What to know before renting a storage unit in Philadelphia

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    Whether you are moving your home, reorganizing it, or simply downsizing, storage units provide additional space for your items for a specific period of time. Additionally, storage units, in general, can provide your items with proper conditions in order to preserve their longevity and function. Today, we talk about renting a storage unit in Philadelphia and what you need to know prior to renting it. Now, there are two main ways in which you can acquire storage services. One is by renting a unit directly from the storage facility you can find in your area. The second one is hiring it from professional moving companies that provide such services, such as movers in Greater Philadelphia area. Moreover, the choice you make depends solely on you and what your preference is. However, knowing which solution is better is very important. Especially for your items.

    Renting a storage unit in Philadelphia – What to know prior to it?

    Storage units are a great solution for when you need to store and protect certain items for a specific period of time. There are two main ways in which you can hire the units. One is on short periods, like when you are reorganizing your home and need space to store items out of the house until you finish. The other one is renting for longer periods and it is mostly used for putting items away or using the units as additional storage of your home.

    a picture of several storage units with purple doors
    Do the research and learn what storage facilities offer to their clients to know what to expect

    Furthermore, if you have no time to drive to the edge of the city, you can opt for temporary onsite storage containers. This means that the storage facility, or moving company, will bring a storage container in your front/back yard for your usage. Each of the units has a specific advantage and you need to know which one is the best.

    What should you expect when you are renting a unit?

    It is one thing to rent a storage unit. However, it is another thing to know exactly what to expect from it. If you have no experience with renting units, we advise you to do research online and learn how it functions. Furthermore, here is a list of the most important things to consider when renting storage:

    • Accessibility: Learn about the working hours of the facility
    • Location: Finding the unit closest to you is the most convenient
    • Security: How well does the facility provide protection for the items
    • Pricing: You should always know how much is expected from you to pay for the unit
    • Size: What is the appropriate size you need for storing all of the items without issues?

    These factors will determine how well you store your items whether you need storage for reorganizing your home or to store items as movers Exton, PA relocates your home.

    The documentation you need to rent a unit

    Now, renting a storage unit is not a long process that will take a lot of time off your hands. However, it is important that you are fully ready for it to avoid losing any valuable time. Losing time can translate into stress, and that is something you want to avoid always. Basically, as you are renting a storage unit in Philadelphia, you will need to have government ID documentation with you.

    a man signing an agreement while renting a storage unit in Philadelphia
    Apart from the government ID documentation you need to have, you will also have to sign a contract to ensure transparency from both parties

    Documentation like driver’s license, state ID, passport, or military ID is all viable. Furthermore, you will also need the storage unit contract to ensure that you will follow the rules of the facility. If you find all of this overwhelming, here is the first-timer’s guide to renting a unit to bring the whole process closer to you.

    Renting a storage unit in Philadelphia means being able to know what you need

    You should never rent a storage unit that you are unsure about or have not seen prior to renting. Firstly, because this can create potential issues in the future. Secondly, you need to have insight into the storage location, its size, as well as the conditions. Make sure you visit the unit before you decide to rent it. Furthermore, you should always know what you need before you do rent. For instance, do you need it for a shorter or longer period of time? Next, whether or not you need special conditions, like climate control, in your unit. These are all the things you should know prior to renting a unit. Moreover, they will ensure that your items are safe inside them. Also, that they have all the conditions they need to ensure their longevity.

    There are rules you need to abide by

    If you rent the unit, you cannot simply place any type of item inside it. Each storage facility will have rules on what can or cannot go inside the units. So, for instance, most storage facilities will not allow things like pets, plants, family heirlooms, hazardous chemicals, flammable items, or perishable goods inside the units.

    a pocket-watch on a silky fabric
    Although some facilities might allow it, storing family heirlooms is not advisable mostly because you want them to be safe at all times

    Trying to place items you are not allowed to is one of many first-time moving mistakes people make. Not only will the items not be allowed inside the units, but this move can also create larger issues like your storage rent being canceled, etc. So, make sure to talk to the facility and get a clear insight into what you can or cannot place inside the units.

    Just because you have a unit does not mean you do not need to take care of it

    Even if you are renting a storage unit in Philadelphia, you will need to take care of the unit. No one likes having their items messy and thrown everywhere in the unit. Furthermore, being able to organize your unit properly will help you when the time comes to take the items out of the unit. More importantly, if you organize your unit, you ensure the safety of the items, as well as being able to maneuver through it when you need something. Just because you are renting the unit, does not mean that you can treat it badly. Make constant visits and keep your storage unit clean and tidy at all times.


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