First-time renters in Philadelphia – what to expect?

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    You decided on moving for unknown reasons but this time you are renting a place. Next to the organizing, packing, and a search for Malvern PA movers that will take you there safely, you must think about the search for a proper renting place as well. So, let us help you by providing a comprehensive guide for first-time renters in Philadelphia. We will make sure you are ready to relocate and create a list with all the questions one must ask before renting an apartment. Let’s take a look.

    Start preparing for your relocation as soon as you find a location

    You do not have to wait to find an apartment before you can start making your relocation plans. You can pack partially and find local movers in greater Philadelphia area and at least obtain all the basic info about the moving industry and the current prices and services. Hopefully, you already have found an address and we can speak in terms of moving within a week or two. Hence, let us begin. Start by creating a moving checklist and an inventory list. Inspect your entire home and note down all the furniture and possessions you have. Then inspect the environment as well and ensure it is a safe one. You want to avoid any injuries and damages along the way. Once you have it all on your list, then you can start crunching numbers toward a precise moving budget. Your checklist should include the following as well:

    • Info about movers and moving services
    • Moving budget
    • Legalities and personal documents
    • Packing plan
    • Moving insurance
    • Responsibilities, chores, and errands covered before moving
    A good relocation plan is needed for first-time renters in Philadelphia
    Create a perfect relocation plan so you can stay on track with all the tasks on hand.

    Now when you have it all gathered, you can search your movers online. Ensure they are licensed and with all the tools to perform this task safely. Compare services and prices and read a few comments on social media groups. Find feedbacks and you’ll have your moving company in a matter of minutes. And with the inf you bring, your Zippy Shell Greater Philadelphia moving company will have a much easier time assembling a more efficient and less-time consuming moving plan. More importantly, a much safer one.

    Price does matter for first-time renters in Philadelphia

    What should concern you the most is the renting price. Especially if you want to stay in the apartment for a while. So, as soon as you find an ad, call your landlord and ask them the mandatory questions. You want to know what the renting price is and what is the payment method. Then, ask them about the deposit, down payment, hidden costs, and fees, etc. Also, you want to know what the policy on the lease renewal and the rules and regulations inside the building is, and in the neighborhood as well. If you find those answers interesting, communicate further and give it a shot. Just make sure to ask all those questions so you can calculate your moving budget adequately.

    Ask your landlord about the deposit and down payment

    The first-time renters in Philadelphia often forget to ask the landlord about the deposit and the down payment. This is important because you must include it into your budget and ensure you have enough to book the location and later pay the full sum. But do not confuse and mix those two. Down payment is a reservation just to be sure that your apartment will wait for you for a certain period of time while you transfer your things. It leaves you enough time to cancel as well and change your mind. Note that some landlords will return the portion of the down payment while others won’t.

    a person holding dollar bills
    Ask your landlord about the price and down payment so you can better organize your budget.

    On the other hand, we have a deposit which is usually the size of one monthly rent. It is a protection for a landlord to cover the bills or any damages after you leave without notice. The only difference here is that some landlords ask 3 times bigger deposits so you might be careful here because it might be a scam.

    How long can you stay and what are the terms of use?

    This one is important for first-time renters in Philadelphia. Maybe you want to stay only for 6 months or even less. Or on the other hand, maybe you are looking for a place to settle in for a while. This must be communicated clearly with your landlord because it can yield a better price and a discount. And you can develop better communication and some additional perks if you gain a status of a permanent resident. One more thing you must consider is the size of the apartment. If you can’t fit all your things, maybe you should consider renting a storage unit or one of the residential storage containers in the area and keep your stuff there for a while. It is a good investment. Especially if you intend on moving on in a few months.

    First-time renters in Philadelphia want to know if it is a pet-friendly apartment

    Obviously, if you own a pet, you want to bring him with you. And this is something you can’t hide from your landlord. And you shouldn’t in the first place because you can end up with a lawsuit on your hands. Therefore, if you have a pet, ask your landlord straight away if the apartment is pet-friendly. If not, move on and find one that is.

    A dog sitting in a coffee shop
    Ask your landlord if this is a pet-friendly apartment straight away to avoid unpleasant situations.

    A final step

    After making a deal with your landlord, you must read your contract several times to ensure everything is in order. Both you and your landlord should understand the obligations and requirements and honor the agreement equally. But if you do not understand the legalities behind it, seek legal counsel and remove any doubt that this might be a fraudulent landlord or some kind of a scam.

    First-time renters in Philadelphia shouldn’t have any troubles with the legalities and the right questions after reading our guide. Hopefully, we helped enough for you to organize and list down all the mandatory questions and organize yourself in the best way possible. Good luck and happy hunting.


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