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    Whether you’re relocating or running out of room in your home, getting extra storage is always a good solution. Storage units are meant to keep your belongings safe and out of the way while you’re packing and relocating your more important belongings. If you’re thinking of making moving easier by renting a storage unit, you have a few different options. Namely, moving companies Philadelphia offer a lot of different storage solutions for their clients. From on-site storage to portable storage units, you can choose the option that suits you best. Today, we’re here to talk about the benefits of portable storage units. This will help you choose the storage solution of your liking and show you if this is the best option for you. So, keep reading to learn more about these storage units.

    What are the biggest benefits of portable storage units?

    Portable storage units get delivered to your door

    When you’re renting a storage unit, you’re probably not too excited about having to transport all of your belongings to the storage facility. It takes time, effort, and maybe even a team of people helping you pack and take your things to the storage unit. Luckily, there’s a simple way of avoiding that whole hassle.

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    The mobile storage unit will be delivered to the address of your choice.

    By getting portable storage units, you won’t have to take trips to the storage facility. Instead, the storage units will be delivered right to your door! You can ask for the storage unit to be delivered to the address that works best for you, whether that’s your current home or your new house. Once the storage unit is at your place, you can take your time and store your things at your own pace. So, you’re saving a lot of time and you’re reducing some of the pressure that comes with storing your things. That’s why this is a huge upside to portable storage units.

    Easy access to your things

    Though you may want to store your things, you might still need to access them from time to time. That’s why mobile storage units are perfect. Because they are delivered to your door, it means that you can easily access your things whenever you need them. There’s no need to take trips to the storage facility to get what you need. So, one of the advantages of mobile storage units is that everything is in the palm of your hands.

    Not only can you get hold of your things and use them whenever, but you can also be certain that they’re safe. You don’t need to wonder what will happen with the items you left in a storage unit far away. Instead, your things are within reach and you know that they’re protected.

    No need for a long-term contract

    When it comes to the advantages of portable storage units, we have to mention something that’s of technical nature. Namely, when you’re renting a storage unit, you have to sign a contract. Ther are two types of contracts – long-term ones and short-term ones. Well, when you’re getting portable storage, there’s no need for a long-term contract.

    Signing a contract when renting a portable storage unit.
    If you go for mobile storage, you don’t have to sign a long-term contract.

    If your storage needs are temporary, you can rent the storage unit for as long as you need it. For example, there are daily, weekly and monthly rates you can choose from. This is a good way to save some money as you don’t need to pay to keep the storage unit for longer than necessary.

    A huge benefit of portable storage units – affordability

    While we’re on the topic of contracts and rates, we have to mention one of the biggest benefits of portable storage units – their affordability. Because you’re able to choose for how long you’ll keep the storage unit, you won’t need to pay more than necessary. To get an idea of how much you’ll be spending, it’s always good to get moving quotes from the company you’re working with. This way you’ll see how much you’ll be paying for the storage services and all the other assistance you’re getting for your relocation. You’ll see that mobile storage units are probably the most affordable option.

    Save time and energy

    When we combine all the aforementioned benefits of portable storage units, we can come to a simple conclusion. By getting the storage unit delivered to your door, you’re saving your valuable time and energy. You don’t have to drive to the storage facility to drop your things off. Your things are out of the way, but they’re not far, so you can get to them at all times. Therefore, this can even help you speed up the moving process. You’ll be able to focus on packing and preparing for your relocation, without transporting your things to the storage unit.

    Storage units.
    When you decide to rent a storage unit, you need to find a reliable storage rental company.

    How to find a good storage rental company

    Okay, so now that you know the benefits of portable storage, it’s time to figure out how to find a good company. You want to go for a storage rental company that won’t scam you. Here’s what you should do prior to renting storage.

    • Research
      Find out as much as you can about the storage rental facility. See if it’s licensed and legitimate.
    • Reviews
      Customer reviews tell you a lot about a company. Read the reviews when you’re hiring residential movers and getting their storage services. It will be of huge help.
    • Recommendations
      Ask the people in your life to recommend a storage rental company to you. This way you’ll hear their first-hand experience and you’ll know if it’s a good fit or no.
    • Inspection
      Make sure to inspect the storage units before renting them. If they don’t look reliable and good-quality, look for a different company.
    • First impression
      Meet the movers who are providing you with the storage unit and visit the storage facility. You’ll see if they’re a team you can trust and rely on. If something seems off from the get-go, move on to a different company.

    Start looking for storage units on time

    As you can tell, there are plenty of benefits of portable storage units. Because they can make the moving process much easier and less stressful, you won’t regret renting them. So, now that you know how to find reliable storage rental companies, it’s time to get to work. Start looking for storage units on time so that you don’t have to rush. Choose wisely and you’ll be happy with your decision.

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