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    If you are thinking about whether you should move during school year, you need to know that there are pros and cons. Even though preparing for the move can be a lot easier because children are not at home so much, there are certain problems you might come across when you are actually doing it. But besides all the problems you can run into, moving companies Philadelphia has on offer are the best in their field and will be happy to help you out. Preparing your kids for moving needs to start much earlier than you thought so.

    What kind of obligations do children have during the school year?

    You might think that going to school is the best time of your life. But kids do not think that. Of course, they do not know what comes after school. But some of the obligations that might get in a way of a smooth move during school year are:

    • A lot of homework needs to be done with your help,
    • After school activities that must include you and your help,
    • Lots of laundries that need to be clean and ready to be used, etc.

    All of this stuff can get in a way of your packing and preparing for the move.
    What you need to do to avoid this taking too much time of yours is find out whether the moving company you are about to hire has packing services that can help you out.

    kid doing a homework
    When you plan to move during school year, helping kids with their chores can take a lot of time that you can spend on packing.

    How to pack if you plan to move during school year?

    There are some rules that you need to follow in order to make your packing more efficient. But those rules do not count when you are going to move during school year. This means that you need to calculate the stuff you are doing every day with the stuff you need to do before the move. You can not pack all of the clothes because kids need them for school. So, one main thing there can be done that will save your time is packing the kids’ room the last. This way the kids will have all they need unpacked and you are good to pack other rooms. Luckily for you, you can always ask for advice from companies that have experience in this field, such as moving companies King of Prussia.

    How do children react to moving?

    This topic is maybe one of the most important ones you will deal with. Kids are not able to understand and realize why moving can be good. This means that you need to explain every little step on your way before the move during school year. You are about to relocate your children not just from their room, but also from their friends and schoolmates that they are boned to.  So, you need to be well prepared for their reactions and their negotiation. Here are some ideas on how to prepare your kid to move.

    You must talk to your kids about the move

    Moving can be really stressful for them. So, add up on that level of stress the fact that they need to move during school year. Talking about moving and making it more and more realistic is maybe the best solution to this problem. Remember that they do not feel the same way we do. So, when you do talk, always bring up what good things this moving can bring them. Make them feel like they are not losing too much because that is what they will think. Start talking before the move. Much before. Preparing them is a long way to go.

    mother talking with kid why they should move during school year
    Talking about moving before even packing is the best way in preparing your kids for a move during school year.

    Let them feel

    Kids react differently. So, in order to let them feel right, you need to let them show off their emotions. Sometimes it can be anger, sometimes it is just sadness. But let them feel the way they do. If you are not okay with their emotion, that can lead to closing up and the kid might not be sure again to talk to you about it.

    They must bring some solutions

    In order to get closer to them with the fact that they’re leaving everything they know, let them bring some solutions when it comes to moving. They do not need to know that those decisions are not the greatest. Let them decide on the color of their room. These decisions will not affect your moving and planning but they will make them feel important and a big part of this stage of life. You are not going to let them pick up a moving company on their own. What you may want to do is suggest that local movers in Greater Philadelphia area are one of the best in the business. Then give them a small task to ask their friends about them.

    Make as many memories as you can before you move during school year

    Making memories can help them go away in a good mood. This means that you need to take a lot of pictures and going on a lot of trips. Sometimes it means that you will have more sleepovers in your house. But let kids say goodbye in their own way. It will mean so much to them later on.

    woman taking pictures
    Make a lot of memories before you move during school year.

    Remember how does moving makes you feel. Now make that emotions triple. This is how the kids take it. Be sensitive and make sure that moving is the best solution for them. When you move during school year, try to consider their obligations and emotions and be more patient with them. Kids are little humans and they are allowed to feel as we are. So, when you are planning to move, start talking about it a lot before you even start planning on packing. These conversations will bring them closer to accepting the fact that they are leaving their friends. And tell them that is not always a bad thing. They are about to meet more friends in the place that is going to be their new home.

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