Places in Montgomery County perfect for commuters

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    We all know how hard being a commuter is. Instead of calm drinking coffee in the morning, you need to be an early bird, ready for a move as soon as possible. It’s not uncommon to feel tired while waking up to get to work on time. Still, you are lucky at some point because nowadays there are numerous solutions to this problem. Changing the location could be one of them. In order to lower the time of traveling to the job every day so they can grab a few more hours of sleep, people decide to move. It indeed is a significant step, but movers Montgomery County PA will be ready to help. This county has everything you can possibly need and it represents an excellent location. If you’re still hesitating about whether to move here, this is the list of the places in Montgomery County perfect for commuters!

    Places in Montgomery County perfect for commuters

    One of the most frequently asked questions is why Montgomery County. Not just because of its historical benefits and numerous attractions, this county is a perfect place for all types of people. One of the reasons is that it’s really close to D.C. where many people work. Public transport enables every commuter to arrive safely to work in the shortest period of time. From this county, you should travel approximately 155 miles every day to get to your office in D.C., which is surely less than traveling from your previous location. Other than these advantages, the number one reason why people move to this county is because of the extremely low fees. But, let’s find your new home location first.

    King of Prussia

    This is one of the best neighborhoods you can choose to live in. There are numerous attractions including parks and nature around that urban area. Most of the commuters there are using their own cars for transport, but less public transit such as buses and subways. The number one reason why this is one of the top places in Montgomery County perfect for commuters is the gas price. You can travel to work using your car at much lower prices than the rest of the state. Everyone who wants to start a family will adore this neighborhood, and you can move quickly by contacting moving companies King of Prussia.

    Numerous cars on the road.
    Driving a car is the cheapest option for commuters.


    Norristown is one of those suburban areas that still have something for everyone. When moving to your new location, it’s important to call the professionals and consider every factor. When you decided that you can call this place a home, the packing process can start. It’s always great to consider recommendations and search for the best moving companies Norristown PA. This area has one of the best positions and it’s close to Philadelphia which makes it suitable for commuters. Public transport via buses is popular, as much as driving a car. Many people use bikes to transport to work daily. Other than that, costs of living are lower than the national average. It represents home to young adults mostly in their 20s and 30s. Devon, Bryn Mawr, and Bridgeport are easily achievable.


    When comparing the cost of living, Collegeville surely is pricier than other cities in Montgomery County. However, having in mind that this suburban area has an excellent position near Philadelphia and about 55 miles from New Jersey, these costs become understandable. It surely is one of the best places in Montgomery County perfect for commuters for a reason. It offers a lot of parks and attractions so you can never lose that connection with nature. Still, it has quite a small population which is great if you want to run away from the busy city after a long day at work. For those who want to start a family and live in a quiet neighborhood, this is an excellent solution. Transferring to work should never concern you because there is a train as one of the most popular methods of transport.

    People traveling to work and thinking about places in Montgomery County perfect for commuters
    You can travel to work by car or using public transport.

    Plymouth Meeting

    If you are a commuter who wants to have a quiet afternoon after work in a crowded city, this is the perfect place for you. Usually, people who work in bigger cities decide on finding their happiness in much more peaceful neighborhoods. It’s a great starting point especially if you need to emigrate to Philly every day. The urban city with plenty of things to do is just around the corner. This means that you can still have a spacious backyard and a large house. Although life in this community is more expensive than living in a rural or suburban area, one of the best ways to get to work is by bus. Public transportation is a bit cheaper, but using a car is also one of the most common ways of transport. If you are finding this area a perfect place for living, contacting movers Plymouth Meeting PA will make your moving easier.

    Blue Bell

    Blue Bell is surely one of those smaller neighborhoods, which could be its advantage and disadvantage at the same time. Depending on what you are looking for, this place can be easily called home. The cost of living is really important when you decide whether to move, but we assure you that costs of utilities, housing costs, transportation, and healthcare are lower. Also, it’s close to New Jersey and Philadelphia so you can travel via bus, train, subway, or even car. Even though it’s a suburban area, there are plenty of things to do like visiting the arboretum, or walking through the parks and nature on sunny days.

    You can travel using a train.
    Trains can also be a cheap and fast way of traveling.

    Where to start?

    When choosing a new location you should always determine your budget first. Starting from that point, your next step is to find an adequate moving company and begin packing. We always recommend top places in Montgomery County perfect for commuters. Moving can be stressful, but remember that soon after you’ll be able to get some additional hours of sleep, and your traveling to work will be much shorter. For some help or more information, you can contact Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia.



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