylvania.

    If You Visit This Park, You Will Be Exploring the Best Outdoor Activities in Pennsylvania

    The McConnells Mill State Park is widely known as a winter wonderland. This gorgeous park transforms into a mesmerizing ice palace during winter. Many people who hired movers Conshohocken PA trusts and relocated near Portersville often get hit by the “cabin fever” during winter. And honestly, there isn’t a better place to experience a mountain cabin feeling in the winter. Imagine curling up under a blanket while looking at the fresh and quiet snowfall. It’s no surprise that this 2,546-acre winter paradise draws in many visitors.

    a frozen waterfall
    The frozen waterfall in McConnells Mill State Park is one of the places those exploring the best outdoor activities in Pennsylvania will adore.

    One of the most visited spots in the park is the grist mill, which is occasionally open for tours. When it’s closed, the visitors head over to the covered bridge that gazes upon a frozen lake. The winter scenery makes a gorgeous background for any selfies and group photos you may want to take. Those looking for a more thrilling adventure in this park can opt for kayaking. If you have never kayaked on a cold winter day, you should definitely try it. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience. Moreover, you can hike in one of the half a dozen trails. One of the most popular trails is undoubtedly Hells Hollow Trail, which leads to a stunning waterfall that is frozen during winter. That would be quite an idyllic selfie stop.

    Enjoy a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Pennsylvania

    Taking a ride in a hot air balloon over Pennsylvania is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can see this beautiful state from a totally different perspective, and you can soak in the natural beauty from every angle. During your ride, you will be able to see the mesmerizing beauty of Brandywine River, French Creek, and Schuylkill River. You will also be able to glance at the beautiful wildlife. On the wild open fields, you may encounter horses, deer, foxes, and in the sky, you can even be accompanied by bald eagles or red-tailed hawks.

    a hot air balloon for exploring the best outdoor activities in Pennsylvania
    Taking a hot air balloon ride can be an excellent way to have fun. Furthermore, you will get a perfect view of many natural wonders!

    Each balloon can carry the weight of 5 passengers and the pilot. Riding in a hot air balloon can be a wonderful family experience if you just moved anywhere near Philadelphia, Lancaster, West Chester, or Pottstown with the help of movers Narberth PA has. Each flight lasts about an hour and ends with a champagne celebration. So, apart from a family adventure, it can also be a romantic experience to share with your significant other.

    Explore the Secrets of Hickory Run State Park

    Although there are many natural wonders and gorgeous parks in the state of Pennsylvania, Hickory Run State Park deserves a special mention. The beautiful places have many secrets that will surely make you include it on the list if you are exploring the best outdoor activities in Pennsylvania. This beautiful park spreads across 16,000 acres. However, the landscapes you will walk upon are everything but ordinary. If you take a walk through this park, there is a chance you will be walking on a fossil, an ancient landscape that can be dated back to the ice age, that is, 15,000 years ago.

    a woman hiking
    Explore Hickory Run State Park and discover the many hidden secrets.

    Moreover, the Hickory Run State Park is home to one of the most challenging hiking trails. The Shades of Death trail will challenge any hiker, no matter how experienced. But if you dare to take this path, you will witness the most stunning scenery in the state of Pennsylvania. Many of those who have relocated to Pennsylvania by choosing one of the moving companies Norristown PA offers have traveled to this park to test their skills. But don’t be discouraged if you’re not into dangerous trails. There are plenty of more tracks you can explore and have a nice, relaxing hike on.

    Ghost Tour of Philadelphia for Those Who Are Exploring the Best Outdoor Activities in Pennsylvania

    Although Philadelphia is a city with many historical monuments and plenty of sights to see, there is also something a bit more different for those looking for adventure. Besides many historical tours of the city that involve tour guides, carriage rides, and long walks, Philadelphia offers a special nighttime ghost tour for those who are not faint-hearted.

    As one of Pennsylvania’s oldest cities, Philadelphia has a rich history that includes many spooky stories, ghost tales, myths, and legends associated with the macabre. If you wish to participate in this tour for merely $24, you can meet your costumed guide in the city center. They will take you on an hour-long exploration of Philadelphia’s historical landmarks. You will visit the Independence National Historical Park and Society Hill and hear tales of haunted houses, hidden burial grounds, and many more dark secrets.

    Pay a Visit to the Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center

    Indeed, we sometimes just want to relax and be at peace, especially after a relocation with movers Paoli PA depends on. To recharge and rediscover the beauty of nature, the best thing you can do is visit the Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center. This excellent facility is set across 1,200 acres and surrounded by endless natural beauty. You can explore the lush park with 18 miles of hiking trails here. You can slip on your hiking boots, enjoy a horseback ride, mountain bike ride, or even cross-country ski ride when the weather is favorable.

    a cabin in the mountains
    If you are looking for a quiet place to relax and reconnect with nature, then the Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center is the perfect place for you.

    If you wish to bring all of your hiking equipment, don’t worry about where to put it. You can always rent portable storage units and enjoy any hiking trail you wish. Moreover, you can journey across breathtakingly beautiful wooded areas, open fields, and babbling brooks. Keep an eye out for woodland creatures such as birds, squirrels, rabbits, and deer. But be careful; this gorgeous park is home to bears as well. Furthermore, the Center hosts many events throughout the year, and visitors of all ages are welcome. Some of the most popular programs are summer camp, homeschool, and after-school.


    Hopefully, some of these places will have you exploring the best outdoor activities in Pennsylvania in no time. The state of Pennsylvania truly has some of the most beautiful nature reserves in the USA. The best part is, whatever kind of adventure you are looking for, you will find it here. There is something for everyone. You can enjoy some of the gorgeous walks throughout many parks in Pennsylvania.

    Furthermore, there are calming hiking tours anyone can do, but also extremely difficult trails for those looking for a challenge. You can choose to reconnect with nature or enjoy the views of a city. Tours throughout some of Pennsylvania’s most historically rich places are also available. Visit some of the city’s most famous monuments and landmarks or view it from a hot air balloon ride. That way, you will be able to experience the view from a completely different perspective.

    Final words

    Moreover, you can even indulge in some sports activities in the mountain centers. Go mountain biking, kayaking, rafting, or cross-country skiing. Also, you can have a relaxing adventure by walking through the woods and watching wildlife. The choice is yours. Choose what feels best for you, but don’t hesitate to try something new. Experiencing new things is always excellent. We hope that you will have fun exploring the best outdoor activities in Pennsylvania. All in all, whatever activty you choose, it won’t be a mistake.


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