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    Renting a storage unit can be extremely beneficial if you know how to use it properly. There are many situations where having a storage unit can be quite useful. First of all, when you are moving with Philadelphia movers, your new place might not be ready. This means that you need to find another place where you can keep your items. Storage units are your best option. Then, if you need to renovate your new house, then you need to keep your furniture and other pieces of household somewhere where they are going to be safe, a storage unit is the best option. If you have guests over, lack of storage space in your house, and so on, you can rent the storage unit. In order to see which one you need, here is how you can understand different types of storage. 

    Understand different types of storage – indoor storage 

    The first type of storage you should rent would be indoor storage. All the storage units are located inside the storage facility. These storage units are quite beneficial to use when you have to store your items for a longer period of time. Since they are inside the facility, it means that the safety and protection of your items are better than when storage units are located outside. In addition to this, another advantage would be protection against environmental disasters. It does not matter if it is raining, snowing, or simply being extremely hot outside since your items are well-protected inside the building. For this reason, when you are looking for storage units Pottstown PA, you should check whether they offer indoor or outdoor storage units. Then, you can see whether you want to rent them or not. 

    pink storage doors, representing a way to understand different types of storage
    Indoor storage is good for a longer period

    Outdoor storage units 

    As previously mentioned, there are also outdoor storage units. These units can be completely outside or this unit can be accessed from outside. You need to check whether these units are in the building but the access is outside or they are completely outside. The biggest advantage of outdoor storage units would be easy access. You can easily drive right up to the door of your storage unit. This means you don’t have to carry anything in your hands to reach your storage unit. They are quite similar to residential storage containers due to their easy access. Additionally, they are a little bit cheaper but more convenient and bigger. If you are moving, it is better to use this type of storage since movers usually charge by the hour. You can save money since movers can drive directly to your storage unit and leave your items there. 

    Understand different types of storage – climate-controlled version 

    Probably the best option would be climate-controlled storage. As the name suggests, you can control the temperature inside your unit. This is really beneficial if you plan to store your fragile items. What are items should be to be stored in this type of storage? Well, almost everything. These items would include the following. 

    • Furniture 
    • Wooden items 
    • Art collection 
    • Household appliances 
    • Musical instruments 
    • Books and other documents 
    • Antiques 

    You should get moving storage containers for your household items. Then, you need to place them in climate-controlled storage. Apart from controlling temperature, you can also control humidity. This is a huge advantage when storing your fragile items. Most of these pieces can be quite expensive so you should protect them properly. However, make sure to ask if you can control both temperature and humidity. It is better to check before signing your contract. 

    brown wooden thermometer
    Controlling temperature is a huge advantage

    Special options 

    There are special storage units that you can rent if you are a business owner. Usually, commercial storage units offer extra inventory, climate-controlled warehousing, etc. If you can find a good storage facility, they might even have delivery services. When should you rent this storage? When you have a business or office, storage is always a problem. You are probably working with a lot of documents and you need a place where to keep them. If you decide to keep them in your office, it can get pretty messy really soon. You will not be comfortable working but rather, extremely stressed surrounded by all the mess. Therefore, rent a store where all your documents will be safe. In some cases, you can rent a commercial unit for your personal use. If you are a wine collector, you will need to keep your wine bottles in this type of storage.  

    Understand different types of storage – choosing the right size  

    It is also important to choose the right size of your storage unit. If you rent a small one, you might not be able to fit all of your items inside. Pushing everything inside is also not an option. This can lead to potential damage if something falls over. On the other side, if you rent a unit that is too big, you will be wasting your money and space. If you want to save money and still have enough place for everything, make a list of all these items you want to store. You can go with this list to the storage facility and consult with people working there. They can help you to choose the right size of the storage unit. Furthermore, insist that you see the unit you will rent in person. You need to check if the unit is clean and pests-free. 

    empty hallway
    Make sure to choose the right size of a storage unit.

    Take it slowly 

    It can be quite hard to understand different types of storage and choose the best one. However, sometimes, it can be a good thing to have so many choices. Take your time and check your options. See which one would be the most suitable storage unit for your situation. You can always go to your storage facility and ask employees to help you. They should be able to suggest some storage units that could be suitable for your items. After you check the condition of the unit and the size, you can sign the contract. 

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