How to care for your art collection when moving to Norristown

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    Moving is often complicated and chaotic. Sometimes, things can get lost or damaged during transport. If you don’t have a lot of experience you might need help to care for your art collection when moving to Norristown. But, don’t fret. Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia is here to help and share some expert advice on the matter.

    How to transport your art collection when moving to Norristown?

    We understand if you don’t feel confident keeping your art safe by yourself. Especially during long-distance moves, when the transport phase is the main part of the move, things can go wrong. That’s why long distance movers Pennsylvania advise implementing these tips:

    • Use boxes of appropriate size
    • Care for your art collection when moving to Norristown by renting a storage unit
    • Use padding
    • Hire a moving company
    A Buddha statue packed in a box.
    Securing your art in a box and using padding is essential to keep it secure.

    Make sure your boxes fit

    The easiest way to make your art collection ready for transport is to use appropriate boxes. Good moving supplies are always essential, but even more so when expensive items are on the line. Make sure the edges of the painting’s frame sit tightly in a box, so there’s as little movement as possible. During transport, any movement might mean damage to the painting.

    Store your art in a climate controlled storage unit

    Summers in Norristown are hot, humid, and rainy. Winters are bitterly cold and snowy. Any extreme temperature changes can cause damage to your art collection. The best way to prevent that is to rent out a climate-controlled storage unit that will keep the temperatures in the ideal range. Search for climate controlled storage near me and find the deal that works for you.

    Keep your art collection safe when moving to Norristown with padding

    Padding is another very important thing when packing your art. It’s not always possible to find an ideal box, so use foam, bubble wrap, packing paper, etc. to fill in the holes. You can improvise as long as the padding itself doesn’t damage the content of the box. Skip using rough paper and similar textures that might create too much friction inside the box once the moving truck gets on the road.

    Hire a moving company

    If you’re still not confident that you can protect your art collection while relocating, consider hiring professional movers. They have the experience, equipment, and manpower to deal with any challenge regarding your move and your art collection. They also have moving insurance in case anything goes south, so you will have peace of mind.

    Storage unit helps you to care for your art collection when moving to Norristown.
    Climate-controlled storage units are a good way to care for your art collection when moving to Norristown.

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    It can be tricky to keep your art collection safe from damage during a move, but if you follow these tips all should end well. Get in touch with one of the best moving companies Norristown PA and they’ll help you care for your art collection when moving to Norristown. Feel free to ask any questions, as our employees will gladly answer and give all advice that you’ll need.


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