Fun Things to Do During Christmas In Pennsylvania

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    When Christmas is approaching, people tend to change and at least forget about problems for some time. This holiday is one of the most important ones and for a good reason! No matter how you decide to spend it, with friends or your family, you most likely have some plans ready. If you currently live in Pennsylvania or recently moved there, the options for this amazing holiday will be on every corner. Each county, city, and town has something special to offer to its residents; all you need to know is where to look and when! Let us take you on the journey of exploring things to do during Christmas in Pennsylvania!

    Christmas in Pennsylvania

    While permanent residents can always find it much easier to choose their way of having fun during Christmas, people who moved recently may not. Moving companies Philadelphia can relocate you to this wonderful city if that is your option, but moving doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate properly! No matter where you end up living, you and your family or friends deserve to celebrate Christmas properly. From different attractions to fancy restaurants, and much more, in this amazing state, there is something for everyone. 

    snow falling in the city
    Welcome to Pennsylvania, the state where Christmas is magical

    It is important to mention that Pennsylvania has a budget of $42.7 billion for 2022-23 and just like every year, its cities will get a certain amount for Christmas celebrations! Usually, cities and towns will decorate all the streets, organize winter festivals and attractions and continue doing it for the entire month.

    Things to do during Christmas in Pennsylvania

    In total there are 56 cities in Pennsylvania with Harrisburg being its capital. Each one of them, together with smaller towns and townships, has unique Christmas celebrations. The majority of places in Pennsylvania will gather the entire community in a certain part of the day, to share good wishes and spend some time together. Those who will join the new community just before Christmas will have the most fun! Your new neighbors will make you feel at home instantly and help you prepare for the big holiday. Local movers in Greater Philadelphia area will finalize your relocation in a couple of hours, just in time to start with preparations!

    And since not everyone is familiar with how things work in Pennsylvania, a good piece of advice is always good. While we count down some of the coolest things to do during Christmas in Pennsylvania, make sure to remember those closest to you. Your hobbies, previous celebrations, and entire lifestyle have a huge role in this, so don’t ignore it!

    Pottstown’s Carnival of Lights

    Who wouldn’t want to spend Christmas Eve surrounded by breathtaking lights? That is exactly what you will see in Pottstown. Their Carnival of Lights begins every year on November 25th and is one of those festivals that announces Christmas in the best way possible. The entire community will visit the carnival every single day and enjoy more than 250,000 holiday lights! There is plenty of delicious food and drinks and course, the most important thing- rides. During the Carnival of Lights, rides are free and you will not have to pay for tickets to enter the attraction at all.

    kids on a parade
    One of the most common things to do during Christmas in Pennsylvania is to participate in parades and fairs

    Thanks to its amazing community and tradition they tend to keep, Pottstown is one of the favorite places among residents of Pennsylvania. Movers Pottstown PA can get you there in time for the carnival so you don’t miss a single day of it. As it is one of the best things to do during Christmas in Pennsylvania, a lot of people from different cities will come to spend some time there as well. It will be a wonderful opportunity to spend some quality time just after your move.

    Christmas Village in King of Prussia

    And for those who would like to spend time indoors or have small kids, visiting Christmas Village in King of Prussia will be a wonderful idea. Using Hollywood set designers, this village will remind you of all those fairytales and movies from your childhood, More than five sections of the King of Prussia Mall will be transformed into this Christmas miracle everyone can visit. Kids under the age of three don’t have to pay for tickets which is great news. Once you visit the village, spend some time with Santa Clause and other figurines, and you can explore the rest of the shopping mall. As one of the biggest in the area, it always has special discounts during the Christmas celebration!

    It is good to mention that the King of Prussia is growing each day and welcoming new residents from everywhere, moving companies King of Prussia can carry out your relocation to the fullest no matter where you currently live. If the time allows you, try to move before this holiday begins. You will avoid traffic jams and manage to settle before the celebration begins!

    Selma Mansion Fair in Norristown is one of the best things to do during Christmas in Pennsylvania

    Lots of Christmas music, Santa Clause, and much more are waiting for you at Selma Mansion Fair in Norristown. This is the perfect place to spend some quality time with your family and friends. You don’t even have to worry about food and drinks as there will be plenty of it! Every day there will be something different waiting for you there including choir and different performers for both adults and young! Even if you are just visiting you can visit smaller shops inside the mansion and get yourself plenty of souvenirs. Locals love making and selling them and if you are creative you can easily join them.

