How to add a personal touch to your storage unit?

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    There are plenty of reasons why people decide to rent a storage unit and get some of their things out of the way. However, something that we have to admit is that storage units aren’t very personal. They all kind of look the same, and while that’s not an issue if you’re renting temporary onsite storage containers for a short amount of time. It could be annoying if you’re renting a storage unit long-term. Especially if you’re visiting the storage space often or if you’re converting it to a functional space and spending time there, you might want to make it look and feel more personal. If you want to add a personal touch to your storage unit and make it look nicer, we’ve got your back. Here are a few things you can do to make the space you use more unique.

    First, find the right storage unit

    Before you can start looking for a way to express your creativity and decorating your storage unit, you need to find the right storage facility. Because there are many moving companies Philadelphia that offer storage solutions, it can be hard to pick just one. In order to help you make the right choice, we’ll give you a few simple tips. Here’s how to find a good storage unit.

    • Get the right size. Whether you’re using the storage unit for safekeeping of your belongings or you’re turning it into a functional space, you should get the right size for your needs. Don’t get storage that’s too big or too small. Think about what you need before renting a storage unit.
    • Make sure it’s safe. Whatever you’re planning on keeping inside the storage unit, you want your things to remain safe. So, make sure the storage facility has a good security system.
    • Look for climate-controlled storage. For extra protection of your items, it’s best to get a climate-controlled storage unit. This will protect your things from getting damaged by the temperature or the humidity.
    • Inspect the storage before signing a contract. To make sure you’re getting a reliable and safe storage unit, inspect it for issues before renting it. Check if there’s mold, pests, or rodents. Also, measure the humidity level to see if it’s alright.

    Once you know you’ve made the right choice, you can start adding personal touches to your storage unit and having fun with it.

    A man in a storage unit.
    Make sure you pick a good storage unit. You can think about decorating it later.

    Add a personal touch to your storage unit – here’s how

    Cleaning the storage unit

    Whenever you’re decorating a place, it’s best to start by giving the space a good clean. If you already have stuff inside the storage unit, then a good first step would be decluttering. If you’re hesitant to get rid of some things, look at it this way – decluttering gives you the chance to earn some money! Sell the items you don’t need and get more space in the storage unit at the same time.

    Once you get rid of all the unnecessary stuff, you can move on to cleaning the storage unit. Vacuum the floors, clean the shelves, and organize your things in a way that makes them easy to access. When you get rid of dust and dirt, you can start to add personal touches to your storage unit.

    Organizing your boxes

    If you’re using the storage unit to keep some of your things out of your home, the storage space is probably full of boxes. After all, packing your things for warehouse storage is the easiest if you use carton or plastic boxes. Well, by organizing the boxes properly and being mindful when getting packing supplies, you can add a personal touch to your storage unit.

    Carton boxes.
    Make boring carton boxes look a bit better by experimenting with labels and colors.

    Label the boxes. You’ve probably heard this a hundred times – you need to label the boxes. But did you know you can get creative with the labels? Yes, you can either print some templates, make your own printable labels or use colorful markers, and play with the labels. Use colorful boxes. To add a pop of color to the plain and boring storage unit, consider getting colorful boxes for your things! Put the boxes on shelves to make the storage unit look tidy and chic. By placing boxes on some cool shelving units, you’re making the storage unit look much better! You’ll also free up some space in the storage unit. Plus, it’s always good to keep the boxes off the floor in case of a flood.

    Wanna go the extra mile? Add temporary wallpaper

    If you really want to do the most and make your storage unit truly stand out, there’s a simple thing you can do. Though you might not be able to paint the walls cause you’re renting the storage unit, you can always use wallpaper! Choose a fun print that you like or your favorite colors and cover the walls with it. It’s a quick and easy way to make your storage unit more personal, fresh and great-looking!

    Put a carpet in your storage unit to add a personal touch

    If you want to cover up the concrete floor and make the residential storage unit look warmer and cozier, simply add a carpet to it! You can either use an old rug that you no longer want in your home or buy a new one. Adding a nice carpet will transform the storage unit and make it a little more homely. You can choose your favorite colors and prints, match the carpet to the wallpaper and make the entire space come together.

    Add some furniture and make yourself comfortable

    If you’re planning on using your storage unit as a workshop, a gym, workspace, or anything in between, you’ll need some furniture, right? Well, once the wallpaper and carpet are in place, you can add some cute furniture pieces and complete your vision. Of course, you don’t need to buy new things – you can simply use things that no longer fit in your home.

    Two chairs and a table you can use in storage to add a personal touch to your storage unit.
    Add some furniture items that will make the storage cozier.

    If you do need furniture in your storage, then steps like decluttering and putting boxes on a shelf will definitely help. Don’t clutter up your storage unit by adding too many furniture items. Keep it simple, cozy, and comfortable. After that, you can add a personal touch to your storage unit by adding some decor as well.

    Be creative when you add a personal touch to your storage unit

    These were just some of the ideas that can inspire you to add a personal touch to your storage unit. The most important thing is to have fun with it and let your creativity flow. Add things that express your style and make the storage feel more homely. Play around with different decorations, layouts, and colors to make the storage unit look the way you want it to look.

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