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    It is time to move your business and your offices. moving your office long-distance was never an easy task and this time around it won’t be easy either. No matter how big your business is, you still must organize like a pro, pack, and find reliable movers east Norriton PA to cover this task flawlessly. Therefore, let us help you prepare yourself and your employees for this adventure and relocate safely with zero downtime. Let us begin!

    Figure out the moving date as soon as possible

    As soon as you decide you are moving your office long-distance, you must work on your moving date and moving logistics. Everything revolves around your moving date. You must schedule your movers, check your employee’s schedules, as well as your partners, associates, vendors, etc. So, this is the first thing you should think about. Find a date that will suit everyone the most, especially when searching for movers Montgomery County PA. If you want a certain moving company, you must contact them straight away to check if your date is available. And once you figure out the date, then you can start assembling your moving checklist where you’ll list down all the mandatory requirements for such a move. Your checklist should include the following:

    • Info about movers
    • Moving services
    • Moving insurance
    • Budget
    • Employees and associates requirements met
    • Inventory
    A woman writing in a planner
    Lay down a detailed moving plan and figure out the moving date as soon as possible.

    When you assemble your moving checklist and an inventory list you can move forward. Start an inspection of all of your assets because you must bring this inf to your movers. Let us explain this more thoroughly down the line.

    Inspect your new offices before you make any plans for moving your office long-distance

    Now, before you make any rash decisions, you must inspect your new offices first. Obtain blueprints and figure out how many floors, bathrooms, resting areas, and working spaces there are. You should know all about the exits and entrances, as well as hallways, doors, windows, etc. Also, you want to know if all the plumbing, electricity, and wirings are in good shape so you can set up all your systems without any problems and start working the very same day. Moreover, the safety aspect of you and your employees is important as well, so take note of it as well. Yes, you can have a facility manager to take care of it all instead but as a serious manager and a business owner, you should have at least a wage picture about it.

    Engage in this process as much as you can and you will motivate all your workers and present yourself and your company in a good light. And one last thing, if you are moving into a smaller working space and you can’t fit all your equipment you should rent a storage unit to keep all your assets there for a while. You are asking yourself – is there a climate controlled storage near me? Yes, you can rent one from your movers or find one on the internet in a matter of seconds. Whatever you prefer the most. All in all, inspect your new place and the infrastructure. Ensure everything is in order and ready to support your business as soon as you arrive.

    Let your employees help a bit when moving your office long-distance

    Moving office or any kind of business is hard. Therefore, you’ll need some help. Yes, movers will carry your stuff and cover the hard labor. But who will pack all the small things and do the inside job? Your employees of course. Ask them nicely to participate and help you simply by packing their own assets. If they pitch in only for a few hours they will help immensely. You can inform everyone simply by throwing out an email and asking politely if anyone can help. If you are having a healthy working environment and a nice group of people working with you, you’ll have a lot of helpers in no time.

    Let your employees help when moving your office long-distance
    Your employees can help greatly. Ask them nicely to pitch in.

    Find a reliable office moving company

    Now, let us talk more about the Philadelphia movers and how to find the best ones for your needs. Firstly, you will find them on the internet by browsing services and reading reviews. Of course, you will compare prices as well. But if you can obtain any kind of referrals like word of mouth or a friend who can recommend a company, that would be great. And finally, you should read a few comments on social media networks about the moving-related experience. You will surely find enough to make a final choice.

    Once you do, call your commercial movers Pottstown PA and communicate further. All you want to know is that they are licensed and permitted to cover this task because you do not want any legal trouble tied to your business. On the other side, you should ensure they have all the adequate tools and equipment to relocate you, your employee’s assets, and your business safely. Talk about the moving services that are needed for this endeavor and find the best outcome. And finally, do not be afraid to negotiate and ask for a discount. Moving companies usually offer better deals to businesses and corporations.

    Set an appropriate moving budget

    When moving your office long-distance, you must calculate your moving budget adequately. Simply because mistakes can cost you a lot. The bigger the business the harder the punishment. So, remember the moving checklist we mentioned earlier? It should cover all the math and you should crunch your numbers there and include all the costs. Consult with your movers and your accountant and make sure all costs are covered. Leave some rooms for unexpected fees and costs as well and you’ll be fine.

    Money and a miniature wooden house
    Try to calculate your costs precisely to avoid hurting your budget.

    The legal aspect of the story

    Ok, this is something that you can cover yourself or let your HR cover for you. Depending on the nature of your business and who is dedicated to legalities and documents. But what is important here is that this side of the story should be covered on time. At least a month in advance all parties should be informed. As we said, all employees, business associates, partners, and vendors should be notified about this move and assured that business won’t be obstructed. Also, all business-related, as well as personal documentation, should be covered and transferred on time.

    Moving your office long-distance is not so hard as you can see. Hopefully, we helped enough so you can create an organized plan and we sincerely hope you won’t have to do this alone. Your employees should help a bit. If they do not, you can always count on your movers and their packing team. Good luck and stay safe.


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