    For those who decide to move to this place, movers Norristown PA will take care of your inventory including Christmas decorations if you have some. As they operate in the area your relocation will not last for too long, and you can easily focus on some other tasks. Use that time to prepare your new home and set up decorations!

    small festive shop as shopping is one of the things to do during Christmas in Pennsylvania
    And those who wish to buy some nice things can check out malls and bazars all around Pennsylvania

    Shopping at Springfield’s Bazar is also one of the things to do during Christmas in Pennsylvania

    The annual Christmas Craft Bazaar in Springfield attracts many people every year. Not only it is a wonderful place to spend time with people you love, but you can also find some of the coolest things ever. From the day Bazar is open till the very day, each workshop is filled with all kinds of crafts and homemade goods. Souvenirs, meals, and homemade decorations are just some of the things you can buy there. the best thing about this entire place is that prices are amazing! You will be surrounded by locals and wonderful music the entire day. Here you will also come across the biggest Christmas tree farm, where you can pick the perfect one for your home.

    And if you never had a chance to visit Springfield but plan to move there, you are on the right path. Moves in Delaware County PA serve the entire area including Springfield and you will be there in no time. This county is huge and you will be surrounded with moving amazing places you can check out after your relocation. In each one of them, there will be some interesting things to do during Christmas in Pennsylvania. 

    Christmas Tree Lightning in Lansdale

    Apart from Norristown and Pottstown, moving and storage Montgomery County companies can also move you to Lansdale. And upon arriving there before Christmas will prove that you made the right decision. This place has an annual event of Christmas tree lighting that everyone is looking forward to. No matter how old you are and what plans you have for that day, you will probably join the rest of the locals to watch this amazing event. In Lansdale, Christmas Tree is usually huge and each year it is decorated with different ornaments. Locals will participate as well and the entire place will smell delicious street food and popcorn. Once the ceremony is over, you can spend more time watching the tree and going with your friends to some of the nearby restaurants.

    Let’s not forget that the borough of Lansdale has around 18,916 residents. Rich in history and culture it is one of the favorite places to visit among Pennsylvania residents. In recent years a lot of people decided to move there mainly because of good job opportunities. Lansdale offers good jobs in different professions but if you are looking for one, make sure you do it before Christmas. 

    a houses and tree covered in Christmas lights
    A lot of these places will have a traditional Christmas Tree Lightning so make sure you don’t miss it

    The West Chester Christmas Parade

    Parades are probably among the most interesting things to do during Christmas in Pennsylvania. But it is good to mention that all Americans enjoy them no matter what state they call home. The thing about Christmas Parade in Chester is that it is filled with different performances done by locals! You will get a chance to see marching bands, artists, singers, and actors all making sure the crowd is having fun. This parade is an annual event and each year residents of West Chester put a lot of effort to make it perfect. As a result, visitors to the parade will be people from all around Chester County. Organizers of the parade invite everyone to participate in any way they like. If you have a talent for music, crafts, or anything similar, you will love the idea of being there.

    Chester County is becoming more and more popular in Pennsylvania for various reasons. Young people will choose it as their home because of the beautiful landscape and a great opportunity to start and raise their family. Because of that moving companies Chester County PA are usually busiest around holidays and when the weather is nice. If you think that this place could be a suitable home for you, you should proceed to make plans with them on time.

    person selling Christmas Trees
    And if you wish to show off your talent and creativity go for it, as local will love it

    Other things to do during Christmas in Pennsylvania

    After all, finding a nice location and attraction to spend Christmas at will be easy in Pennsylvania. Since we are talking about one of the biggest holidays, expect every Christmas to be different. But if you find yourself in the middle of relocation just before Christmas preparations begin, you will need to think about other things as well. People moving from other states may not be so familiar with the area, even though a lot of things you will need to buy before Christmas will be on display!

    If you wish to treat yourself to a wonderful Christmas Tree, Sitko Farms LLC in Pottstown is the best option. You will come across all kinds of trees, in different sizes, and even decorated in advance. This will be wonderful if you are in a hurry and don’t have enough time to deal with decorating your home for Christmas. Storage units Pottstown PA can help you keep your Christmas Tree in shape until you are ready to place it in your home.

    Speaking of storage, don’t let this relocation mess with your Christmas plans. Yes, you may be in a hurry and lack some space in the process, but there is a solution for everything! Temporary onsite storage containers can help you deal with all of that no matter how long. You can easily store your inventory, Christmas decorations, or anything else that is in your way at the moment.

    family buying Christmas Tree as that is one of the things to do during Christmas in Pennsylvania
    Don’t forget to check out the best Christmas Tree farm in Pottstown

    We wish you a Merry Christmas!

    With all these things to do during Christmas in Pennsylvania, you will have an awesome time! Let the good vibes guide you through your relocation and by the time you settle in, Christmas will be at your doorstep. Use this occasion to bond with your new community and neighbors and let them show you all the wonders of your new home. As the years go by you will have plenty of time to explore all the places from our list, and come across countless new ones!


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